Chapter 7
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SS7 - Fire Dance (2)

In a certain forest path located near the Dark Moon Graveyard…

Fire Dance frenziedly charged toward the forest's center after entering Stealth. Meanwhile, Water Buffalo closely followed after her. As they moved closer and closer to the Dark Moon Graveyard, located at the forest's center, Water Buffalo grew more and more frightened.

Martial Union was but an unrated Guild. Logically, the Guild shouldn't have too many of its members gathered in a place like Red Leaf Town during the beginning stages of the game.

However, the number of Martial Union members they came across only continued to increase as they moved closer to the Dark Moon Graveyard. Initially, they only counted a handful of Martial Union members. After some time, that number had increased to several dozen. Moreover, these players were all relatively geared, with some of them even having up to three pieces of Bronze Equipment.

When they arrived at the Dark Moon Graveyard's entrance, the Martial Union members they counted had already exceeded a hundred.

Seeing this, Water Buffalo couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. He was terrified that Fire Dance would impulsively pick a fight with Martial Union's members. If that happened, they would be all but dead meat.

When Water Buffalo was about to walk out of the forest, Fire Dance, clad in dark-red leather armor, suddenly appeared before him. Currently, she stood beside a large tree, quietly observing the distant Martial Union members' every action.

"Big Sis Fire!" Water Buffalo anxiously called out to Fire Dance when he saw the eager look on her face. "Don't tell me you're planning on taking action?"

Water Buffalo had a good understanding of Fire Dance, so he knew she was incredibly protective of her companions.

Now that Martial Union's members had targeted Little Seven, Fire Dance would definitely try to teach them a lesson.

The next moment, Fire Dance turned around and rolled her eyes at Water Buffalo. Then, she said, "Do you think of me as a fool? Can't you see how many experts they have here?

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