Chapter 5 - Frantic Testing Hall
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Outside of the testing hall…

As soon as Shi Feng gave his approval to take the test, the 20 students before him couldn't help but look at him with skeptical and dumbfounded expressions.

"That's all, Instructor Shi?"

When Wu Lingling saw the satisfied look on Shi Feng's face, she couldn't help but feel that Shi Feng was challenging her intellect.

She had already humiliated herself by earnestly doing aerobics that only grade-schoolers would do. Although she could indeed sense her body becoming more flexible after the exercise session, that was it. She couldn't sense any improvements to her combat standard and combat techniques at all. In other words, nothing would change even if she challenged the Trial Tower now.

Initially, she had thought that Shi Feng would more or less give them some pointers on their combat techniques once they were done with the aerobics. Either that or provide some useful tips to tackle the Trial Tower.

Yet… Yet… Shi Feng had concluded the training session, just like that.

Shi Feng was charging them 100,000 Credits, for heaven's sake!

Yet, all he did was have them exercise their bodies for several hours.

"Mhm, that's enough," Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw the dumbfounded look on Wu Lingling's face. "It'll cost you more if you want to receive more guidance. Of course, I can give you a 40% discount if you become my apprentice."

Shi Feng's words instantly flabbergasted Wu Lingling and the 19 other students present.

When other students sought apprenticeship under other instructors in the Academy, the instructors would eagerly shower them with resources and provide them with personalized instructions. After all, it was in the instructors' best interest to help their apprentices improve as quickly as possible.

Yet, when it came to Shi Feng, not only did he not offer any resources to his apprentices, but even the lessons he provided came with a price tag. Moreover, he was only offering a pitiful discount of 40% to students who became his apprentices…

At this time, even Luo Tiancheng, who had been spectating from the side all this time, couldn't help but give Shi Feng a look of admiration.

Shi Feng was definitely the first instructor in the God's Domain Academy to ever charge their students money for lessons!

It would be an absolute miracle if he still managed to gain any apprentices under such a situation!

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