Chapter 13 - Inherent Mana Domain
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Ninety-four percent?

Shi Feng grew ecstatic when he read the system notification.

A Mana Body with a 90% Completion Rate could already perform at 100% capacity, and every percentage increase after 90% would further enhance the Mana Body to a certain extent. Meanwhile, an additional 4% would provide a massive improvement.

To provide some context, take Alice, the Witch of the West, for example. She was known by all in God's Domain for her Gold Mana Body that had a 98% Completion Rate. This Gold Mana Body granted her extraordinary perception and control toward Mana, which, in turn, allowed her to stand above all magical class players. Meanwhile, the only Mana Body that could match Alice's near-perfect Gold Mana Body was probably Shi Feng's Advanced Epic Mana Body, which had a 91% Completion Rate.

Now, though, not only did Shi Feng have a Legendary Mana Body, but its Completion Rate had even reached 94%. If comparing solely in terms of Mana perception and control, he was leagues above his previous life.

System: Mana Body constructed. Completion Rate 94%. Do you wish to keep this Mana Body?

Upon receiving another reminder from the system, Shi Feng quickly snapped out of his daze and chose to keep the Mana Body he created.

Immediately afterward, golden divine runes appeared around Shi Feng's body. The dense Mana surrounding Shi Feng also flooded into his body, continuously improving his body's overall strength and perception. In just several seconds, Shi Feng could sense that he had already surpassed himself when he first constructed his Advanced Epic Mana Body.

The strengthening process continued for nearly 20 seconds before the divine runes faded out of existence. At this time, not one bit of Mana remained inside the room.

Mana was the foundation of all life in God's Domain, so a place without Mana was not a place that living creatures could survive in. Even Tier 3 players with a Gold Mana Body could only survive in a space void of Mana for a short period.

Yet, at this time, Shi Feng did not feel even the slightest discomfort while sitting in this Manaless room.

So, this is a Legendary Mana Body?

An indescribable sense of shock filled Shi Feng as he perceived the space around him.

When he had first completed his Advanced Epic Mana Body in his previous life, he had only acquired a rudimentary form of a Mana Domain whose only function was to prevent the Mana in his body from leaking away. However, the completion of the Legendary Mana Body had directly provided him with a fully functioning Mana Domain.

Although this Mana Domain only covered a small radius of 10 yards, it was still a bona fide Mana Domain. Within the space the Mana Domain covered, he was the ruler. He could freely manipulate Mana within this space and prevent it from being influenced by the Mana outside.

Typically, players would only begin creating a rudimentary form of a Mana Domain after they had reached Tier 4. Meanwhile, only a small minority of experts would be capable of creating a full-fledged Mana Domain at Tier 4. Yet, Shi Feng had received a full-fledged Mana Domain immediately after he had constructed his Mana Body.

Apart from the full-fledged Mana Domain, what also surprised Shi Feng was the improvement he received toward his Mana perception, recovery speeds for Stamina and Concentration, and the toughness of his body.

Even though a Mana Body didn't provide players with any increase in Basic Attributes, it still influenced a player's performance heavily as it provided nonstatistical improvements such as Mana perception, recovery speed, and physical toughness.

Firstly, Mana perception. Mana perception played an important role in players' ability to manipulate Mana. Meanwhile, the better a player was at manipulating Mana, the higher their Skills' and Spells' Completion Rates would be.

Secondly, recovery speed. The greater a player's recovery speed was, the quicker they could recover the Stamina and Concentration they expended in battle. This, in turn, would increase the duration in which they could stay in the battle.

Lastly, physical toughness. Physical toughness affected a player's ability to withstand attacks. Although physical toughness wouldn't reduce the amount of damage players took, it reduced players' chances of suffering physical injuries. If a player had sufficiently high physical toughness, an attack that should've originally caused a heavy injury might only end up causing a light injury. This was a significant difference as a light injury wouldn't hamper a player's performance, whereas a heavy injury would. If a player sorely lacked physical toughness, they might even lose their limbs to a powerful attack, severely affecting their combat performance.

Currently, Shi Feng could sense that his Mana perception was already on par with what he had when he initially reached Tier 4 during his previous life. He could already clearly perceive the basic operating principles of the various elements of Mana surrounding him.

As for his recovery speed, it was double that of the Advanced Epic Mana Body. Even though he was only a Tier 3 Sword King right now, he could execute Six Extreme Slashes, an Advanced Combat Technique, without burden.

As for his physical toughness, it was already on par with the physical toughness of the average Tier 4 Mythic monster. Now, attacks at the Tier 3 standard couldn't even put a scratch on him, and only Tier 4 attacks could threaten him.

This inherent Mana Domain saves me a lot of trouble. Shi Feng couldn't help but smile as he manipulated his Mana Domain.

His Mana Domain would only cover a 10-yard radius around him when he wasn't actively controlling it. However, once he actively controlled it, the Mana Domain could cover up to a 50-yard radius.

While a 50-yard radius was below-average for a full-fledged Mana Domain, it was more than enough for a Tier 3 player. This was because the maximum attack range of the average Tier 3 expert was only 50 yards. Meanwhile, his Mana Domain would weaken all enemies within its range by a certain extent.

Originally, Shi Feng had been having a headache trying to think of a way to help his students. His students were far too weak right now, and if he wanted them to be of any help to him, he needed to improve their combat standards. Only, improving their combat standards was easier said than done…

Even though he had taught his students the Refinement exercise, they couldn't reach the Refinement Realm solely by relying on the exercise. They needed to pair the exercise with lots of combat experience.

