Chapter 9 - Astonishing Sword
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"Formless Water?" Gan Yuan muttered, his eyes filled with disbelief when he saw Shi Feng dodging the arrows in the arena.

"Formless Water?"

Wu Lingling curiously looked at Gan Yuan when she overheard his mutterings. This was the first time she had heard of the term "Formless Water."

"Right! This is the rumored Formless Water!"

"Crap! Who is this guy?! Shouldn't Formless Water be an ultimate move that only geniuses at the Flowing Water Realm can master?"

"Amazing! I only saw this move twice in last year's A-League, but this guy's evasive maneuvers look even more natural than those two people! Could he be some superpower's bigshot here to have some fun?"

Initially, most of the experts present had failed to discern the identity of Shi Feng's evasive technique. However, when some of the nearby experts overheard Gan Yuan's mutterings, realization quickly dawned upon them. Simultaneously, they also grew curious to find out Shi Feng's identity.

Instructor Shi is amazing!

Meanwhile, when Wu Lingling overheard the nearby experts' exclamations, excitement filled her heart. She never thought that Shi Feng was such a powerful expert.

Although Wu Lingling didn't know how amazing the Formless Water technique was, based on the surrounding experts' comments, the technique was something only experts at the Flowing Water Realm or above could execute. Meanwhile, Flowing Water Realm experts were much more powerful than Refinement Realm experts. If a Flowing Water Realm expert chose to join a first-rate Guild, this person would be given an executive position at the very least.

Not to mention, from what she had overheard, not all Flowing Water Realm experts could master the Formless Water technique. Instead, only experts capable of qualifying for the Professional League's A-League could do so.

The A-League!

That was a realm that her elder sister was constantly seeking to reach. However, even until now, her elder sister was still half a step from reaching it. Yet, now, Shi Feng had revealed that he had already reached this realm.

"Impossible! He is merely the former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild! There is no way he can master such a profound technique!" Gan Yuan instinctively shook his head and denied his conjecture. Then, he said in a determined tone, "This must be an advanced combat technique resembling Formless Water. There is no way it can be the true Formless Water! Fifteen seconds! At most, he will deplete his Stamina and Concentration after 15 seconds from using such a combat technique!"

Formless Water was an ultimate move that tested the level of control players had over their bodies. Only by having superb control over one's body could one execute this technique.

However, it was a different story if Shi Feng had executed one of the many combat techniques found in God's Domain. These in-game combat techniques could allow players to exhibit effects resembling Skills and Spells or even combat standards of a higher realm.

For the average expert, the combat techniques they would typically come across could be categorized into basic and advanced combat techniques. And unlike Skills and Spells, these combat techniques did not have a Cooldown, and neither did they cost any Mana to use. Instead, players only needed to expend a significant amount of their Stamina and Concentration to use these combat techniques.

In the case of combat techniques that could allow their users to exhibit combat standards at the Flowing Water Realm, they were typically considered advanced combat techniques. However, if a Tier 3 player tried using an advanced combat technique, it would place a huge burden on their Stamina and Concentration. Thus, it was unlikely that Shi Feng could continue struggling for much longer.

Gan Yuan also dismissed any possibilities of Shi Feng executing the actual Formless Water technique. After all, Shi Feng was merely a Tier 3 player who couldn't get promoted to Tier 4 even at his peak. There was no way he could master an ultimate move like Formless Water.

It should be known that Flowing Water Realm experts were existences that even God's Domain's various superpowers welcomed with open arms. If Shi Feng was a Flowing Water Realm expert, there was no way a second-rate Guild like Shadow would dismiss him.

"An advanced combat technique?"

Wu Lingling couldn't help but doubt Gan Yuan's explanation. After all, Shi Feng's movements were like flowing water as he dodged the Sea Giants' arrows. Moreover, he showed no signs of exhaustion even until now, so it didn't seem like he was exerting himself when executing those movements.

"You'll see soon enough," Gan Yuan confidently said and nodded.

In the meantime, Shi Feng could be seen moving about the arena like a ghost. Not only did he effortlessly evade the arrows flying toward him, but he also evaded the other Sea Giants' offensive like flowing water. Moreover, Shi Feng would sometimes even use the Sea Giants charging at him as shields against the incoming arrows, making dodging even easier.

Before anyone realized it, 15 seconds had already passed since the challenge had begun. At this point, every expert present in the hall had their eyes focused on Shi Feng's movements. During the past 15 seconds, every move Shi Feng made was a textbook example. He had dodged every attack sent at him with minimal movement, and he had utilized the surrounding environment to maximize his advantage.

