Chapter 12 - Going Beyond Epic
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As soon as Shi Feng chose to reconstruct his Mana Body, the crimson blood in the vial transformed into streams of purplish-red mist that flowed into his body.

Three seconds later, golden divine runes appeared around Shi Feng one after another, emitting ripples of Divine Might. The Divine Might was incredibly powerful, and even Tier 4 experts would find themselves immobilized when subjected to it.

The divine runes that appeared were akin to flames as they continuously burned and erased Shi Feng's original Mana Body.

One minute… Three minutes… Ten minutes…

After 15 minutes had passed, Shi Feng could feel the Divine Might that enveloped his body growing weaker and weaker. Likewise, the presence of his Mana Body also grew fainter and fainter. By the time the Divine Might disappeared completely, his Mana Body's presence had disappeared completely. Simultaneously, a feeling of weakness spread across Shi Feng's body.

Amazing! It removed my Mana Body completely!

Shi Feng grew excited when he sensed that his Bronze Mana Body had disappeared already.

Although players could progress up to Tier 6 in God's Domain, the biggest milestone was at Tier 3. This was because the Mana Body players constructed at Tier 3 would play a significant role in their advancement to higher tiers in the future.

The Mana Body was also the main factor that separated God's Domain's experts into two distinct classes. Even if a player managed to reach Tier 4, if their Mana Body did not reach the Silver rank, they couldn't be regarded as an upper-class expert no matter what. They could never become a true mainstay in first-rate Guilds and above.

However, this wasn't an unreasonable distinction. After all, the Mana Body represented a player's future potential. No Guild would be willing to support and nurture a person with no potential.

This was also why second- and third-rate Guilds could never contend against first-rate Guilds. Unlike second- and third-rate Guilds, first-rate Guilds would only accept those with a Silver Mana Body or above as their mainstays and executives.

Next is the last step.

Shi Feng focused his attention on the system notification that had appeared before him.

System: You have begun the reconstruction of your Mana Body. You have six hours to reconstruct your Mana Body.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to have acquired a Perfect Epic Demon God's Blood! You can choose between obtaining one Legendary Mana Body Diagram, one Peak Epic Mana Body Diagram, or one Advanced Epic Mana Body Diagram.


Shi Feng was dumbfounded.

When he had become a Tier 6 Sword God in the past, the Mana Body he had created for himself at Tier 3 was only an Advanced Epic Mana Body. Although he couldn't say for certain that he had been the only person to have acquired an Advanced Epic Mana Body out of the many God-ranked experts back then, even if there were others like him, there shouldn't be more than a handful.

After all, in the eyes of most Guilds, Gold Mana Bodies were already the best Mana Body one could acquire. Information on Epic Mana Bodies was so rare that most people didn't even know they existed.

If not for the Miniature Ancient World's expansion pack information publicizing the existence of Epic Mana Bodies, the first-rate Guilds in this life probably wouldn't even know that there existed Mana Bodies surpassing Gold Mana Bodies.

As for Legendary Mana Bodies, that was something even Shi Feng had never heard of after becoming a Tier 6 Sword God.

It should be known that players with a Gold Mana Body could already roam the continent without fear of the hostile energies that plagued high-level maps.

If a player acquired an Epic Mana Body, they could further boost their Stamina and Concentration recovery rates. Even their perception toward Mana would receive a considerable improvement. The benefits an Epic Mana Body provided could probably allow players to move about freely even in the Miniature Ancient World's hostile environment.

Acquiring an Epic Mana Body was also part of Shi Feng's plan to restart his campaign in God's Domain.

However, Shi Feng never thought that there existed another rank above Epic.

Before Shi Feng could recover from his surprise, another system notification appeared.

System: You have 15 minutes to choose a Mana Body Diagram. If you fail to decide within 15 minutes, you will receive the Advanced Epic Mana Body by default.


Shi Feng smiled when he saw the system notification. Then, he began carefully inspecting the three Mana Body Diagrams the system provided.

If given a choice, Shi Feng would naturally choose the best Mana Body he could get his hands on. However, that was based on the precondition of completing the construction process within the allotted time. If he went with the Legendary Mana Body out of greed and failed to construct it, he would simply be throwing away the opportunity to secure himself an Advanced Epic Mana Body or Peak Epic Mana Body.

Ten minutes later, Shi Feng closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

As expected of a Mana Body that is above Epic rank. Even apex experts are unlikely to be able to complete this Legendary Mana Body in just six hours.

Shi Feng already experienced constructing an Advanced Epic Mana Body in his previous life, so he was confident he could construct a perfect one this time. He was even confident he could construct a Peak Epic Mana Body with a 95% Completion Rate or above.

The construction of a Mana Body depended on the player's control over Mana. The more adept one was at manipulating Mana, the easier it would be for one to construct one's Mana Body. Meanwhile, as someone who had become a Tier 6 God in the past, Shi Feng's mastery over Mana manipulation had long since reached a realm that ordinary experts could not fathom.

