Chapter 8
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SS8 - Aqua Rose (2)

Blackwing City, Business District:

God's Domain had only launched recently, so the teleportation array for NPC cities hadn't even been activated yet. When Aqua Rose arrived in Blackwing City, she was deeply astounded by the city's majesty and prosperity.

Not only did tall buildings cover the city, but the number of NPCs roaming the streets also far exceeded that of any town Aqua Rose had visited before. Moreover, these NPCs were even capable of conversing with each other and expressing emotions. If it weren't for the NPC symbol hovering above their heads, she would've mistakenly assumed that this place was a real world instead of a virtual world.

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Blackwing City's Business District dazzled Aqua Rose especially.

Unlike in the various NPC towns, players were prohibited from setting up street stalls in Blackwing City. If one wished to sell their items, one would have to do so through the Auction House or own a Shop. The scale of trade between Blackwing City and NPC towns was utterly different.

I really have to thank Ice this time.

As Aqua Rose observed the Shops around her, she started mentally strategizing the actions she needed to take once she reached Level 10 and gained access to NPC cities. If other NPC cities followed Blackwing City's business model, Shops would undoubtedly become the target of contention for Guilds in the future. The Shops located in the various cities' main streets would be especially invaluable. If she could take proper advantage of the knowledge she just gained, it would definitely allow her to surpass her rivals once players started making their way into NPC cities.

While collecting all sorts of information on NPC cities, Aqua Rose also inspected the various items Blackwing City had to offer, and she couldn't help but be shocked by what she saw. Unlike NPC towns, the variety and quality of items Blackwing City sold were many times superior. There was even a Magic Shop that sold Magic Scrolls unavailable in NPC towns.

However, what shocked Aqua Rose even more was the actions of a cloaked man.

Aqua Rose had encountered this cloaked man in the Blackwing Auction House, and he had spent over 50 Gold on a measly Skill Book. The degree of his wealth was so astonishing that even Aqua Rose, the Honorary Elder of a first-rate Guild, couldn't help but be in awe.

Moreover, after further observation, Aqua Rose found that this man was an independent player; he wasn't affiliated with any Guild.

It should be known that she carried only 15 Gold Coins on her person, and this was the result of after taking additional funds from the Branch Guild she oversaw. Had she not done so, she wouldn't even have three Gold Coins right now…

Meanwhile, after further investigating this cloaked man, Aqua Rose couldn't help but be given a fright.

Star-Moon Kingdom's Chief Forger, Black Flame!

Not only was this man the pioneer of a piece of Bronze Equipment's design, but he was even the manufacturer of the Secret-Silver Weapon Silver Dawn.

Aqua Rose always believed that it was to her benefit to befriend capable people. This was especially true if the other party was a master capable of producing Secret-Silver rank items. In the Storm Empire, talents of such caliber probably did not exceed a handful.

So, Aqua Rose gritted her teeth and decided to treat this master to a meal, which ended up costing her more than 30 Silver Coins. Although she found this price to be heart-wrenching, she had no choice but to pretend like it didn't faze her.

Fortunately, Aqua Rose's self-proclaimed superb acting skills did not fail her, and she successfully avoided making a fool of herself in front of Black Flame. On the contrary, the other party appeared very interested in her. She even succeeded in acquiring a business deal that even the first-rate Guild Bloodthirsty Wargod had failed to acquire.

As icing on the cake, this was a deal that was highly beneficial to her, as she only needed to pay ten Gold Coins to acquire 500 Glimmer Chestplate Designs. Although Aqua Rose also had to pay 17.88 million Credits on the spot and an additional 65 Gold Coins within the following month, she still deemed this transaction to be the most successful business deal she had ever made in her life.

"Hehe, let's see what my old man has to say now!" After sending off Black Flame, Aqua Rose couldn't help but laugh in glee as she looked at the Glimmer Chestplate Designs in her bag.

The Glimmer Chestplate's production was simple and cheap. In the current era where Bronze Equipment was still relatively rare, the Glimmer Chestplate Design was definitely an object of contention for the various powers.

