Chapter 14 - Entering Hell Mode for the First Time
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 14 - Entering Hell Mode for the First Time

The Withered Ruins was a magnificent city surrounded by a dead forest. Currently, over 30 teams had gathered in front of the magic barrier that surrounded the dead forest. Every one of these teams had at least 100 members, with some having up to 200 members. Moreover, even the weakest player was equipped in Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, while the strongest was fully equipped in Epic Equipment.

When Wu Lingling and the others first arrived before the Withered Ruins, they immediately felt an oppressive feeling enveloping their bodies. Right now, even a fool could tell that their group of students did not belong to this place. They stood out like a sore thumb when they stood among these expert players.

Meanwhile, the arrival of Wu Lingling's group also attracted the attention of the many expert teams present. This was especially true for one particular 200-man team.

After taking a glance at Wu Lingling's group, a woman clad in an exquisite robe and wielding a crystalline Epic Staff sneered and said, "What's a bunch of children like them doing here? What is their leader even thinking? Do they think that a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon is some playground for children?"

The words of the woman attracted the approval of many of her team members. Like the woman, these people also looked at Wu Lingling with eyes full of contempt.

While it was true that any player who met the level requirement could enter a Hell Mode Team Dungeon, it didn't mean anyone who met the level requirement should enter a Hell Mode Team Dungeon. After all, it wasn't without reason that Hell Mode Team Dungeons were known as leveling spots for expert players.

There was no possibility that Wu Lingling and her teammates were experts disguised to look like university students, either. Although players could alter their character appearances in God's Domain, they couldn't hide their age.

Meanwhile, anyone could tell at a glance that Wu Lingling and her teammates were merely a bunch of students. Moreover, judging by how they moved, they were definitely a bunch of newbies who had entered God's Domain only recently. With the combat standards they possessed, let alone putting up a fight, they couldn't flee for their lives should they enter the Withered Ruins.

While the members of this 200-man team were having a hushed discussion about Wu Lingling's group, a middle-aged man clad in silver armor and wielding two tower shields also glanced at Wu Lingling's group. Then, he looked at his team members and said, "It's time! Get ready to enter!"

As soon as this middle-aged man spoke, everyone on the 200-man team promptly shut their mouths and readied themselves to enter the Withered Ruins. Even the woman wielding the crystalline Epic Staff dared not continue speaking. Instead, she took out a Magic Scroll from her bag and started casting a Spell that increased everyone's Basic Attributes.

Although their team had entered many Hell Mode Regional Dungeons before, those were Dungeons found on the main continent. The Miniature Ancient World had a much harsher environment than the main continent, and the monsters here were much stronger. Since this was their first time entering a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon in the Miniature Ancient World, they had no idea exactly how powerful the monsters inside were. Thus, they dared not act recklessly.

At the same time as this 200-man team started getting ready, the other teams present also began making their respective preparations. The behavior of these teams made it look like this 200-man team was their leader.

The reason for everyone's reaction was simple. It was because this 200-man team had an extraordinary origin.

Although this 200-man team consisted of only independent players, these players were all members of Soulfire, a top adventurer team in God's Domain.

Soulfire was an adventurer team that only appeared five years after the launch of God's Domain. The adventurer team had started as a small group of several dozen players. Now, though, it had already become one of the top 50 adventurer teams on the eastern continent, its member count exceeding 200,000. Although Soulfire's member count was inferior to even third-rate Guilds, every member qualified to join Soulfire was an expert capable of reaching the Trial Tower's sixth floor at the very least. Thus, Soulfire's overall strength rivaled even that of first-rate Guilds.

Moreover, the person leading Soulfire's 200-man team this time was none other than Southern Tiger, one of Soulfire's 16 captains and a Half-step Tier 5 expert during his peak.

Although Tier 5 players were labeled as apex existences in God's Domain, the existence of Tier 5 players was incredibly rare. Tier 5 players were so rare that any one of them could instantly become the backbone of a first-rate Guild should they choose to join one. In a situation where only a small portion of God's Domain's players had chosen to enter the Miniature Ancient World, the existence of a Half-step Tier 5 player was as rare as a phoenix's feather, let alone actual Tier 5 players. After all, not all players who had reached Tier 4 or higher possessed the courage to restart their progress from Level 100, Tier 3.

