Chapter 7
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SS7 - Fire Dance (2)

In a certain forest path located near the Dark Moon Graveyard…

Fire Dance frenziedly charged toward the forest's center after entering Stealth. Meanwhile, Water Buffalo closely followed after her. As they moved closer and closer to the Dark Moon Graveyard, located at the forest's center, Water Buffalo grew more and more frightened.

Martial Union was but an unrated Guild. Logically, the Guild shouldn't have too many of its members gathered in a place like Red Leaf Town during the beginning stages of the game.

However, the number of Martial Union members they came across only continued to increase as they moved closer to the Dark Moon Graveyard. Initially, they only counted a handful of Martial Union members. After some time, that number had increased to several dozen. Moreover, these players were all relatively geared, with some of them even having up to three pieces of Bronze Equipment.

When they arrived at the Dark Moon Graveyard's entrance, the Martial Union members they counted had already exceeded a hundred.

Seeing this, Water Buffalo couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. He was terrified that Fire Dance would impulsively pick a fight with Martial Union's members. If that happened, they would be all but dead meat.

When Water Buffalo was about to walk out of the forest, Fire Dance, clad in dark-red leather armor, suddenly appeared before him. Currently, she stood beside a large tree, quietly observing the distant Martial Union members' every action.

"Big Sis Fire!" Water Buffalo anxiously called out to Fire Dance when he saw the eager look on her face. "Don't tell me you're planning on taking action?"

Water Buffalo had a good understanding of Fire Dance, so he knew she was incredibly protective of her companions.

Now that Martial Union's members had targeted Little Seven, Fire Dance would definitely try to teach them a lesson.

The next moment, Fire Dance turned around and rolled her eyes at Water Buffalo. Then, she said, "Do you think of me as a fool? Can't you see how many experts they have here?"

Water Buffalo sighed in relief when he heard Fire Dance's words.

"Though, it seems that these people from Martial Union are planning on taking action against Ouroboros's members that just came out of the Dungeon," Fire Dance said as she looked at the 20-man team Martial Union's members currently surrounded. Then, narrowing her eyes, she continued, "If they start fighting, do you think those 20 players will agree if we offer them our help in exchange for a Secret-Silver Equipment from the Dark Moon Graveyard?"

The 20 players Martial Union's members currently surrounded all possessed blindingly excellent equipment. Every one of them had more than one piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, something that was incredibly rare in Red Leaf Town. A few of them even had Secret-Silver Equipment. This group was definitely unique in Red Leaf Town.

When Water Buffalo took a look at the team of 20, he couldn't help but break out in cold sweat as he said, "I think that's going to be difficult. That beauty standing in the front is Gentle Snow, one of Ouroboros's Vice Guild Leaders. That's a bona fide first-rate Guild's Vice Guild Leader we're talking about. If we try to take advantage of their predicament, I'm afraid we'll have trouble mingling in Red Leaf Town in the future…"

"Grow a pair, will you?" Fire Dance said as he looked at Water Buffalo in contempt. "I'm offering to save them here. Is it too much to ask for just one Secret-Silver Equipment as compensation?"

Fire Dance was wholly confident in her own skills. While she couldn't face multiple Level 5 experts in a frontal confrontation simultaneously, she could distract and kill at least a dozen of Martial Union's members by herself if she relied on guerilla warfare.

If she included Water Buffalo's assistance, the two of them should have no problems dealing with 20 Martial Union members.

Among Martial Union's members, the only person who could be considered a threat would be Ironsword Lion. If it was a one-on-one fight, Fire Dance had a high chance of beating him. However, if Ironsword Lion had the help of even one Level 5 expert, then she would have no choice but to flee.

Meanwhile, during the time Fire Dance was pondering how she could extort a piece of Secret-Silver Equipment from Ouroboros, Martial Union's Ironsword Lion suddenly let loose an angry roar. Immediately afterward, every one of Martial Union's members in the area charged toward Ouroboros's 20-man team.

