Chapter 6
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SS6 - Gentle Snow (4)

As soon as Blackhearted Arrow spoke, the branch managers present couldn't help but look at Gentle Snow sympathetically. They also couldn't help but admit that Cao Chenghua had made a decisive move.

Not only did Cao Chenghua come to this meeting with ample preparations, but he had even bought the full support of Blackhearted Arrow, the Guild's Third Vice Guild Leader. In addition, half of the Guild's executives agreed with Cao Chenghua's suggestion. In such a situation, how could Gentle Snow, who lacked the support of investors, possibly compete against Cao Chenghua?

At this time, one of the Grand Elders looked at Gentle Snow and sighed. Then, he said, "Qingxue, we know that today's meeting is quite sudden. We also know the contributions you've made to the Guild. But for the sake of the Guild's future development in God's Domain, we need to have a Guild Leader to oversee the Guild's affairs. Also, the matter this time relates to the Guild's continued existence. If we can secure the investments of several more corporations, Ouroboros will stand a greater chance in God's Domain."

As soon as this Grand Elder finished speaking, the other Grand Elders present also nodded in agreement.

Before the advent of God's Domain, they wouldn't have minded letting Gentle Snow and Cao Chenghua continue fighting over the position of Guild Leader. However, the Guild was currently stuck at a crossroads, and it was of utmost importance that the Guild had a Guild Leader. Meanwhile, the one most suitable for this position would naturally be the person capable of bringing the Guild to greater heights.

And while it was indeed true that the previous Guild Leader had said to give his little sister four years to prove her eligibility to become Ouroboros's next Guild Leader, that decision was inappropriate for the Guild's current circumstances.

After scanning the faces of the Grand Elders, Gentle Snow fully understood that the five Grand Elders were greatly tempted by the potential investors Cao Chenghua could bring. So, she said, "I understand."

"It's good that you understand. After all, times have changed already. So long as Ouroboros has a Guild Leader, we can surely surpass the other first-rate Guilds in God's Domain," the Grand Elder said, nodding.

However, in the next moment, Gentle Snow added, "I had originally prepared over a thousand Basic Strength Potions and over three hundred Bronze Weapons and Equipment for the Guild, but now it seems that won't be necessary."

"Over a thousand Basic Strength Potions and three hundred Bronze Weapons and Equipment?"

The management personnel responsible for God's Domain couldn't help but perk up their ears and look at Gentle Snow when they heard her words.

To people who had never played God's Domain before, they would most likely think nothing of Basic Strength Potions and Bronze Weapons and Equipment. However, for those who had played God's Domain, they would know that let alone Bronze Weapons and Equipment, even Common Weapons and Equipment were incredibly difficult to acquire at this stage of the game.

This was because God's Domain's drop-rate for weapons and equipment was absurdly low. The drop-rate was so terrible that any Common Weapon or Equipment that got into the market would get sold instantly. As for Bronze Weapons and Equipment, these were items all Guilds were eyeing desperately.

Meanwhile, an arsenal of 300-plus Bronze Weapons and Equipment would be more than enough to form five 20-man elite teams, and these teams could start raiding Team Dungeons right away.

As for the Basic Strength Potion, many people present had also heard of this item before. This was because it was an item players could obtain through obtaining Treasure Chests found near the various towns. When consumed, this potion provided players with a 6-point increase to the Strength Attribute. Thus, it was the perfect item for exploring high-level areas and raiding challenging Dungeons. However, as the Basic Strength Potion's drop-rate was abysmally low, every bottle was sold on the market for astronomical prices.

A supply of 1,000 Basic Strength Potions would be more than enough to let Ouroboros's vanguard teams sweep through Team Dungeons several dozen times.

If Ouroboros could have Gentle Snow's mentioned supply of Basic Strength Potions and Bronze Equipment, the Guild could surpass the other first-rate Guilds by a large margin. This was especially true when it came to raiding Team Dungeons.

At this time, Cao Chenghua and Blackhearted Arrow were also in disbelief as they looked at Gentle Snow.

It should be known that Gentle Snow didn't have a lot of personnel on her side. With the numbers she had, it would be fortunate if she could even secure enough equipment for her subordinates. It should've been impossible for her to acquire so many additional Basic Strength Potions and Bronze Equipment.

"Over a thousand Basic Strength Potions and three hundred Bronze Weapons and Equipment?" Blackhearted Arrow sneered as he looked at Gentle Snow. "Vice Guild Leader Qingxue, I know you're dissatisfied over this matter, but it's not good to make baseless claims. If you say you have a thousand Basic Strength Potions and three hundred Bronze Weapons and Equipment, I can just as easily say that I have two thousand Basic Strength Potions and six hundred Bronze Weapons and Equipment."

"I knew you people wouldn't be convinced." Zhao Yueru couldn't help but smile upon hearing Blackhearted Arrow's words. Immediately, she pulled out a set of data from her quantum watch and transferred it into the meeting table's computer. As soon as she did so, the table's projector displayed many images relating to God's Domain. The images shown were photos of Gentle Snow's private warehouse, and inside her private warehouse lay a large number of Common and Bronze Weapons and Equipment. There were also piles of Basic Strength Potions sitting in the warehouse. "Well? We've shown our evidence now, so where's yours? You bunch joined God's Domain the same time as we did, so what achievements have you made so far?"

It was only because of their possession of the Basic Strength Potion's recipes that their faction's members could effortlessly raid Party Dungeons and achieve the current results they had. Zhao Yueru refused to believe that Cao Chenghua and co. were also capable of securing a limitless supply of Basic Strength Potions.


