Chapter 11 - Reconstructing Mana Body
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 11 - Reconstructing Mana Body

Even after Shi Feng had left the Colosseum, it took a long time for Wu Lingling to come back to her senses.

"What are your thoughts on Instructor Shi's words, Uncle Gan? Do you think he really intends to have us students participate in the battle for the Darkmoon Outpost?" Wu Lingling asked as she looked at Gan Yuan, her heart filled with anxiety and excitement.

The Darkmoon Outpost was a stronghold that every Guild based in Hundred Flow City sought to obtain. Meanwhile, because of the limited number of people that could participate in the actual competition, every participating Guild would undoubtedly be sending their strongest members to represent them.

Although many of God's Domain's Guilds did not send their truly powerful experts to develop in the Miniature Ancient World, some of the larger Guilds should not have any problems dispatching peak experts to fight for the Darkmoon Outpost. In the case of first-rate Guilds, even the weakest member they sent would most likely be first-rate experts that were capable of reaching the Trial Tower's seventh floor.

In comparison, most of the students apprenticed under Shi Feng hadn't even reached the Trial Tower's fifth floor. With their strength, they couldn't even serve as cannon fodder if they participated in the competition...

Of course, Wu Lingling couldn't rule out the possibility that Shi Feng was trying to widen their horizons. After all, it was rare to see battles involving thousands of powerful experts in God's Domain, let alone participate in one. If budding players like them could take part in such a battle, it would significantly help their future development.

However, as the first Mana Outpost one would encounter after leaving Hundred Flow City, the Darkmoon Outpost held extraordinary significance to the various Guilds. It was also why Zhuo Yalin tried to recruit Shi Feng's help even if it meant paying a steep cost. Only, if Zhuo Yalin were to find out that Shi Feng's so-called teammates were merely a bunch of freshmen from the God's Domain Academy, she would absolutely refuse Shi Feng's demand.

If Mysterious Moon failed to occupy the Darkmoon Outpost, the entire Guild would probably bear an eternal grudge against Shi Feng. After all, the 30 participation slots Shi Feng asked for could significantly impact the competition's outcome. Not to mention, Mysterious Moon had no lack of peak experts and first-rate experts to fill these slots. The Guild wasn't so desperate as to seek freshmen students as backup.

"He is probably joking with you," Gan Yuan said, shaking his head and smiling. "There are only 5,000 participation slots in total, and there are more than 30 second-rate Guilds and seven first-rate Guilds based in Hundred Flow City. There are also numerous third-rate Guilds and unrated Guilds. A first-rate Guild would be fortunate to even secure 300 slots. If he lets you students take up 10% of Mysterious Moon's slots, Mysterious Moon might as well call it quits already."

In Gan Yuan's opinion, there was no way an expert of Shi Feng's caliber would not know of the Darkmoon Outpost's significance. Even if he wanted to train his students, there was no need to do so during such a crucial event.

Having the students participate in the competition would be no different than making an enemy out of Mysterious Moon.

Although Shi Feng possessed great combat standards, even he would suffer if he angered a first-rate Guild. After all, even Tier 5 experts dared not go up against first-rate Guilds upfront. Otherwise, they would have to face the pursuit of several Tier 5 experts.

However, shortly after Gan Yuan finished speaking, Wu Lingling received a message that thoroughly dumbfounded her and Gan Yuan.

"Is he insane?"

Gan Yuan felt his mind falling into disarray when he read the message Wu Lingling shared with him.

The message's content was simple. Shi Feng had appointed Wu Lingling as his class representative, and he had tasked her with contacting her classmates and gathering them in Hundred Flow City's Blue Rose Bar in eight hours. At the end of the message, Shi Feng had also stated that all students under him would be participating in the battle for the Darkmoon Outpost ten days later...

"What should I do, Uncle Gan?" Wu Lingling couldn't help but be scared by this situation. "Should I ask Big Sis to send some experts over?"

Wu Lingling was truly afraid now that she was certain of Shi Feng's intentions. After all, what Shi Feng was doing was no different than playing with their lives. If this situation wasn't handled properly, all of them would be dragged down into the abyss.

In response to Wu Lingling's question, Gan Yuan shook his head and said, "There's no point in doing that. Entering the Miniature Ancient World is equivalent to starting a new account. Not everyone is willing to take such a risk since there is no guarantee that they can return to and surpass their strongest state."

