Chapter 1 - Waking Up After Ten Years
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 1 - Waking Up After Ten Years

Jin Hai City, business district:

Many high-rise buildings and all kinds of luxury goods shops occupied both sides of the street. Young men and women dressed in fashionable clothing also walked the street in groups of twos and threes. Occasionally, one could also see luxurious, levitating supercars roaring through the street, earning the envious and yearnful gazes of many young men and women.

Despite today being a rest day, people crowded the business district's central plaza.

At this time, dozens of handsome men and women could be seen holding various street performances by one of the central plaza's fountains. These performers either danced or sang. Paired with the use of vivid, holographic images, they managed to attract a lot of spectators.

Among them, the most popular performer was a female singer singing God's Domain's theme song. The singer also paired her performance with the holographic promotional video for God's Domain's latest expansion pack "War of Worlds."

The video depicted the World Passage activating and the soldiers of two worlds clashing frenziedly on the battlefield. Tens of millions of people fought on the battlefield, and all sorts of Flying Ships and war weapons could be seen deployed to battle. Everyone was fighting desperately for the survival of their respective worlds. The spectacular scene caused the spectator's blood to boil in excitement.

Meanwhile, along with the ending of the song, the advertising screen hovering above the central plaza also began broadcasting today's news.

"Greetings, everyone! This is the God's Domain Morning News!

"Greetings, everyone! This is the God's Domain Morning News!

"Our first news of the day comes from our city's Shadow Guild! Shadow has already announced that it will be merging into the Super Guild World Dominators effectively today, becoming World Dominators's 73rd Affiliated Guild! Along with this merger, Shadow will also welcome Gu Yiren as its new Guild Leader! Gu Yiren is one of World Dominators's rising stars, and he expresses that Shadow will make

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