Chapter 5
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 SS5 - Gentle Snow (3)

Ouroboros's headquarters, top-floor meeting room:

Several dozen Ouroboros executives were currently gathered inside the basketball-court-size meeting room. These people were either the branch managers of an area or Elders of the Guild. Meanwhile, the Guild's five Grand Elders and Vice Guild Leaders were seated at the head of the table.

As the meeting had yet to begin, the branch managers and Guild Elders were having private discussions with each other.

"What's going on? Why did even the five Grand Elders show up?"

"Is it because of God's Domain?"

"It must be. God's Domain is too popular. Right now, it has already become the most popular game in the world. I even heard that some major corporations are investing in this game. So, if our Guild wants to take a step further in the virtual gaming industry, God's Domain will be the best place to do so."

"But from what I heard, it seems the discussion topic this time isn't just limited to how we should tackle God's Domain. It seems we will also be discussing who will succeed the Guild Leader position."

"That's natural. The Guild Leader position has been vacant for a long time already, and the two Vice Guild Leaders have been responsible for managing the Guild all this time. It sounds like a joke when you mention it to others."

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Everyone present was aware that something big would happen in today's meeting. Not to mention, it was already common knowledge that Cao Chenghua was greedily vying to become Ouroboros's Guild Leader.

However, recently, Gentle Snow, the Guild Leader's younger sister, had also been showing excellent performance. She had helped the Guild develop significantly. She had even helped the Guild garner a lot of sponsors and advertising fees. At this point, Gentle Snow had already become Ouroboros's label, and many players had joined the Guild because of Gentle Snow.

Even so, Cao Chenghua wasn't a pushover. The achievements he had accomplished were not the slightest bit inferior to Gentle Snow's. He also had the majority support from the various corporations sponsoring Ouroboros. Most importantly, many of the Guild's older generation experts were standing on Cao Chenghua's side. Meanwhile, expert players held a very crucial position in a Guild.

A Guild needed the support of expert players. Certain Guild affairs couldn't be completed with just one or two expert players, but many instead.

Because of this reason, the Guild's Grand Elders had a much more favorable opinion of Cao Chenghua compared to Gentle Snow.

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