Chapter 5
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 SS5 - Gentle Snow (3)

Ouroboros's headquarters, top-floor meeting room:

Several dozen Ouroboros executives were currently gathered inside the basketball-court-size meeting room. These people were either the branch managers of an area or Elders of the Guild. Meanwhile, the Guild's five Grand Elders and Vice Guild Leaders were seated at the head of the table.

As the meeting had yet to begin, the branch managers and Guild Elders were having private discussions with each other.

"What's going on? Why did even the five Grand Elders show up?"

"Is it because of God's Domain?"

"It must be. God's Domain is too popular. Right now, it has already become the most popular game in the world. I even heard that some major corporations are investing in this game. So, if our Guild wants to take a step further in the virtual gaming industry, God's Domain will be the best place to do so."

"But from what I heard, it seems the discussion topic this time isn't just limited to how we should tackle God's Domain. It seems we will also be discussing who will succeed the Guild Leader position."

"That's natural. The Guild Leader position has been vacant for a long time already, and the two Vice Guild Leaders have been responsible for managing the Guild all this time. It sounds like a joke when you mention it to others."

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Everyone present was aware that something big would happen in today's meeting. Not to mention, it was already common knowledge that Cao Chenghua was greedily vying to become Ouroboros's Guild Leader.

However, recently, Gentle Snow, the Guild Leader's younger sister, had also been showing excellent performance. She had helped the Guild develop significantly. She had even helped the Guild garner a lot of sponsors and advertising fees. At this point, Gentle Snow had already become Ouroboros's label, and many players had joined the Guild because of Gentle Snow.

Even so, Cao Chenghua wasn't a pushover. The achievements he had accomplished were not the slightest bit inferior to Gentle Snow's. He also had the majority support from the various corporations sponsoring Ouroboros. Most importantly, many of the Guild's older generation experts were standing on Cao Chenghua's side. Meanwhile, expert players held a very crucial position in a Guild.

A Guild needed the support of expert players. Certain Guild affairs couldn't be completed with just one or two expert players, but many instead.

Because of this reason, the Guild's Grand Elders had a much more favorable opinion of Cao Chenghua compared to Gentle Snow.

After the private discussions in the room continued for some time, a lithe and beautiful figure walked into the room.

"You're finally here." When the tall and robust man seated at the head of the meeting table saw Gentle Snow entering, a hint of mockery appeared in his eyes as he said, "You've certainly made us wait!"

The man had spoken in a loud voice, so everyone in the room heard him. However, nobody present dared stand out to refute him.

This was because this tall man was Blackhearted Arrow, who was also a Vice Guild Leader of Ouroboros like Gentle Snow.


Zhao Yueru, who followed after Gentle Snow, glared at Blackhearted Arrow when she heard the other party's words.

They were the last to be notified about this sudden meeting. Everyone else had been informed about it half an hour earlier. If not for Xiao Yue'er acting quickly, they would've arrived at an even later time.

Just as Zhao Yueru was about to say something more, Gentle Snow held out a hand and stopped her friend. Then, she gazed in Blackhearted Arrow and calmly said, "Sorry for being late."

Blackhearted Arrow chuckled. Then, in a condescending tone, he said, "Now that's more like it. You are one of the Guild's Vice Guild Leaders and the previous Guild Leader's younger sister. You might become your elder brother's successor in the future. If you can't lead by example, how will the Guild continue operating in the future?"

Many of the Guild Elders and branch managers present couldn't help but nod in agreement.

When the former Guild Leader was still around, he had always been a role model for everyone. Because of this, Ouroboros was able to become a publicly acknowledged first-rate Guild in the virtual gaming industry.

If not for that accident, Ouroboros would've been more prosperous than it was now.

"Alright, hurry up and take a seat, Vice Guild Leader Qingxue. We have something very important to discuss in today's meeting," Cao Chenghua, who sat beside Blackhearted Arrow, said as he sent a glance at Gentle Snow.

In response, Gentle Snow nodded and sat down on one of the main seats. Meanwhile, Zhao Yueru sat beside her with a frustrated expression on her face. Zhao Yueru couldn't understand why Gentle Snow would allow Blackhearted Arrow to question her authority and let everyone in the Guild look down on her.

