Chapter 10 - Fame Begins to Spread
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 10 - Fame Begins to Spread


"Mysterious Moon's Nightingale barely managed to keep her HP at 80% even when she's fully equipped in Epic Equipment. How can a Tier 3 newbie like him take no damage whatsoever? Could he be some Super Guild's bigshot here to experience the life of a newbie?"

"I doubt that's the case. I heard that the various superpowers' bigshots are currently preparing to go up against the Outerworld's apex experts. How would any of them have the time to retrain an account?"

"He must be a superpower's bigshot. Otherwise, how can he execute Miracle Dragon's Six Extreme Slashes with such proficiency?"

Shi Feng's performance had dumbfounded the spectating players in the hall. Everyone was also curious to find out Shi Feng's true identity. They were more interested in his identity than the fact that he had just gotten an S-rank evaluation in the Colosseum's Epic Challenge.

However, when Shi Feng got teleported out of the arena, he paid no attention to the crowd talking about him. Instead, he calmly made his way to the NPC manager managing his arena to retrieve his rewards.

"Your performance was outstanding. You are the first to have completed the challenge unharmed in Hundred Flow City's Colosseum in the past few decades," the Tier 4 NPC said, a hint of respect appearing in his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng. Then, he retrieved an exquisite crystal box from the container beside him and handed it to Shi Feng, saying, "Here is your reward. Apart from the Demon God's Blood necessary to construct an Epic Mana Body, there is also a Colosseum Master's Insignia for Hundred Flow City inside. From now on, you are a VIP of Hundred Flow City, and you will get to enjoy the privileges of a noble in the city."

A noble's treatment?

Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he took out the golden lion insignia from the crystal box.

The process of becoming a noble in the Miniature Ancient World's NPC Cities was much more tedious compared to the outside world's NPC Cities. The average city here required players to accumulate 500 Contribution Points

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