Chapter 13 - Inherent Mana Domain
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Ninety-four percent?

Shi Feng grew ecstatic when he read the system notification.

A Mana Body with a 90% Completion Rate could already perform at 100% capacity, and every percentage increase after 90% would further enhance the Mana Body to a certain extent. Meanwhile, an additional 4% would provide a massive improvement.

To provide some context, take Alice, the Witch of the West, for example. She was known by all in God's Domain for her Gold Mana Body that had a 98% Completion Rate. This Gold Mana Body granted her extraordinary perception and control toward Mana, which, in turn, allowed her to stand above all magical class players. Meanwhile, the only Mana Body that could match Alice's near-perfect Gold Mana Body was probably Shi Feng's Advanced Epic Mana Body, which had a 91% Completion Rate.

Now, though, not only did Shi Feng have a Legendary Mana Body, but its Completion Rate had even reached 94%. If comparing solely in terms of Mana perception and control, he was leagues above his previous life.

System: Mana Body constructed. Completion Rate 94%. Do you wish to keep this Mana Body?

Upon receiving another reminder from the system, Shi Feng quickly snapped out of his daze and chose to keep the Mana Body he created.

Immediately afterward, golden divine runes appeared around Shi Feng's body. The dense Mana surrounding Shi Feng also flooded into his body, continuously improving his body's overall strength and perception. In just several seconds, Shi Feng could sense that he had already surpassed himself when he first constructed his Advanced Epic Mana Body.

The strengthening process continued for nearly 20 seconds before the divine runes faded out of existence. At this time, not one bit of Mana remained inside the room.

Mana was the foundation of all life in God's Domain, so a place without Mana was not a place that living creatures could survive in. Even Tier 3 players with a Gold Mana Body could only survive in a space void of Mana for a short period.

Yet, at this time, Shi Feng did not feel even the slightest discomfort while sitting in this Manaless room.

So, this is a Legendary Mana Body?

An indescribable sense of shock filled Shi Feng as he perceived the space around him.

When he had first completed his Advanced Epic Mana Body in his previous life, he had only acquired a rudimentary form of a Mana Domain whose only function was to prevent the Mana in his body from leaking away. However, the completion of the Legendary Mana Body had directly provided him with a fully functioning Mana Domain.

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