How is this possible?!

Gan Yuan was dumbfounded when he saw that Shi Feng showed no signs of tiring.

Since Shi Feng began his challenge, Gan Yuan counted at least two dozen movement techniques. Even a Tier 4 expert would feel tired after using two dozen advanced combat techniques consecutively. Yet, Shi Feng behaved no differently than when he started his challenge…

Before Gan Yuan could recover from his shock, the ten Sea Giants in the arena suddenly increased their offensive. Not only did the three bow-bearers fire 18 arrows simultaneously, but the three sword-bearers also activated a Tier 3 Skill.

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Tier 3 Skill, Spatial Fissure!

Immediately, the three sword-bearers brandished their blades, every swing they executed creating energy blades that reached up to 50 yards away. The energy blades carried so much power that they could even bisect the stone pillars situated around the arena.

When the spectating experts saw the storm of energy blades that filled the arena, a grim look appeared on their faces.

Thus far, most of the Epic Challenge's challengers had failed at this stage. Even someone wielding an Epic Weapon wouldn't be able to block those energy blades without getting pushed back. To make matters worse, the wide coverage of those energy blades made it incredibly difficult to dodge them. Unless one possessed powerful Lifesaving Skills, one would fall to those energy blades in no time at all.

"It seems that person won't last for much longer, Big Sis Zhuo," the female Oracle standing beside Zhuo Yalin said, sighing.

Although Zhuo Yalin didn't say anything in response, she still silently agreed with her companion's words.

Past the 30-second mark, the Epic Challenge would no longer test the equipment standard of players. Instead, it tested players' mastery over their Skills and Spells. However, judging by Shi Feng's equipment, he was someone who had entered the Miniature Ancient World by recreating his account. If that was the case, he wouldn't have learned any powerful Tier 3 Skills or Spells at all. For him to take on the Epic Challenge in such a state was simply a joke.

The next moment, the timer displayed above the arena jumped to its 33rd second. Immediately afterward, an energy blade flew straight at Shi Feng, who was in the midst of evading several oncoming arrows. The energy blade left no room for Shi Feng to avoid it, and Shi Feng's only option was to receive it.

"It seems this is the end."

The spectators shook their heads when they looked at the ten-meter-wide energy blade.

Even a Tier 3 Berserker fully equipped in Epic Equipment and wielding an Epic Weapon would lose 50% of their HP if they received an energy blade with their weapon. If Shi Feng tried to receive the energy blade in his Tier 3 starter set, the energy blade would kill him instantly.

Just as the energy blade was about to devour Shi Feng, Shi Feng finally unsheathed the silver sword hanging beside his waist. Then, he brandished the sword against the oncoming energy blade.


Shi Feng let out a low roar. Immediately, the longsword in his right hand split into six afterimages that moved to meet the approaching energy blade.

One slash!

Two slashes!

Three slashes!

Four slashes!

Five slashes!

Six slashes!

The six afterimages landed on the same spot one after another. Then, the energy blade miraculously deviated from its original path and flew toward a shield-bearing Sea Giant.


The energy blade sent the shield-bearing Sea Giant flying. Meanwhile, Shi Feng remained perfectly unharmed.

This sudden development silenced the entire hall momentarily, and only after a second had passed did the spectating experts gasp and snap out of their daze.

"Crap! That's the…Six Extreme Slashes!"

"He knows how to use Miracle Dragon's trademark move?"

"His Six Extreme Slashes look so similar to the real deal. Could he be the Sword Freak himself?"

Practically everyone in God's Domain knew of Miracle Dragon the Sword Freak. He was an existence standing at the apex of God's Domain. Meanwhile, one of the main contributors to his fame was the technique Six Extreme Slashes. Miracle Dragon had defeated countless experts by relying on this move.

"Who is he?"

At this point, even Gan Yuan, who knew about Shi Feng's identity, couldn't help but gasp. The shock he currently felt could no longer be described using words.

It was true that Miracle Dragon wasn't the only person in God's Domain who could execute the Six Extreme Slashes. However, it was also a fact that every person who had mastered this move was an existence capable of shaking God's Domain with their name.

Before Gan Yuan could recover from his shock, Shi Feng continued executing Six Extreme Slashes one time after another to deflect the Sea Giants' attacks. Moreover, he did so until the one-minute time limit was up.

Meanwhile, as soon as the challenge ended, the following words appeared above the arena:

Challenge Successful - S-rank!

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