Chapter 4 - Tired of Living?
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Shi Feng did not speak loudly, and the expression on his face remained calm. However, as if his voice carried some kind of magic power, the many students in the testing hall found themselves inadvertently turning their heads toward Shi Feng. Even Wu Lingling, who was about to turn around and leave, halted her footsteps, her eyes full of surprise.

"You won't charge anything? Instructor, are you telling the truth?"

For Wu Lingling, 100,000 Credits wasn't a significant amount of money. This was because her elder sister Wu Xiaoxiao earned a lot of money through God's Domain, and the occasional pocket money she received from her elder sister amounted to tens of thousands. And through saving this money, Wu Lingling had already accumulated over one million Credits by now.

Previously, Wu Lingling had only thought about leaving because she thought Shi Feng was a scammer.

However, Shi Feng had declared that he wouldn't take any fees if she didn't make any improvements. If Shi Feng was someone without abilities, he definitely wouldn't dare make such a claim. Not to mention, Shi Feng was indeed an instructor of the God's Domain Academy.

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At this time, even Luo Tiancheng was surprised by Shi Feng's claim. He never thought that Shi Feng would take such decisive action.

However, Luo Tiancheng knew better than anyone of Shi Feng's combat standards. Shi Feng was someone who hadn't even reached the Refinement Realm. This meant that he couldn't even exert subtle control over his physical body. So, what qualifications did Shi Feng have to teach others?

Although Shi Feng could provide some pointers by relying on his ten years of combat experience, the points he could give were mostly specialized in fighting monsters. At most, he could teach the students here the techniques players could employ when fighting against other players.

However, these experiences wouldn't be of much use in the Trial Tower. This was because the Trial Tower tested the players themselves. Players needed to develop their combat standards to a certain extent to clear the tests in the Trial Tower.

After taking these factors into account, Luo Tiancheng concluded that Shi Feng intended to take a gamble. After all, if it was a talent like Wu Lingling, the specialized knowledge Shi Feng provided might just be enough to help the girl get from the fifth floor's early stage to the fifth floor's middle stage.

Then, if Shi Feng succeeded in his gamble, he would instantly attract the attention of the other new students.

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