Chapter 12 - Going Beyond Epic
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As soon as Shi Feng chose to reconstruct his Mana Body, the crimson blood in the vial transformed into streams of purplish-red mist that flowed into his body.

Three seconds later, golden divine runes appeared around Shi Feng one after another, emitting ripples of Divine Might. The Divine Might was incredibly powerful, and even Tier 4 experts would find themselves immobilized when subjected to it.

The divine runes that appeared were akin to flames as they continuously burned and erased Shi Feng's original Mana Body.

One minute… Three minutes… Ten minutes…

After 15 minutes had passed, Shi Feng could feel the Divine Might that enveloped his body growing weaker and weaker. Likewise, the presence of his Mana Body also grew fainter and fainter. By the time the Divine Might disappeared completely, his Mana Body's presence had disappeared completely. Simultaneously, a feeling of weakness spread across Shi Feng's body.

Amazing! It removed my Mana Body completely!

Shi Feng grew excited when he sensed that his Bronze Mana Body had disappeared already.

Although players could progress up to Tier 6 in God's Domain, the biggest milestone was at Tier 3. This was because the Mana Body players constructed at Tier 3 would play a significant role in their advancement to higher tiers in the future.

The Mana Body was also the main factor that separated God's Domain's experts into two distinct classes. Even if a player managed to reach Tier 4, if their Mana Body did not reach the Silver rank, they couldn't be regarded as an upper-class expert no matter what. They could never become a true mainstay in first-rate Guilds and above.

However, this wasn't an unreasonable distinction. After all, the Mana Body represented a player's future potential. No Guild would be willing to support and nurture a person with no potential.

This was also why second- and third-rate Guilds could never contend against first-rate Guilds. Unlike second- and third-rate Guilds, first-rate Guilds would only accept those with a Silver Mana Body or above as their mainstays and executives.

Next is the last step.

Shi Feng focused his attention on the system notification that had appeared before him.

System: You have begun the reconstruction of your Mana Body. You have six hours to reconstruct your Mana Body.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to have acquired a Perfect Epic Demon God's Blood! You can choose between obtaining one Legendary Mana Body Diagram, one Peak Epic Mana Body Diagram, or one Advanced Epic Mana Body Diagram.

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