Chapter 4
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Star-Moon Kingdom, Red Leaf Town:

NPCs who behaved almost the same as real people crowded the streets of Red Leaf Town. Whether it was the environment or perception of players, everything in God's Domain felt incredibly realistic. Anyone who entered this game would feel as if they had arrived in an actual alien world instead of a virtual world.

If not for the system interface hovering in front of every player and the different icons hovering above the heads of players and NPCs, the world of God's Domain would look no different than a real world in the eyes of players.

"This game is amazing. I thought the game's promotion was exaggerated, but this is simply incredible. I really wonder which company made this game," Zhao Yueru exclaimed.

Zhao Yueru was currently sitting on the roof of a three-story restaurant. As she observed the view beneath her, she couldn't help but be awed.

She had played many virtual reality games before, but none of them came even close to matching God's Domain. The game known as God's Domain was many notches above even the best virtual reality game that currently existed.

The food in this game was also different from other virtual reality games, which only offered basic flavors and nothing else. Eating food in God's Domain was akin to eating food in the real world. Everything from textures and flavors was replicated perfectly. In this game, eating food would no longer have to be for the sole purpose of replenishing one's in-game stamina or health. Instead, one could also eat for the sake of enjoyment.

Of course, the precondition for enjoyment was that one ate food that was delicious.

If one ate the black bread that was selling for only two Copper Coins per five loaves, rather than enjoyment, it would become torture instead.

"Yes, God's Domain is indeed incredible," Gentle Snow, who was currently geared in white plate armor and carrying a silver greatsword on her back, said, nodding in agreement. A hint of confusion flashing across her eyes, she continued, "Although I've previously looked into it, I sti

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