Chapter 7 - Epic Challenge
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Hundred Flow City, Colosseum:

The Colosseum was a massive building that occupied an area spanning six sports stadiums and extended over 300 meters into the air. It was without a doubt the most prominent building in Hundred Flow City. Just by approaching the Colosseum's metal gates that measured several dozen meters in height, players could feel a strong bloodlust radiating from the building.

When Shi Feng arrived before the Colosseum, over 200,000 players had already flooded the place. Among these players, only a small part of them were players who had recreated their accounts and entered Hundred Flow City, while most of them were players who had teleported from the main continent of God's Domain.

As Shi Feng made his way into the Colosseum, he saw many players hawking their wares by the entrance.

"Selling six-piece Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment for cheap! Each set only costs 2,000 Gold Coins or 200,000 Credits! You can use it up to Level 120! It is a must-have for new accounts!"

"Level 150 Epic Equipment going for only 2,000 Gold per piece! Level 150 Epic Weapons going for only 5,000 Gold each! These are must-haves for those challenging the Colosseum! Stock is limited! First come, first served!"

"Six-piece Level 120 Epic Set Equipment for only 20,000 Gold! Ten percent off paying by Credits!"

Hundreds of players continuously hawked their wares in front of the Colosseum, adding even more noise and liveliness to the crowded establishment. This was a rare sight in God's Domain nowadays. It was as if the game had reverted to its launch day.

Only, not many players took these hawking players' offers. Instead, most of them looked at these hawking players in contempt.

"These merchant players must be insane! Level 150 Epic Weapons are only going for 2,000 Gold outside, yet they're asking for 5,000 Gold here! This is daylight robbery!"

"I know, right? Thankfully, I bought myself an eight-piece Level 150 Epic Set Equipment before coming here. Also, players can only bring up to 1,000 Gold and not a Copper more to the Miniature Ancient World. These people must've lost their minds!"

Ten years had passed since God's Domain launched, and players had already explored over 90% of the game's available maps. Hence, currency in God's Domain was no longer in as high demand as it had been initially.

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