Chapter 6
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SS6 - Gentle Snow (4)

As soon as Blackhearted Arrow spoke, the branch managers present couldn't help but look at Gentle Snow sympathetically. They also couldn't help but admit that Cao Chenghua had made a decisive move.

Not only did Cao Chenghua come to this meeting with ample preparations, but he had even bought the full support of Blackhearted Arrow, the Guild's Third Vice Guild Leader. In addition, half of the Guild's executives agreed with Cao Chenghua's suggestion. In such a situation, how could Gentle Snow, who lacked the support of investors, possibly compete against Cao Chenghua?

At this time, one of the Grand Elders looked at Gentle Snow and sighed. Then, he said, "Qingxue, we know that today's meeting is quite sudden. We also know the contributions you've made to the Guild. But for the sake of the Guild's future development in God's Domain, we need to have a Guild Leader to oversee the Guild's affairs. Also, the matter this time relates to the Guild's continued existence. If we can secure the investments of several more corporations, Ouroboros will stand a greater chance in God's Domain."

As soon as this Grand Elder finished speaking, the other Grand Elders present also nodded in agreement.

Before the advent of God's Domain, they wouldn't have minded letting Gentle Snow and Cao Chenghua continue fighting over the position of Guild Leader. However, the Guild was currently stuck at a crossroads, and it was of utmost importance that the Guild had a Guild Leader. Meanwhile, the one most suitable for this position would naturally be the person capable of bringing the Guild to greater heights.

And while it was indeed true that the previous Guild Leader had said to give his little sister four years to prove her eligibility to become Ouroboros's next Guild Leader, that decision was inappropriate for the Guild's current circumstances.

After scanning the faces of the Grand Elders, Gentle Snow fully understood that the five Grand Elders were greatly tempted by the potential investors Cao Chenghua could bring. So, she said, "I understand."

"It's good that you understand. After all, times have changed already. So long as Ouroboros has a Guild Leader, we can surely surpass the other first-rate Guilds in God's Domain," the Grand Elder said, nodding.

However, in the next moment, Gentle Snow added, "I had originally prepared over a thousand Basic Strength Potions and over three hundred Bronze Weapons and Equipment for the Guild, but now it seems that won't be necessary."

"Over a thousand Basic Strength Potions and three hundred Bronze Weapons and Equipment?"

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