If he still had the resources available to Zero Wing, he could've simply let his students participate in simulated battles against Refinement Realm experts and gain combat experience that way. This was also how the various superpowers trained their young talents.

However, he was merely the ex-Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild right now. He didn't have any training resources in his possession right now. Trying to mimic the training methods of superpowers was nothing but a dream.

Thus, the only option available to him was to have his students partake in live combat!

Before constructing his Legendary Mana Body and acquiring a Mana Domain, Shi Feng would've had difficulty creating a safe environment for his students to carry out live combat. However, now that he had a Mana Domain, that would no longer be a problem. So long as his students fought within his Mana Domain, he could control the flow of battle as he wished, thereby minimizing the risk of casualties.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng was inspecting his new Mana Domain, he suddenly received a call from Wu Lingling.

"Everyone has gathered in the Blue Rose Bar already, Instructor Shi," Wu Lingling said as she looked at Shi Feng through the video chat. Then, she worriedly asked, "Should I make some additional arrangements?"

Previously, Shi Feng had already made it clear in his message that they would be challenging the Withered Ruins, the nearest Level 100 Regional Dungeon to Hundred Flow City.

Unlike Team Dungeons, Regional Dungeons didn't have an entry limit. Players could enter the map by themselves or in massive teams. Meanwhile, not only did the monsters inside a Regional Dungeon provide ample EXP, but they also had much better loot than monsters found in the outside world. Thus, the Withered Ruins was the perfect place for Hundred Flow City's experts to grind at.

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However, grinding at the Withered Ruins wasn't an easy task.

Like Team Dungeons, Regional Dungeons could similarly be categorized by difficulty, with the first three difficulties being Normal, Hard, and Hell. Among them, Hard Mode Regional Dungeons were already enough to deter the average Tier 3 team. Only teams made up of Tier 3 experts could cope in these Dungeons.

Meanwhile, the Withered Ruins was a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon. Even Tier 3 expert teams could face annihilation if they weren't careful inside. Typically, only the frontline teams of large Guilds could operate with relative safety inside a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon.

As for freshman students like themselves, they were almost guaranteed to die should they enter the Withered Ruins…

If they wanted to grind inside the Withered Ruins, they would need to recruit the help of some frontline experts. After all, there was no way Shi Feng could take care of everyone on the team.

Shi Feng chuckled at Wu Lingling's concern. Then, he said, "Since you've already gathered, fill your stomachs with some food and drinks. We'll meet up at the Withered Ruins' entrance in two hours. Fighting in a Regional Dungeon is much more exhausting than fighting in the outside world, so you should also prepare some Stamina and Concentration Recovery Potions.

After saying so, Shi Feng disconnected the call, his words rendering Wu Lingling speechless.

A female Guardian Knight wielding Dark-Gold ranked buckler and clad in Level 100 Fine-Gold Equipment happened to overhear Shi Feng and Wu Lingling. In a worried voice, the female Guardian Knight asked, "Could Instructor Shi be joking with us, Class Rep? The Withered Ruins is a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon. If we head there as we are now..."

Previously, when the other students heard from Wu Lingling that they would be going to the Withered Ruins, they had reacted in joy and excitement.

Hell Mode Regional Dungeons were places where even ordinary expert teams dared not enter, and only the expert teams of powerful Guilds and adventurer teams would set foot into it. Under normal circumstances, students like themselves wouldn't even dare harbor any thoughts of entering a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon. Even the advanced instructors of the God's Domain Academy wouldn't bring their students into one. After all, doing so would require them to hire a bunch of frontline experts as babysitters, and they definitely wouldn't be willing to foot such a cost for mere students.

Thus, they were ecstatic when they first heard that Shi Feng would be taking them into the Withered Ruins.

Now, though…

"Is Instructor Shi trying to take a gamble? It's the freshman tournament tomorrow, and every instructor has to send three students out to fight as a team. I heard that the top three instructors would get to visit one of the Secret Pavilion's training branches. This is a rare opportunity even in our academy," Qin Wuchen, a male Assassin with a lean body, suddenly said.

Upon hearing this Qin Wuchen's words, realization immediately dawned upon the other students present.

The Secret Pavilion was a transcendental existence in God's Domain, and innumerable experts had originated from it. Even among Super Guilds, few were capable of rivaling the Secret Pavilion when it came to training talents.

However, the Secret Pavilion would only ever train its own talents. Never did it allow the talents and experts of the various academies to join its training program.

Now, though, the Secret Pavilion was allowing the God's Domain Academy's instructors to visit one of its training branches. This was undoubtedly a rare opportunity for the Academy's instructors.

Meanwhile, it was already common knowledge that Shi Feng had been Shadow's ex-Guild Leader and that he had failed to break out of Tier 3 even after many years of struggles. If he could participate in the Secret Pavilion's training session, he might finally achieve a breakthrough and reach Tier 4.

Meanwhile, out of the 30 students apprenticed under Shi Feng, only Wu Lingling was capable of ranking among the top of this year's freshmen. However, the freshman tournament was a team match. There was no way Wu Lingling could win the tournament by herself. She needed teammates that could be of help to her. Thus, Shi Feng was taking them to the Withered Ruins and betting on the possibility that the other students might improve there.

"Alright, stop making blind guesses. Let's get ready and set out."

When Wu Lingling saw her classmates starting to voice opinions about Shi Feng's decision, she quickly stopped them in their tracks. Though, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry on the inside. If they were already complaining about grinding in the Withered Ruins, what would happen if she told them about the matter regarding the Mana Outpost?

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