Although the benefit of reconstructing one's Mana Body was indeed tempting, the Mana Body wasn't the only factor that affected a player's ability to ascend to higher tiers. There were still many other factors that had to be taken into account.

Typically, only experts who had poor foundations and encountered very little fortuitous opportunities in God's Domain would be willing to enter the Miniature Ancient World. Either that or the Mana Body they created was far from ideal.

Take Gan Yuan, for example. He had only created a Silver Mana Body with a 76% Completion Rate when he was at Tier 3. While it wasn't terrible, it wasn't good, either. If he kept with that Mana Body, it was unlikely that he would ever reach Tier 5 in his lifetime. Thus, he had decided to enter the Miniature Ancient World. Not to mention, he could also nurture a budding talent like Wu Lingling and earn a favor from Wu Xiaoxiao, one of the top prodigies of the Guild's younger generation.

Apart from him, few of the Guild's other Tier 4 experts were willing to enter the Miniature Ancient World. And for those who did enter the Miniature Ancient World, the Guild had long since assigned them other important tasks. There was no way they'd be willing to make time to help a bunch of outsiders.

Upon hearing Gan Yuan's words, Wu Lingling remembered that they were no longer on the main continent but in the Miniature Ancient World instead. Here, even a prioritized talent like her elder sister would have difficulty mobilizing groups of experts.

"But you don't have to worry too much. I know a few skilled experts who have entered the Miniature Ancient World. If I give them a call, I'm sure we won't have any problems coping with the competition," Gan Yuan said, smiling when he saw Wu Lingling's crestfallen expression. "However, I'll need you to talk things out with Instructor Shi first."

Under normal circumstances, Gan Yuan wouldn't have bothered himself with such a troublesome matter. However, after witnessing Shi Feng's skills, he felt that it wouldn't be a bad idea to befriend such a powerful expert. After all, it was rare for Tier 4 experts like Gan Yuan to come across an expert of Shi Feng's caliber. And even if he managed to come across such an expert, the other party wouldn't bother interacting with him.

After all, they were standing on two completely different levels...

Meanwhile, for experts like Gan Yuan, who were stuck at Tier 4, their only option to make further progress was to acquire more resources. However, the resources necessary were not things that measly Tier 4 experts could obtain. Only experts of Shi Feng's caliber could do so. Thus, now that there was an opportunity to befriend such an expert, Gan Yuan would naturally take it.

Wu Lingling also nodded to Gan Yuan's request.


Hundred Flow City, City Hall:

After leaving the Colosseum, Shi Feng had visited the City Hall and made his way up to the second floor.

When Shi Feng arrived on the second floor, a blond elven woman wearing black office wear approached him. Then, the woman pointed at a record book on a nearby coffee table and smiled, saying, "Greetings, sir. You can find all of Hundred Flow City's vacant Lands and Shops sold here. If you are interested in a particular Land or Shop, feel free to tell me. I will do my best to give you the best price."

The record book was very thick. When Shi Feng flipped through the pages, he found that the number of Lands and Shops available in Hundred Flow City far exceeded even that of royal capitals found on the main continent. Looking at all the available options, Shi Feng didn't know where to begin his search for his ideal Shop."

After looking through the record book for some time, Shi Feng gave up and asked, "Do you have any recommendations for Shops in the central area?"

"There are two excellent Shops in the central area. One is an Advanced Shop located near the main street. It has seven floors, and it is selling for 45,000 Gold. The other one is a hotel located near the Teleportation Hall. The hotel has three floors, and it is selling for 22,000 Gold," the elven administrator said as she took out two projection crystals and activated them. "These two locations have only gone up for sale starting this month. Whether it is their price or location, they are rare finds in Hundred Flow City."

Shi Feng couldn't help but be moved as he looked at the projected images.

The Lands and Shops found in Hundred Flow City's central area were exceptionally expensive. Even a Basic Shop sold for upwards of 30,000 Gold, while vacant Lands sold for upwards of 20,000 Gold. Moreover, these prices only referred to Small Lands. Meanwhile, the two locations the administrator introduced both occupied Medium Lands. The fact that they're being sold for such a low price could be considered a hidden benefit to the first player to purchase Shops and Lands in Hundred Flow City.

Moreover, out of the two recommendations, one of them was even an Advanced Shop. If Shi Feng could purchase this Shop, he could make a fortune just by letting other players consign their items at the Shop. Not to mention, an Advanced Shop would also come with its own specialty goods, and he could use these goods to earn a stable income.

