Chapter 11 - Reconstructing Mana Body
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 11 - Reconstructing Mana Body

Even after Shi Feng had left the Colosseum, it took a long time for Wu Lingling to come back to her senses.

"What are your thoughts on Instructor Shi's words, Uncle Gan? Do you think he really intends to have us students participate in the battle for the Darkmoon Outpost?" Wu Lingling asked as she looked at Gan Yuan, her heart filled with anxiety and excitement.

The Darkmoon Outpost was a stronghold that every Guild based in Hundred Flow City sought to obtain. Meanwhile, because of the limited number of people that could participate in the actual competition, every participating Guild would undoubtedly be sending their strongest members to represent them.

Although many of God's Domain's Guilds did not send their truly powerful experts to develop in the Miniature Ancient World, some of the larger Guilds should not have any problems dispatching peak experts to fight for the Darkmoon Outpost. In the case of first-rate Guilds, even the weakest member they sent would most likely be first-rate experts that were capable of reaching the Trial Tower's seventh floor.

In comparison, most of the students apprenticed under Shi Feng hadn't even reached the Trial Tower's fifth floor. With their strength, they couldn't even serve as cannon fodder if they participated in the competition...

Of course, Wu Lingling couldn't rule out the possibility that Shi Feng was trying to widen their horizons. After all, it was rare to see battles involving thousands of powerful experts in God's Domain, let alone participate in one. If budding players like them could take part in such a battle, it would significantly help their future development.

However, as the first Mana Outpost one would encounter after leaving Hundred Flow City, the Darkmoon Outpost held extraordinary significance to the various Guilds. It was also why Zhuo Yalin tried to recruit Shi Feng's help even if it meant paying a steep cost. Only, if Zhuo Yalin were to find out that Shi Feng's so-called teammates were merely a bunch of freshmen from the God's Domain Academy, she would

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