Meanwhile, even if everyone now had their tiers reduced to Tier 3, an expert who had once reached the Half-step Tier 5 standard was still an existence worthy of everyone's respect.

"Move out!" Southern Tiger bellowed as he looked toward the Withered Ruins.

Immediately, Soulfire's 200-man team began marching toward the magic barrier that enveloped the Regional Dungeon. As for the other teams, they waited for around a minute after Soulfire's team disappeared before entering the Dungeon themselves. Evidently, they planned on letting Soulfire test the waters and open the way for them.

When all but Shi Feng's students remained outside the Withered Ruins, Qin Wuchen couldn't help but turn toward Wu Lingling and asked, "What should we do now, Class Rep?"

According to the information they found, it wasn't safe for players to enter the Withered Ruins whenever they wanted. This was due to the effects of the magic barrier enveloping the Dungeon.

On the surface, there was only one entrance into the Withered Ruins. However, in reality, the instant players walked through the magic barrier, they would be teleported to a random location inside the Dungeon depending on their time of entry.

Meanwhile, the current time just so happened to be when players were guaranteed to get teleported to the Withered Ruins' outer region. Once players missed this safe period, they would have to either wait six hours for the next safe period or risk getting teleported to the Withered Ruins' inner region.

Even for current expert teams, a Level 100 Hell Mode Regional Dungeon's outer region was a huge challenge, so getting teleported to the inner region would be an absolute nightmare. This was also why the many expert teams from before did not enter the Withered Ruins as soon as they arrived.

Wu Lingling grew anxious when she heard Qin Wuchen's question. She had no idea what they should do right now.

If they rashly entered the Dungeon without Shi Feng accompanying them, they would all but guarantee their deaths. Yet, if they didn't enter the Dungeon now, they would have to wait for six more hours to do so!

The Miniature Ancient World had been opened to players only recently, so now was the best time for players to grind for levels. It was also a crucial period for players to secure the many opportunities available in the Miniature Ancient World for themselves.

Their group had already wasted a lot of time gathering up previously. If they wasted six more hours on top of that, they would certainly miss out on many opportunities.

During the time Wu Lingling was stomping her feet out of anxiety, a figure slowly approached the group of students. Meanwhile, this figure belonged to none other than Shi Feng.

"What took you so long, Instructor Shi?! The safe period is almost over! If we don't get ready to enter now, we'll have to wait here for another six hours!" Wu Lingling immediately started complaining when she saw Shi Feng approaching.

Compared to the expert teams from before, students like themselves needed to make many more preparations before entering a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon. Not only would they need to cast all sorts of buffs on themselves, but they would also have to use various enhancement potions. Most importantly, they needed to sort out everyone's responsibilities and positionings in battle. Otherwise, they would only be getting themselves killed if they entered the Withered Ruins.

Similar to Wu Lingling, everyone else on the team also couldn't help but grow nervous.

Although everyone had previously been afraid and opposed Shi Feng's decision to grind in the Withered Ruins, after arriving before the Regional Dungeon and seeing all those expert teams, they couldn't help but desire to compete with and grind at the same location as those expert teams. Thus, seeing Shi Feng's late and unhurried arrival stimulated their nerves.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng chuckled when he saw the anxiety on his students' faces. Then, he said, "A Hell Mode Regional Dungeon isn't as tough as you imagine. You don't need any troublesome preparations, either. You bought the Stamina Recovery Potions I asked you to, right? Have everyone take a bottle now, and let's enter the Dungeon."

"Just one Stamina Recovery Potion is enough?" Wu Lingling couldn't help but doubt her ears when she heard Shi Feng's words.

The Stamina Recovery Potion was an item sold in almost every potion shop in God's Domain. Although the potion had an exorbitant price tag of one Gold per bottle, it was a must-have item when grinding out in the fields. This was especially true in the Miniature Ancient World. However, apart from improving the user's Stamina recovery rate, the potion provided no other benefits.

