Chapter 16 - Tier 5 Existence
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In front of the wall that led to the Withered Ruins' inner region, Southern Tiger, Moon Rain, and the other members of Soulfire couldn't help but be shocked when they saw Shi Feng's team.

"Level 101?"

"How can their team reach this place?"

Questions appeared in the minds of Soulfire's members one after another. Some of them even rubbed their eyes, thinking that they were hallucinating.

"Captain, could they be monsters disguised as players?" Moon Rain asked in a quiet voice as she warily looked at Shi Feng's team.

Moon Rain had scrutinized Wu Lingling and the other students at the Dungeon's entrance, so she knew what kind of combat standards they possessed. Let alone reaching the Withered Ruins' inner region, these students would be fortunate if they could last even half an hour in the outer region.

Yet, now, not only did Wu Lingling and the others reach the inner region's entrance, but they had even managed to level up within this short period. Moreover, none of them looked to be in a miserable state. No matter how Moon Rain looked at this situation, she couldn't help but find it unbelievable.

Instances of monsters disguising themselves as players were not unheard of, and monsters capable of such disguises were incredibly dangerous in God's Domain. This was because these monsters were not only highly intelligent, but they were also capable of devouring players. Meanwhile, players that were devoured would not only be prevented from logging into the game for half a month, but they would also permanently lose a small portion of their Basic Attributes.

To make matters worse, even high-ranking Identification Skills did not work on these monsters. One would need a top-tier Identification Skill to see through their disguises.

Meanwhile, out of the 200 players in their team, only Southern Tiger owned a top-tier Identification Skill.

"No, they are indeed the people we met at the entrance. They aren't disguised monsters," Southern Tiger said, shaking his head. Then, in a confused voice, he continued, "I'm not sure if my senses are playing tricks on me, but I feel that they have undergone a slight transformation since we last met them."

"Transformation?" Moon Rain started paying closer attention to Wu Lingling and the others after hearing Southern Tiger's words. "Is it their equipment?"

Southern Tiger was one of Soulfire's 16 captains. While he might not be the strongest captain, he was the best when judging people.

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