Chapter 2 - Starting Over Again
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When Shi Feng entered the school grounds of Jin Hai University, he found that the place looked the same as ten years ago. He could feel the air of youthfulness all around and hear the insects reverberating under the scorching sun.

Although the new semester had yet to start, many students could already be seen doing either self-studies in the library or participating in club activities. The small plaza by the university's entrance was especially crowded due to the registration booths set up there. Many university applicants accompanied by their parents could be seen lining up in front of these booths.

Meanwhile, among the many registration booths, the one for the God's Domain Academy was, without a doubt, the most popular. There were easily over a hundred applicants waiting for their turn in front of the booth. None of the other registration booths could come close to competing with this number.

While Jin Hai City might be an inconspicuous third-tier city, Jin Hai University was one of the more well-known universities throughout the country as its God's Domain Academy had produced many talents. In the current era where God's Domain had become a part of human life, Jin Hai University's performance would naturally attract the attention of many. Not to mention, Shadow, one of Jin Hai City's top four Workshops, also originated from Jin Hai University. This contributed even more to the university's fame.

Moreover, for those who successfully get accepted into the God's Domain Academy, not only would they receive the guidance and nurturing rivaling what large Guilds provided, but they would also get to enjoy the freedom of independent players.

After graduation, students of the Academy were also almost guaranteed to become internal members of large Guilds, receiving priority nurturing and a salary far surpassing white-collared workers. And if one was fortunate enough to pass the God's Domain Professional League Selection during their school years, one could also become a professional fighter, an entity akin to a celebrity.

Meanwhile, professional fighters were existences that even Super Guilds sought to recruit. This was also one of the primary sources God's Domain's various superpowers recruited their internal members from. After all, even the various superpowers were limited in their ability to recruit talented people. It was inevitable for the various superpowers to let some talents slip out of their radar. Hence, the God's Domain Professional League was an excellent way to catch these talents.

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