Chapter 14 - Entering Hell Mode for the First Time
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 14 - Entering Hell Mode for the First Time

The Withered Ruins was a magnificent city surrounded by a dead forest. Currently, over 30 teams had gathered in front of the magic barrier that surrounded the dead forest. Every one of these teams had at least 100 members, with some having up to 200 members. Moreover, even the weakest player was equipped in Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, while the strongest was fully equipped in Epic Equipment.

When Wu Lingling and the others first arrived before the Withered Ruins, they immediately felt an oppressive feeling enveloping their bodies. Right now, even a fool could tell that their group of students did not belong to this place. They stood out like a sore thumb when they stood among these expert players.

Meanwhile, the arrival of Wu Lingling's group also attracted the attention of the many expert teams present. This was especially true for one particular 200-man team.

After taking a glance at Wu Lingling's group, a woman clad in an exquisite robe and wielding a crystalline Epic Staff sneered and said, "What's a bunch of children like them doing here? What is their leader even thinking? Do they think that a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon is some playground for children?"

The words of the woman attracted the approval of many of her team members. Like the woman, these people also looked at Wu Lingling with eyes full of contempt.

While it was true that any player who met the level requirement could enter a Hell Mode Team Dungeon, it didn't mean anyone who met the level requirement should enter a Hell Mode Team Dungeon. After all, it wasn't without reason that Hell Mode Team Dungeons were known as leveling spots for expert players.

There was no possibility that Wu Lingling and her teammates were experts disguised to look like university students, either. Although players could alter their character appearances in God's Domain, they couldn't hide their age.

Meanwhile, anyone could tell at a glance that Wu Lingling and her teammates were merely a bunch of students. Moreover, judging by how they moved, they were definitely a b

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