However, Zhao Yueru also failed to notice that Blackhearted Arrow's smile actually held a hint of anger because his plans to further escalate the matter had failed.

"Since everyone is here, let's begin today's meeting," Cao Chenghua said, taking charge of the meeting. Then, putting on a faint smile, he continued, "I know everyone has many questions regarding the sudden meeting today. First and foremost, I would like to express my apologies for interrupting any prior arrangements you've made."

"Vice Guild Leader Cao, no need to humble yourself like that. Since the Guild has an important affair, it is only natural for us to answer its call immediately," Blackhearted Arrow said, chuckling. Then, he sent a glance at Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru and flatly stated, "We're not like some people who would dismiss the Guild's affairs because of some private matters!"

Upon hearing Blackhearted Arrow's words, many of the executives present nodded in agreement.

"Alright, then. In that case, I won't waste time with words. I've invited everyone here today for two matters," Cao Chenghua said when he saw that he had received the crowd's support. "The first matter is a suggestion. I suggest that from this moment onward, we halt all affairs in other games and focus all of our manpower on God's Domain. I have information relating to God's Domain here. It also records the series of actions taken by the various super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds."

After saying so, Cao Chenghua had his secretary pass a document to everyone present. The document recorded in detail the actions of the virtual gaming industry's various superpowers.

"As everyone can see, ever since God's Domain's launch, every other virtual reality game has been seeing a rapid decline. Now, the various superpowers have even begun gradually shifting all of their focus to God's Domain. Therefore, if Ouroboros wishes to avoid getting eliminated and take a step further, we will also have to shift our strength to God's Domain. Otherwise, we won't even have the strength to establish ourselves in God's Domain."

Cao Chenghua's information was incredibly detailed, and everyone couldn't help but be dumbfounded by what they saw.

According to the report, God's Domain's development was simply astounding. Now, just the number of players playing God's Domain had already exceeded the total number of players playing every other virtual reality game. At this growth rate, even a fool could tell that God's Domain would reign supreme in the virtual gaming industry in the future.

"Yes, it seems we have to focus our strength in God's Domain."

"The various superpowers have a significant advantage over us in terms of manpower and foundations. If we don't move quickly, we might not even be able to establish a foothold in the future."

When the Grand Elders finished reading the report, all five expressed strong support toward Cao Chenghua's suggestion. As for the other people present, none of them voiced any objections, either. Some of the branch managers who hadn't started developing in God's Domain couldn't help but wish they could enter God's Domain and start leveling up immediately.

"Since there are no objections, Ouroboros will begin tackling God's Domain in full force from today onward. I hope everyone can make the necessary preparations as soon as possible," Cao Chenghua said, a happy smile appearing on his face when he saw everyone's unanimous agreement to his suggestion. "Now, for the second matter. Since Ouroboros is now fully invested in God's Domain, we cannot delay the matter of deciding the Guild Leader any longer. After all, a Guild without a Guild Leader will face many problems when executing important tasks. It will also be impossible to unite the Guild's strength."

"Indeed. It might be fine during other times, but we are at a juncture that will decide the Guild's future," Blackhearted Arrow said. "If the Guild doesn't have a Guild Leader to preside over the general situation, all talks about succeeding in God's Domain is futile. So, I suggest that Vice Guild Leader Cao takes over the Guild Leader position. After all, Vice Guild Leader Cao has already laid significant foundations for the Guild in God's Domain. He has even attracted the sponsorship of several corporations recently. I believe Ouroboros will be able to quickly set up shop in God's Domain with Vice Guild Leader Cao leading us."

At Blackhearted Arrow's words, the executives supporting Cao Chenghua promptly raised their hands in agreement. As for the neutral executives and Grand Elders, their eyes briefly glowed when they heard Blackhearted Arrow's words.

Although Ouroboros currently had ample funding, if the Guild could acquire more funds, it would be able to further increase its strength. After all, establishing a foundation in a new game was incredibly important. The more investments a Guild made during the early game, the easier of a time it would have when developing in the future.

When Cao Chenghua saw that over half of the people present had sided with him, his lips curled into a smile.

Meanwhile, Blackhearted Arrow looked toward Gentle Snow and delightedly asked, "May I know what is your opinion on this matter, Vice Guild Leader Qingxue?"

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