Chapter 4
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Star-Moon Kingdom, Red Leaf Town:

NPCs who behaved almost the same as real people crowded the streets of Red Leaf Town. Whether it was the environment or perception of players, everything in God's Domain felt incredibly realistic. Anyone who entered this game would feel as if they had arrived in an actual alien world instead of a virtual world.

If not for the system interface hovering in front of every player and the different icons hovering above the heads of players and NPCs, the world of God's Domain would look no different than a real world in the eyes of players.

"This game is amazing. I thought the game's promotion was exaggerated, but this is simply incredible. I really wonder which company made this game," Zhao Yueru exclaimed.

Zhao Yueru was currently sitting on the roof of a three-story restaurant. As she observed the view beneath her, she couldn't help but be awed.

She had played many virtual reality games before, but none of them came even close to matching God's Domain. The game known as God's Domain was many notches above even the best virtual reality game that currently existed.

The food in this game was also different from other virtual reality games, which only offered basic flavors and nothing else. Eating food in God's Domain was akin to eating food in the real world. Everything from textures and flavors was replicated perfectly. In this game, eating food would no longer have to be for the sole purpose of replenishing one's in-game stamina or health. Instead, one could also eat for the sake of enjoyment.

Of course, the precondition for enjoyment was that one ate food that was delicious.

If one ate the black bread that was selling for only two Copper Coins per five loaves, rather than enjoyment, it would become torture instead.

"Yes, God's Domain is indeed incredible," Gentle Snow, who was currently geared in white plate armor and carrying a silver greatsword on her back, said, nodding in agreement. A hint of confusion flashing across her eyes, she continued, "Although I've previously looked into it, I still couldn't find out which company developed God's Domain. It's as if the game appeared out of thin air. Moreover, it even received the support and promotion of many major powers. Even the Green God Company is showing great interest in this game.

"What's even more amazing is the level of technology used in this game. It is several generations ahead of other virtual reality games in this regard, and it has even accomplished the impossible feat of accelerating time."

When playing the standard virtual reality game, one hour spent in the game world was one hour spent in the real world. However, it was different for God's Domain. Two hours spent in the game world was one hour spent in the real world. This functionality was simply unheard of.

"Isn't that great?" Zhao Yueru couldn't help but smile when she saw the amazed look on Gentle Snow's face. "We players get to enjoy double the pleasure in God's Domain."

"No, you don't understand the true meaning of this technology," Gentle Snow said, shaking her head.

Initially, Gentle Snow believed that God's Domain would become a popular virtual reality game and eventually have a massive player base. She felt that it might even become one of the top five best-selling games in the world.

However, her opinions changed after realizing that the game possessed the never-before-seen time-dilation technology. With this technology implemented into the game, players could essentially double their expected lifespans by playing the game. Players could also double their work or study efficiency by bringing their work or studies to the world of God's Domain.

With this technology alone, God's Domain could easily surpass any pre-existing virtual reality games. As icing on the cake, the degree of realism in God's Domain was also unprecedented, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it a second world for human beings.

At this point, Gentle Snow could already foresee that God's Domain would become the sole virtual reality game in the world in a few months. This would deal a devastating blow to all virtual reality games currently on the market. It might even redefine virtual reality games completely.

However, Zhao Yueru had no clue what her best friend was saying. She simply nodded every now and then while enjoying the blueberry pie in front of her.

"By the way, how is that recipe we got from Ye Feng?" Gentle Snow suddenly asked.

Gentle Snow placed heavy importance on the Basic Strength Potion Recipe they got from Ye Feng. After raiding the Hell Mode Deathly Forest, she had told Zhao Yueru to immediately hand it to one of the Guild's alchemists for production.

An increase in six points to Strength might not seem like much, but it was a significant increase for players who were only at Level 4 or Level 5.

"After excluding the used ones, we currently have around a thousand bottles stocked up. Thanks to these Basic Strength Potions, we are making good progress in raiding Level 4 and Level 5 Party Dungeons. Currently, all of our elite members have at least four pieces of Bronze Equipment each. At this rate, I believe raiding the Dark Moon Graveyard shouldn't be a big problem," Zhao Yueru said in a slightly excited tone. "We currently have a huge lead over the Guild's elite teams located in other towns when it comes to levels and equipment. Many of the Guild members from the neighboring towns are gradually making their way to Red leaf Town. If this continues, the advantage we'll have when we enter White River City will grow bigger and bigger."

"Are the effects this great?" Gentle Snow was a little surprised.