"What?! They're taking action already?! My Secret-Silver Equipment!"

Fire Dance panicked a little when she saw that both Guilds had started clashing already.

Secret-Silver Equipment was the highest-quality equipment players could acquire at this stage of the game. So long as she could get her hands on a piece, it would substantially increase her Basic Attributes and boost her leveling efficiency by a large margin.

However, shortly after the clash between Martial Union and Ouroboros began, Fire Dance and Water Buffalo couldn't help but be dumbfounded by what they saw.

Logically, Martial Union, which had an absolute superiority in numbers, should've had the upper hand in this fight. However, in reality, what happened was the exact opposite as Ouroboros's 20-man team cut apart Martial Union's members as if they were chopping vegetables.

Zhao Yueru, the woman clad in red robes, especially stood out. Just one of her Fireballs could take away half of a Shield Warrior's HP. And whenever she cast an AOE Spell, she would claim the lives of several players.

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Equally as astonishing was Gentle Snow. Clad in silver armor, she looked like a Goddess of War as she brandished her greatsword on the battlefield and claimed the head of an enemy player with her every swing. On the occasions she executed Whirlwind Slash, a large group of Martial Union members would fall simultaneously. None of Martial Union's members could put up any resistance against her…

After witnessing the performance of Ouroboros's members, Water Buffalo gulped nervously and looked at Fire Dance. "Big Sis Fire, you're not really going to try and extort a Secret-Silver Equipment from them, right?"

Although he had long since heard of Gentle Snow, he didn't think she was so powerful as to kill Level 5 experts as if she was cutting up vegetables. If they were to try and extort a piece of Secret-Silver Equipment from the Snow Goddess, they would probably not live to see the sun tomorrow.

"What are you talking about? What Secret-Silver Equipment?" While looking at the dead Martial Union members laying around Gentle Snow, Fire Dance pretended to be calm and said, "I only said that their Secret-Silver Equipment looked good and that it would be great if I can own a piece as well. You best not cause them to misunderstand! I am a very upright Assassin!"

Water Buffalo: "..."

While Gentle Snow and Ouroboros's other members were slaughtering Martial Union's members, a person of average height suddenly charged into Martial Union's rear line. Then, this person started slaughtering Martial Union's healers.

In the blink of an eye, every one of Martial Union's dozen or so healers had fallen.

Seeing this, Ironsword Lion let loose an angry bellow and charged at that person with his greatsword wielded. However, the next moment, another shocking scene occurred.

The mysterious assailant had repulsed Ironsword Lion's greatsword with one of his one-handed swords with just a simple movement. Then, this person appeared behind Ironsword Lion and began brandishing his two swords, instantly sending eight sword images cutting at Ironsword Lion.

Although Ironsword Lion had reacted quickly, he only managed to block six of the sword images and ended up losing more than half of his HP to the remaining two attacks. From just this single exchange, the difference between both sides was as clear as day.

Realizing that he was at a disadvantage, Ironsword Lion promptly turned around and fled after downing a Regeneration Potion. However, before he could get anywhere, three gleaming slashes claimed the rest of his HP. Just like that, in less than three seconds, one of Red Leaf Town's top experts had died…

"Crap! Who is that guy?! That's Ironsword Lion we're talking about!"

Water Buffalo nearly had his eyes fall out of his sockets when he saw Ironsword Lion dying.

Ironsword Lion was one of Martial Union's executives. His combat power was not much inferior compared to Fire Dance. The fact that the mysterious assailant had managed to kill Ironsword Lion so effortlessly meant that he could also do the same for Fire Dance.

However, God's Domain had only launched recently. Therefore, there should hardly be any difference in Basic Attributes between expert players. Let alone killing someone in two moves, an expert would be amazing if they could even kill another expert within a dozen moves.

Meanwhile, shock also filled Fire Dance's heart as she watched the mysterious assailant collect the equipment Ironsword Lion dropped.

"Ye Feng, is it?"

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TL Notes:
A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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