Chapter 15 - Unfolded Mana Domain
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When the Demonized Half-orcs turned to look at Shi Feng, time on top of the hill seemingly froze as Wu Lingling and the others stopped moving, expressions of shock and horror coloring their faces.

This was Shi Feng's so-called "grinding"?

Even the weakest Demonized Half-orc was a Level 100 High Lord. In terms of Basic Attributes, they were superior to even Level 100, Tier 3 experts fully equipped in Dark-Gold Equipment. Adding on their combat standards that rivaled ordinary experts, even veteran Tier 3 expert players would have difficulty fighting these monsters. Not to mention, there were also plenty of Great Lord ranked Half-orc Warriors among the group of Half-orcs, and these monsters possessed even stronger Basic Attributes and combat standards.

Even a large Guild's expert team would have to set up traps and magic arrays beforehand when going up against such a frightening group of monsters.

Yet, now, Shi Feng wanted them to fight these monsters with no preparations whatsoever. This situation was simply absurd.

Before Wu Lingling and the others could recover from their shock, Shi Feng nonchalantly told them, "Each of you pick a target, lure it aside, and think of a way to beat it. Remember to stay within a hundred yards of me at all times."

Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, Wu Lingling couldn't help herself from asking, "What about the other monsters, Instructor Shi?"

Immediately, the other students looked toward Shi Feng as well, curious to know the answer.

Everyone had selectively chosen to ignore the part where Shi Feng required them to each lure a monster away. For them, accomplishing such an action wasn't at all difficult. The truly troublesome part was the remaining several hundred Demonized Half-orcs, particularly the Great Lord ranked Half-orc Warriors. Normally, it would take several Tier 3 experts working together to defeat even one of these monsters.

"Leave the rest to me," Shi Feng calmly replied.

However, despite Shi Feng's calm and gentle tone, his words stunned everyone present. Even Wu Lingling, who

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