Chapter 6 - Black Flame
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God's Domain was a virtual reality game that had been operating for ten years already.

Since God's Domain's launch, people worldwide have gradually learned to accept this virtual world. By now, God's Domain had already become an integral part of human life, and many people sought to live and rise in this second world.

Meanwhile, the flow of time in God's Domain was different than that of the real world. Two hours in God's Domain was only equivalent to one hour in the real world. Hence, one could experience up to 48 hours a day if they spent their entire day in God's Domain. Moreover, God's Domain experienced a standard 30-hour daytime and 18-hour nighttime. One could technically double their lifespan by playing God's Domain.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng found himself arriving in a colorful space-time passage. After walking along this passage for ten seconds or so, an ancient temple suspended in the starry sky appeared in front of him.

Subsequently, Shi Feng felt an invisible force carry his body toward the ancient temple that was the size of a mountain. When he arrived before the temple, a female Angel with four pairs of white wings and clad in a holy dress flew out of the temple and hovered in front of him.

Meanwhile, this was a scene Shi Feng was incredibly familiar with.

This female Angel was none other than Gabriel, the Angel that would only appear when players first created their character.

However, unlike the Gabriel Shi Feng had seen when God's Domain had first launched, the Gabriel before him had already undergone significant changes.

When God's Domain first launched, Gabriel was only the size of a palm. Now, though, she had a normal person's height. The sacred aura her body exuded had also become much more powerful than before. In front of this Angel Lord, players would feel as if they were no different than ants.

"Hello Adventurer, welcome to God's Domain. I am the Navigation Angel, Gabriel. I will be introducing to you the four main categories and twelve main classes. Please choose the class that you

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