Yet, Shi Feng was now telling them that they only needed a Stamina Recovery Potion to enter a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon?

"Alright, hurry up! We're running out of time!" Shi Feng said after taking a look at the time.

"What about the team's division of labor and positioning, Instructor Shi?" Qin Wuchen asked in an exasperated tone.

A team's positioning and division of labor were the foundation of team battles. If everyone on the team didn't have a clear task, chaos would ensue once the battle began. In such a situation, the team would be fortunate if it could even exhibit 30% of its combat power.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng had not told them anything about their respective responsibilities when he gathered them before. Most of them had also only gotten acquainted with each other today, so they had no experience working together before. If they rashly entered the Withered Ruins under such circumstances, the consequences would be unimaginable…

In response, Shi Feng smiled and leisurely said, "We can do that after we are inside. You guys really don't need to stress yourselves out so much. It's just a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon."


Shi Feng's words rendered everyone speechless. Everyone also couldn't help but cast looks of contempt at their calm instructor. Even Wu Lingling was at the brink of tears when she heard Shi Feng's words.

This was a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon they were talking about! Even the various large Guilds' expert teams wouldn't dare act recklessly inside such a Dungeon!

Yet, now, Shi Feng spoke as if they were about to go and grind some Common monsters at the beginner area…

However, Shi Feng paid no attention to the looks of contempt he received. After having his students stand in a group, he promptly walked into the Withered Ruins.

Seeing this, Wu Lingling and the others had no choice but to follow Shi Feng. Inwardly, they prayed that they wouldn't meet any monsters after entering the Dungeon.

The moment everyone stepped through the barrier, a bright light blinded them momentarily. Then, when their vision recovered, they found themselves standing on a hill a short distance away from the dilapidated city walls.

Standing on top of the hill gave everyone a good view of their surroundings. They could see everything within a radius of several thousand yards.

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However, it was precisely because of this good field of view that Wu Lingling and the others couldn't help but gasp in shock.


Wu Lingling and the others felt a chill crawling down their spines when they saw the Half-orcs that covered the forest at the bottom of the hill.

[Demonized Half-orc Fighter] (Demonized Creature, High Lord)

Level 100

HP 50,000,000

[Demonized Half-orc Warrior] (Demonized Creature, Great Lord)

Level 100

HP 140,000,000

These Demonized Half-orcs were five to six meters tall, and ominous pitch-black runes covered their robust bodies. Moreover, every one of these Half-orcs patrolled the dead forest in groups, with the smaller groups having over 200 Half-orcs and the larger groups having over 500 Half-orcs. To make matters worse, Demonized Half-orc Warriors made up at least 20% of every one of these groups' numbers.

However, what made these Demonized Half-orcs truly terrifying was the number of HP bars they had. Even weaker Half-orc Fighters had five HP bars!

In God's Domain, the number of HP bars a monster had also represented the combat standards they possessed. Meanwhile, a monster with five HP bars would possess combat standards rivaling ordinary expert players. If ordinary experts came across such a monster, they would have to take the long way around, as picking a fight with such a monster would only lead to their deaths.

Yet, even the weakest Demonized Half-orc here had five HP bars, while the stronger ones had seven HP bars…

Let alone their team of 30 students, even the 200-man expert team they came across would suffer if they fought against these Demonized Half-orcs.

Meanwhile, during the time Wu Lingling and the others were stunned by the sight before them, Shi Feng suddenly said, "Alright, let's start grinding!"

Before Wu Lingling and the others could react, Shi Feng picked up a small rock by his feet and threw it at a Demonized Half-orc Warrior in the nearby forest, the rock transforming into a streak of light and accurately hitting the Half-orc Warrior's head.

Immediately, the Half-orc Warrior that was struck turned to Shi Feng's direction and let loose an angry roar, the roar inciting the other Half-orcs nearby into a frenzy. Then, every one of these frenzied Half-orcs turned their heads toward Shi Feng's group…

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