If she were to sell these designs in the Storm Empire's various towns, she was confident she could earn several thousand Gold Coins without trouble. This was a sum of money that even Super Guilds had trouble acquiring! Needless to say, Twilight Echo could benefit substantially from having such a large sum of money.

Baidi City, Restaurant Brilliance:

Aqua Rose stepped out of a maglev car parked in front of the restaurant. Clad in a white dress, she looked like a fairy as she walked toward the restaurant entrance. The moment she stepped into the restaurant, the bustling establishment instantly fell silent.

Whether it was the young men and women here to attend their class reunion or the restaurant's other guests, everyone found themselves inadvertently turning to stare at Aqua Rose. They were all deeply attracted by Aqua Rose's appearance and temperament.

After entering the restaurant, Aqua Rose approached a woman standing by the door. Unlike Aqua Rose, though, this other woman wore a light-blue T-shirt and shorts. She also covered most of her face with a jet-black baseball cap.

Upon reaching this other woman, Aqua Rose extended her arms and embraced her from behind without hesitation, giving the other party a scare.

"Xiangxiang, did you get fatter?" Aqua Rose asked as she pinched the other woman's willowy waist, her voice filled with serious concern.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone in the restaurant couldn't help but salivate.

This was because everyone just realized that the woman in the light-blue T-shirt was actually a beauty comparable to Aqua Rose. The only reason they failed to notice her beauty before was because of the baseball cap she wore. However, after Aqua Rose bumped into the woman and knocked off her cap, her beauty also became exposed for all to see.

Meanwhile, after receiving a fierce glare from Shuang Wugui, also known as Unyielding Ice, Aqua Rose awkwardly released her hands and dared not fool around anymore. After seeing the anger in her friend's eyes, she knew that should she go any further, she would end up becoming a panda, just like she did in the past. After all, her friend was not one to show mercy to even beautiful women...

Meanwhile, Unyielding Ice started scrutinizing Aqua Rose. When she failed to find any of the distress she had previously seen on her friend's face, she said in surprise, "It seems that Glimmer Chestplate Design you mentioned through the phone has earned you a lot of money. Your complexion looks much better than before."

"Yeah! Even I didn't expect the design to be so popular! I've already made 3,000 Gold Coins thus far! You can call me Miss Tycoon from now on!" Aqua Rose gleefully said. "Neither the Guild Leader nor those Elders know how much money I have right now. Once I reach Level 10, I'll be able to swipe the Lands and Shops of NPC cities and make an even bigger killing!"

"How carefree you are, Miss Tycoon," Unyielding Ice said, rolling her eyes. Then, she lowered her voice and continued, "I just received some information stating that many of your Guild's Grand Elders are voicing their opinions on how much Credits and Guild resources you've spent."

"They're just jealous," Aqua Rose said nonchalantly.

"Also, now that you're doing so well, I'm guessing that Brilliant Wargod won't be able to sit still for much longer. Eventually, he might even make use of his family's strength to harass you," Unyielding Ice said. While doing so, she also sent a glance at a robust young man, who was sneaking glances at Aqua Rose. This youth was none other than Brilliant Wargod. "If he decides to take action, he'll probably strike at your relationship with Black Flame. After all, Black Flame is an independent player without any backing."

"He indeed will take action," Aqua Rose said, nodding. However, she quickly smiled and added, "But if he tries to go against that person, he'll probably be humiliating himself."

Unyielding Ice couldn't help but be a little surprised by Aqua Rose's words. She didn't think that her friend would be so confident in the person known as Black Flame. This aroused her interest in Black Flame, and she couldn't help but wonder what kind of person he was.

However, it didn't take long for Unyielding Ice to know more about Black Flame.

On the second day after the class reunion ended, she received shocking news from her informant in Twilight Echo—Brilliant Wargod had fallen from Level 9 to Level 0…

Novel Notes

TL Notes:
A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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