As for the hotel, it wasn't a bad option, either. Now that there were no Guild Residences in Hundred Flow City yet, the only way players could accumulate the Double EXP buff and accelerate their grinding speed would be to stay in hotels. Thus, Shi Feng could also earn a significant income if he bought the hotel.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng lacked the Coins to purchase even the hotel.

Previously, he had spent two million Credits to purchase 20,000 Gold from a player merchant. Afterward, he had spent 500 Gold in the Colosseum. Thus, he only had 19,500 Gold in his bag right now.

"Can I get a discount if I decide to make a purchase?" Shi Feng asked as he looked at the administrator.

The elven administrator pondered for a moment when she heard Shi Feng's question. Then, she said, "You are the first person to have acquired Hundred Flow City's Colosseum Master's Insignia in the past few decades. If you decide to make a purchase, I can give you a 20% discount on one purchase."

"Twenty percent?" Shi Feng was surprised.

Originally, he thought it would be great if he could get even a 5% discount. He didn't think that the Colosseum Master's Insignia would provide him with such an amazing benefit.

"Okay, I'll take this hotel, then," Shi Feng said as he pointed at the three-story hotel projected before him.

Although the Advanced Shop was tempting, he currently lacked funds and resources. Thus, the hotel was his best option. Moreover, he still needed to guide a bunch of students. If he bought the hotel, he could save on their accommodation fees, killing two birds with one stone.

"Very well. That will be 17,600 Gold," the administrator said. "You will also have to pay a monthly management fee of 1,000 Gold for this hotel. If you fail to make payment for three consecutive months, we will be repossessing the hotel."

Afterward, Shi Feng decisively paid 17,600 Gold to the elven administrator and received the hotel's Deed in return. Then, he left the City Hall and visited the hotel to complete the property transfer.

The hotel was located next to the Teleportation Hall, so it could be considered prime real estate in Hundred Flow City. After all, every player that teleported into Hundred Flow City using a Return Scroll would arrive in the Teleportation Hall. So, the street the Teleportation Hall was located on became a place where almost all players had to pass through.

In reality, the hotel's value was far from being worth just 17,600 Gold. Even if it was sold for an astronomical price of 50,000 Gold, Guilds would still fight to purchase it.

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A magic array currently sealed the three-story hotel, and no employees were working in the establishment. Only Shi Feng, the holder of the hotel's Deed, could enter the place.

The density of the Mana here is quite good. It's actually 30% higher than the outside world. Shi Feng felt very satisfied when he sensed the Mana within the hotel.

A difference of 30% in Mana density might not seem like much, but the Mana in the Miniature Ancient World was originally much higher than the main continent's Mana already. Thus, an increase of 30% was substantial. Players could receive substantial benefits if they tried to perceive and manipulate Mana in this environment.

Afterward, Shi Feng started inspecting the hotel's interior. The hotel had 600 rooms spread across its three floors, of which 560 were basic rooms and 40 were advanced rooms. This was an impressive number for a Basic Hotel. Even if he charged only 20 Silver per room, he could still make 120 Gold per day.

Currently, ordinary Tier 3 experts earned only two to three Gold per day on average. After deducting the money spent on repairing equipment and purchasing supplies, a Tier 3 expert would be fortunate if they could have one Gold remaining. Meanwhile, a daily income of 120 Gold was unfathomable for the average Tier 3 expert.

When Shi Feng entered an advanced room, he found that the density of the Mana here was 20% higher than the Mana found inside the basic rooms.

This is a good place to reconstruct my Mana Body.

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to visit an Advanced Hotel in Hundred Flow City to reconstruct his Mana Body. The construction of a Mana Body heavily depended on the ambient Mana's density. Players would have a much easier time constructing their Mana Bodies if they did it in a place with dense Mana. Of course, after a certain point, the benefits high-density Mana brought would start to diminish.

Meanwhile, the density of the Mana found in this hotel's advanced rooms was already considerably high. Even if Shi Feng visited a place with even denser Mana, the benefits he could gain would be negligible.

Immediately, Shi Feng sat cross-legged on the Mana Gathering Magic Array prepared in the middle of the room. Then, he took out the Demon God's Blood that he had won from the Colosseum.

The instant Shi Feng opened the vial housing the Demon God's Blood, a powerful Divine Might instantly flooded the room. Even Shi Feng found himself having difficulty breathing under the pressure of this Divine Might.


System: Do you wish to use the Demon God's Blood and begin reconstructing your Mana Body?



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