Chapter 8 - Expert?
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Hundred Flow City, Colosseum, one of the Epic Challenge's arenas:

Along with her successful challenge, Zhuo Yalin became the topic of discussion for everyone in the Colosseum. Many of the various first-rate Guilds' peak experts present also looked at her with envy.

Among the crowd in the fifth-floor hall, a girl wearing light blue armor and carrying two longswords around her waist stared at Zhuo Yalin from a distance. A look of worship on her face, the girl with her hair tied into double ponytails exclaimed, "Big Sis Nightingale is so amazing! As expected of the genius who's on par with our Academy's Director Lin! Now that she has cleared the Epic Challenge, it seems she's certain to set foot into this year's A-League!"

In the ten years God's Domain had been in operation, all sorts of combat tournaments revolving around the game had been created. Among these many tournaments, the Professional League could be considered the most popular tournament. The Professional League was something countless experts aspired to participate in. This was because the Professional League was a place for players to display their skills to the innumerable players of God's Domain. The tournament garnered well over ten billion spectators each year, and the revenue it generated was astronomical.

The Professional League was divided into multiple stages: Preliminaries, B-League, A-League, and lastly, the Ten Saints League. Meanwhile, the top ten winners of the tournament would be officially recognized as the Sacred Ten of God's Domain.

Setting aside becoming one of the Sacred Ten, anyone capable of setting foot into the A-League would already be considered a peak existence in God's Domain, their names capable of sending tremors throughout the continent.

However, after the girl's exclamation, the gray-robed middle-aged man standing beside the girl dismissively said, "You don't need to envy her, Lingling. Setting aside the fact that your sister is also close to reaching the A-League, you yourself possess talent rivaling your sister's. With the Dazzle Wave Workshop's support, it is only a matter of time you enter the A-League as well."

Hearing the middle-aged man's words, Wu Lingling bitterly smiled and shook her head, saying, "You think too highly of me, Uncle Gan. I'm not even qualified to participate in the Professional League's Preliminaries right now, let alone reaching the A-League."

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