Chapter 17 - One Person
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Although Lin Yaoyue had spoken softly, the instructors present were seated nearby. Moreover, Lin Yaoyue's existence in the God's Domain Academy was akin to a celebrity. No matter where she appeared, she would become the center of attention of every instructor. Thus, the instructors present all heard Lin Yaoyue's words clearly.

For a time, every instructor present couldn't help but shift their line of sight toward Shi Feng, surprise and confusion in their eyes.

"He's sending only Wu Lingling? What is he trying to do?"

"Did he not read the rules properly? Does he think it's going to be one-on-one fights?"

Most of the instructors present had done some research on Shi Feng's situation.

On one side, there was Shi Feng, Shadow's dismissed Guild Leader. On the other side, there was Gu Yiren, Shadow's newly promoted Guild Leader. Since Gu Yiren was here to show support to his younger cousin Gu Tong in the freshman competition, the competition could be said to be Shi Feng's best opportunity to one-up Gu Yiren and show his worth in the God's Domain Academy.

Shi Feng even had the necessary conditions to achieve this goal. So long as he paired the incredibly talented Wu Lingling with two other talented students, he would have a high chance to win against Gu Yiren.

Yet, now, Shi Feng was letting Wu Lingling participate by herself?

It should be known that Wu Lingling and Gu Tong had similar results in the entrance evaluation. Both had reached the Trial Tower's fifth-floor early stage. So, the two could be regarded as evenly matched, and it wouldn't be strange for any of them to win against each other. Although Gu Tong's teammates were stronger than any of Shi Feng's other students, Wu Lingling still had a winning chance so long as she had reliable teammates to support her.

Although the competition's rules did not state that participating teams needed to have three members, sending a one-man team to participate was no different from forfeiting the competition.

"Instructor Luo, do you think that Instructor Shi got scared after experiencing Guild Leader Gu's frightening aura?" a young junior instructor sitting beside Luo Tiancheng asked. Then, he smirked and continued, "Even if he's unwilling to embarrass himself and forfeit the match, there's no need to have Wu Lingling participate by herself. If Wu Xiaoxiao learns of this, his career as an instructor will probably come to an end."

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