However, the Legendary Mana Body's complexity was far above that of even Epic Mana Bodies.

The construction of an Advanced Epic Mana Body only needed players to control five sources of Mana to create five separate magic arrays, while a Peak Epic Mana Body needed players to control eight sources of Mana. However, in the case of the Legendary Mana Body, players needed to control as many as 16 sources of Mana simultaneously.

Even Shi Feng had barely met this requirement. Moreover, this still wasn't the most crucial point…

What made constructing the Legendary Mana Body truly challenging was that players needed to construct seven Master Magic Arrays and connect them to form one Grandmaster Magic Array.

Although Shi Feng had been a Grandmaster Magician during his previous life, with his current tier and Concentration standard, he would be hard-pressed to construct so many high-ranking magic arrays. Not to mention, every one of these magic arrays needed to have a considerably high Completion Rate. Otherwise, the Legendary Mana Body he created might even lose out to an Epic Mana Body with a high Completion Rate.

However, despite knowing the difficulty, Shi Feng still chose to construct the Legendary Mana Body without hesitation.

He had lost his memories for some inexplicable reason after entering the Main World in the past. This showed that the Main World was a much more dangerous place than he expected and that the strength he had back then wasn't enough to ensure his safety in the Main World.

Thus, what he needed to do now was simple—become much stronger than he had been in his previous life. Only by doing so would he have a chance at recovering his lost memories.

Meanwhile, the Legendary Mana Body was undoubtedly the first step into helping him grow stronger. Thus, regardless of the difficulty, he needed to try constructing the Legendary Mana Body.

Subsequently, Shi Feng began manipulating the surrounding Mana and constructing the Legendary Mana Body based on the provided diagram.

Because Shi Feng sorely lacked in Concentration recovery methods right now, manipulating 16 sources of Mana simultaneously placed a heavy burden on his mind. At this time, he was relying entirely on his knowledge and experience as a Grandmaster Magician to create the nine supporting magic arrays and one Grandmaster Magic Array.

As time passed and he encountered failure after failure, he grew increasingly familiar with the Grandmaster Magic Array's construction process.

After working continuously for four hours, Shi Feng finally completed his first attempt at constructing the Legendary Mana Body.

System: Mana Body constructed. Completion Rate 71%. Do you wish to keep this Mana Body?

"No!" Shi Feng rejected without hesitation.

A Mana Body needed to reach an 80% Completion Rate for it to function normally. Below 80%, a Mana Body would have its effects weakened. Thus, Shi Feng's Legendary Mana Body needed an 80% Completion Rate at the very minimum. Otherwise, he would've been better off going for an Epic Mana Body with Completion Rate above 90%. After all, a Mana Body with a 90% Completion Rate would be able to perform at 100% capacity, and every additional percentage gained in Completion Rate would improve the Mana Body's performance significantly.

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In the past, Shi Feng had been lucky and achieved a 91% Completion Rate on his Advanced Epic Mana Body. It had saved him a lot of trouble when he was advancing to higher tiers.

Subsequently, Shi Feng started his second attempt.

Because of his previous experience, Shi Feng took less than half an hour this time to complete his Mana Body. Moreover, its Completion Rate had surpassed the passing mark and reached 83%.

However, Shi Feng wasn't satisfied with this outcome, so he proceeded with his third and fourth attempts.

Shi Feng made a slight mistake on his third attempt, and the Completion Rate he got was 76%. On his fourth attempt, he managed an 86% Completion Rate. For the average expert, they would be delighted with such a result even if their Mana Body was only at the Silver rank, let alone the unheard-of Legendary rank.

However, Shi Feng still wasn't satisfied with this result.

I only have time for one more try?

Shi Feng hesitated for a moment when he saw the remaining time. However, after thinking it over, he clenched his teeth and began his fifth attempt.

Shi Feng would be lying if he said he wasn't satisfied with an 86% Completion Rate. However, if he wished to surpass his previous life, this result wasn't enough. After all, he no longer had the support of a Guild in this life. If he lacked a sufficiently powerful Mana Body, he would have a tough time rising to the top of God's Domain.

After four attempts, Shi Feng had already become very familiar with the Legendary Mana Body's construction process. On his fourth attempt, he needed ten minutes to construct the seven Master Magic Arrays and link them into one big Grandmaster Magic Array. Now, he needed only seven minutes to do so. Moreover, the construction process went much more smoothly than before.

However, time was also ticking away rapidly as Shi Feng constructed his Mana Body.

Seventeen minutes remaining… Twelve minutes remaining… Six minutes… Three minutes…

When less than two minutes remained, Shi Feng inhaled and exhaled deeply.

"Good! It's done!" Shi Feng exclaimed out of excitement. Simultaneously, a system notification also appeared before him.

System: Mana Body constructed. Completion Rate 94%. Do you wish to keep this Mana Body?

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