Chapter 9 - Astonishing Sword
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"Formless Water?" Gan Yuan muttered, his eyes filled with disbelief when he saw Shi Feng dodging the arrows in the arena.

"Formless Water?"

Wu Lingling curiously looked at Gan Yuan when she overheard his mutterings. This was the first time she had heard of the term "Formless Water."

"Right! This is the rumored Formless Water!"

"Crap! Who is this guy?! Shouldn't Formless Water be an ultimate move that only geniuses at the Flowing Water Realm can master?"

"Amazing! I only saw this move twice in last year's A-League, but this guy's evasive maneuvers look even more natural than those two people! Could he be some superpower's bigshot here to have some fun?"

Initially, most of the experts present had failed to discern the identity of Shi Feng's evasive technique. However, when some of the nearby experts overheard Gan Yuan's mutterings, realization quickly dawned upon them. Simultaneously, they also grew curious to find out Shi Feng's identity.

Instructor Shi is amazing!

Meanwhile, when Wu Lingling overheard the nearby experts' exclamations, excitement filled her heart. She never thought that Shi Feng was such a powerful expert.

Although Wu Lingling didn't know how amazing the Formless Water technique was, based on the surrounding experts' comments, the technique was something only experts at the Flowing Water Realm or above could execute. Meanwhile, Flowing Water Realm experts were much more powerful than Refinement Realm experts. If a Flowing Water Realm expert chose to join a first-rate Guild, this person would be given an executive position at the very least.

Not to mention, from what she had overheard, not all Flowing Water Realm experts could master the Formless Water technique. Instead, only experts capable of qualifying for the Professional League's A-League could do so.

The A-League!

That was a realm that her elder sister was constantly seeking to reach. However, even until now, her elder sister was still half a step from reaching it. Yet, now, Shi Feng had revealed that he had already reached this realm.

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