Gentle Snow had been entirely focused on grinding and raiding Dungeons recently, so she hadn't been paying much attention to Guild affairs. She only tasked Zhao Yueru and Xiao Yue'er with managing the Basic Strength Potion's matter.

However, Gentle Snow never thought that the Basic Strength Potion Recipe they got from Ye Feng would have such astonishing effects.

Gentle Snow couldn't help but admit that Ye Feng's present was truly amazing.

"That's right. If not for this potion, I'm afraid we will have to delay our plans to raid the Dark Moon Graveyard by one or two days," Zhao Yueru said, nodding. "I really don't know if Ye Feng is lucky or very lucky. Our members have raided the Deathly Forest over a dozen times already, yet they haven't gotten even one extra Basic Strength Potion Recipe until now. Instead, all they got are a bunch of other recipes."

"I don't think that's a matter of luck. Ye Feng might look ordinary, but he gives off an indescribably calm and confident feeling. I have seen many confident and prideful experts before, but his confidence gives me completely different vibes. It feels as if he has an excellent understanding of God's Domain, and his movements in the Dungeon make it seem as if he had raided it many times before," Gentle Snow said, shaking her head.

She remembered the expression Shi Feng made when their party had conquered the Deathly Forest. There was no joy in his expression. Instead, he reacted as if their success was an inevitable outcome, and this was a bizarre reaction.

It should be known that the Deathly Forest was Red Leaf Town's first Party Dungeon. The achievement of being the first party to clear the Dungeon held extraordinary significance.

Even a beta tester of the game should feel excited over such an achievement. After all, the Deathly Forest's parameters should've been altered after the game's official launch. This was especially true for the Boss's statistics and attack patterns.

However, Shi Feng's reaction to their success was indescribably bland. He looked as if he was a veteran carrying a party of newcomers.

"Snow, you think too highly of him. He's only relying on the fact that he's a beta tester to behave that way. However, the beta test doesn't have Team Dungeons. Everyone will have the same starting point when it comes to Team Dungeons," Zhao Yueru said nonchalantly. "If he has even half of Black Flame's abilities, I'll bow down in deference to him."

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Zhao Yueru held great admiration toward the person known as Black Flame.

The man had made a fortune through the Glimmer Chestplate he created. The amount of money he had earned was something even first-rate Guilds like Ouroboros envied. Most importantly, he could produce Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Equipment.

With this kind of ability, Black Flame was more than capable of influencing an entire Guild. Even a first-rate Guild like Ouroboros desperately sought to partner with him.

"Relying on his status as a beta tester, is it?" Gentle Snow mumbled. However, although she felt that Zhao Yueru's words sounded reasonable, her intuition told her that Shi Feng wasn't as simple as he appeared.

While Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru talked about Shi Feng, a girl dressed in an exquisite white robe suddenly approached them. This person was none other than Xiao Yue'er, one of Gentle Snow's close confidants.

In an anxious tone, Xiao Yue'er said, "Big Sis Snow, something big happened. I don't know what Cao Chenghua said, but the Grand Elders suddenly decided to hold an executive meeting. They plan to decide on the next Guild Leader during this meeting. Currently, all of the Guild's Elders and Grand Elders have already reached the meeting venue, and we're the only ones absent."

"So soon?" Zhao Yueru was stunned when she heard this news.

Ouroboros currently still lacked a Guild Leader. And because of this problem, numerous arguments had occurred between Gentle Snow and Cao Chenghua. As their two sides possessed significant influence in the Guild, the Guild Elders could never decide who should become the next Guild Leader.

Originally, the plan was to wait for another year and a half for both Guild Leader candidates to display their abilities before deciding who would succeed the Guild Leader position. Either that or if one of the candidates managed to make a significant achievement in God's Domain.

Currently, it had only been a few days since God's Domain launched, yet the Guild's Elders and Grand Elders already planned to choose the next Guild Leader. This was simply too soon!

"I understand. We'll log off and head over immediately," Gentle Snow said after pondering over the matter. She then looked at Xiao Yue'er and said, "Get the Glimmer Chestplate's matter settled as soon as possible."

Gentle Snow was certain Cao Chenghua had made plenty of preparations now that he had persuaded the Grand Elders to host such an impromptu meeting.

If that were the case, what came next would be a comparison to see who had the bigger fist in God's Domain!

"I'll go get it done right away."

Xiao Yue'er hurriedly left the restaurant and made her way to the Forging Association immediately. Meanwhile, after Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru paid the bill for their meal, they logged out of the game and made their way to Ouroboros's top-floor meeting room.

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TL Notes:
A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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