Blackhearted Arrow was dumbfounded when he saw the displayed images. He and Cao Chenghua had been playing God's Domain since the game launched, yet even until now, their faction could barely secure enough equipment to gear a 20-man team. Yet, even though Gentle Snow had far fewer players on her side, her faction had acquired enough equipment to gear ten 20-man teams. How could anyone possibly believe this?

"This is still nothing. We'll even be acquiring a large batch of Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Plate Armor sometime later," Zhao Yueru said, feeling indescribably pleased when she saw the astonished look on everyone's faces. "Once we equip the MTs of our 20-man teams with that plate armor, we'll have an even easier time raiding Team Dungeons. Though, looking at it now, it seems Qingxue's abilities are limited, so we'll leave the Guild's preparation for raiding Team Dungeons to Vice Guild Leader Cao. After all, Vice Guild Leader Cao is very competent. I'm sure he won't have any problems handling such a small matter."

As soon as Zhao Yueru finished speaking, Cao Chenghua's complexion turned ashen. Many of the Guild Elders present also revealed complicated expressions.

Cao Chenghua was indeed capable of bringing more investors to the Guild, which was something crucial for the Guild's development. However, the weapons, equipment, and potions in Gentle Snow's possession were equally important. After all, so long as Ouroboros had these items, the Guild could surpass the other first-rate Guilds in God's Domain. If Ouroboros could secure the First Clear of multiple Team Dungeons, it would be highly beneficial toward raising the Guild's reputation. Meanwhile, the benefits the Guild could reap from gaining such a reputation would be significantly greater than the benefits money could bring.

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At this time, one of the Elders on Cao Chenghua's side smiled and said, "Yueru, don't say that. We never denied Qingxue's ability. We were just having a discussion on the Guild Leader's position."

"That's right. We were just discussing. See? We haven't decided who will become the next Guild Leader yet, right?"

The other Guild Elders and branch managers also started speaking out one after another, making it look like the support they previously showed for Cao Chenghua had never happened.

Seeing this, the five Grand Elders couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

What was up with these people?

Why did they suddenly start fawning over Gentle Snow one after another?

"No, no, Qingxue's abilities are too lacking to succeed the position of Guild Leader," Zhao Yueru said, shaking her head. "As for these weapons, equipment, and Basic Strength Potion, we'll keep them for ourselves. Everyone here can look for Vice Guild Leader Cao if you're interested in acquiring some for yourselves."

The Elders and branch managers responsible for the Guild's affairs in God's Domain couldn't help but be frustrated at Zhao Yueru's refusal to budge. However, the Basic Strength Potions and Bronze Weapons and Equipment were also too tempting for them to give up.

"Grand Elders, I propose we let Vice Guild Leader Qingxue become the Guild Leader! Vice Guild Leader Qingxue is already so capable despite being so young. The ex-Guild Leader has also appointed her as the acting Guild Leader. She couldn't be more suitable for the position!" an Elder, who had succumbed to the temptation of items, said in a righteous tone.

"That's right! I've long since known that Vice Guild Leader Qingxue wouldn't disappoint us! I, too, recommend we let Vice Guild Leader Qingxue become the next Guild Leader!" an older Guild Elder said with a gratified expression.

When Cao Chenghua and Blackhearted Arrow saw that more than half of the Guild's executives had switched to Gentle Snow's side, they couldn't help but be dumbfounded. They were especially confounded by the actions of the several Guild Elders that had suggested for Gentle Snow to become the next Guild Leader. These people had been saying that Gentle Snow was unsuitable for the position just a few minutes ago. Yet, now, they were standing on Gentle Snow's side…

Meanwhile, when the several Grand Elders saw this situation, they couldn't help but suspect that the Guild's executives had lost their minds!

Since when did these people support Gentle Snow so strongly?

Had they been in support of Gentle Snow all this time, there wouldn't have been any point in holding a competition for the Guild Leader position in the first place!

After pondering for a moment, the leading Grand Elder helplessly shook his head and said, "Since everyone can't make up their minds right now, we'll temporarily set aside the decision to choose a Guild Leader. However, it still doesn't change the fact that Ouroboros will now be fully invested in God's Domain, so head back and make the necessary preparations!"

After the Grand Elder finished speaking, the meeting also came to an end. And as soon as the meeting was over, many of the Guild executives present ran to Gentle Snow's side, every one of them hoping to receive some support from Gentle Snow.

"Consider yourself lucky! But don't think this matter will end like this!" Cao Chenghua said, sending Gentle Snow a glare before leaving the meeting room.

Meanwhile, after the meeting, Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru returned to their shared bedroom in the Guild headquarters. Zhao Yueru also couldn't help but cheer in delight when she recalled Cao Chenghua's unsightly defeat today.

"Yueru, it's not time for celebrations yet," Gentle Snow said as she looked at the delight on her friend's face. Then, she revealed a bitter smile and continued, "Cao Chenghua has plenty of financial support, so he will develop rapidly in God's Domain. We will have to accelerate our progress if we want to continue beating him."

"You're right." Zhao Yueru nodded.

"Go get ready. We'll need to make some achievements in tomorrow's Dark Moon Graveyard raid," Gentle Snow said with a solemn look on her face.

Initially, Gentle Snow thought that she still had some buffer time. However, now that Cao Chenghua's faction had secured significant financial support, her faction would need to secure the First Clear of a Team Dungeon at the very least. Otherwise, with the manpower under her command, there was no way she could compete against Cao Chenghua in God's Domain.

Afterward, Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru logged into God's Domain once more.

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