Chapter 3 - Adapting to Changes
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Shi Feng frowned a little when he heard Luo Tiancheng's words.

Lin Yaoyue had left in quite a haste just now, and she had indeed forgotten to mention this important detail to him. Or, to put it in another way, she found it awkward to bring up this condition to Shi Feng, hence she left it to Luo Tiancheng, one of Shi Feng's "old buddies."

The main reason why many students were willing to apply to the God's Domain Academy instead of taking the application tests of large Guilds and becoming their internal members was because of the Academy's instructors.

The God's Domain Academy wasn't paying a high price to hire expert players as instructors solely to teach the Academy's students. Instead, the Academy also depended on these expert players to support its students.

After all, newcomers to God's Domain would have nothing to their name. They also had nobody to rely on for help.

Meanwhile, the Academy's instructors were players who had mingled in God's Domain for many years. They were bound to have amassed a wealth of resources in the game, which would help make up for the God's Domain Academy's lack of resources in the game. With the support of expert players, newcomers to God's Domain could not only integrate with the game world quickly, but they also wouldn't have to worry about leveling up or upgrading their equipment.

Moreover, in the sixth year of God's Domain's operation, the game had introduced the Apprentice System. This system was also the basis for God's Domain to influence universities.

Through the Apprentice System, expert players could temporarily lower their levels to match that of the players they were helping. The system would even automatically adjust the level and statistics of players' weapons and equipment. This allowed expert players fighting at the frontlines to guide new players without having to create a new account. They could also raid Dungeons together with new players.

Initially, Shi Feng had planned to casually teach some techniques in the God's Domain Academy and nothing more. After all, he

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