Chapter 3
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SS3 - Fire Dance (1)

Bingquan City, Brawler Training Center:

The Brawler Training Center was the most popular training center in Bingquan City, and more than 10,000 people visited the establishment each day. Not only did this place own the best training facilities available, but it also had excellent instructors.

However, the main contributor to the training center's popularity would still be the small fighting competitions the training center held weekly. Moreover, it was even an indiscriminate fighting competition.

When the referee gave his verdict, cheers filled the arena in the arena located on the third-floor hall.

The champion of this week's competition had just been crowned. Moreover, to everyone's surprise, this week's champion was a young and beautiful woman. This young woman possessed attractive facial features and a sensual body that drew both men's and women's eyes.

"Big Sis Fire Dance, you're amazing! There was a professional fighter participating in today's competition, yet you still beat him nonetheless! That person has even won the championship of the city's fighting competition before! With this, there is hardly anybody who can be a match in Bingquan City!" a robust man, who was nearly two meters tall and looked to be in his late twenties, said as he looked at the young woman, who had just won the weekly competition, in admiration.

When the robust man and young woman stood side by side, they also created a disharmonious scene for the surrounding people.

Despite being larger and older than the young woman, the robust man behaved as if he was the woman's little brother… 

"Water Buffalo, how many times have I told you not to call me by my ID when we're outside?" the woman named Fire Dance said, rolling her eyes. She then smiled faintly and continued, "If you call me by my ID one more time, I'll let you experience the joy of that professional fighter as well!"

The stout man named Water Buffalo shivered when he recalled the sight of Fire Dance nearly breaking the professional fighter's leg. "I won't do it anymore! I promise! I swear!"

Fire Dance might seem like an alluring and delicate beauty, but her combat power was on the level of monsters. Many of their current team members were professional fighters; a few even had some fame in their respective cities. However, Fire Dance had still beaten every one of them into submission.

With his skills, Water Buffalo doubted he could last more than five moves.

"Out with it," Fire Dance said. "Why did you suddenly come looking for me today?"

"The raid members for the Dark Moon Graveyard have gathered, but someone in our team named Little Seven got targeted by a Guild player and is currently being hunted..." Water Buffalo said in frustration. "I wanted to ask for your help, but you were so busy with the competition that I couldn't even contact you. So, I had no choice but to visit you in person."

"Does the other party have a powerful background?" Fire Dance asked.

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She had played many virtual reality games before, so she knew how troublesome it would be to become hostile with a large Guild. She had also experienced being hunted by a large Guild to the point of having no choice but to retire from the game.

Meanwhile, she liked the virtual reality game known as God's Domain very much. If this problem involved a large Guild, she would have to be cautious in dealing with it.

"I heard that the other party is an elite member of Martial Union," Water Buffalo said.

"Got it. I'll go online as quickly as possible and head to the Dark Moon Graveyard with you. I want to see exactly how powerful this Martial Union is!" Fire Dance nodded, an icy gleam flashing across her eyes.

She had gone to great lengths to establish her current team. It was also her ambition to create a powerful team in God's Domain. How could she possibly let other people humiliate her team at this stage of the game?

Afterward, Fire Dance rushed back to her home, logged into God's Domain via her virtual gaming helmet, and met up with Water Buffalo.

Star-Moon Kingdom, Dark Moon Graveyard:

While Fire Dance and Water Buffalo were hurrying their way from Red Leaf Town to the Dark Moon Graveyard, they suddenly received two regional announcements.


White River City Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Ouroboros for becoming the first team to conquer the Hell Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard. All players within the team will be rewarded with 10 Reputation Points in White River City.

Red Leaf Town Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Ouroboros for becoming the first team to conquer the Hell Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard. All players within the team will be rewarded with 30 Reputation Points in Red Leaf Town.


"Someone cleared the Dark Moon Graveyard?" Water Buffalo couldn't believe his eyes when he read the system announcements. "How is this possible?"

The various Guilds had only begun raiding the Dark Moon Graveyard recently. With the levels and equipment standard of the various Guilds' main force, it should take them at least five days to even conquer the Dark Moon Graveyard's Hard Mode, let alone the Dungeon's Hell Mode...

"Ouroboros?" Fire Dance's eyes widened in shock as she read the system announcements. "Is there such a huge gap between us?"

She had more or less heard of the Guild Ouroboros. Unlike the unrated Guilds operating in Red Leaf Town, Ouroboros was a bona fide first-rate Guild.

However, Fire Dance previously thought there wasn't much of a gap between herself and a first-rate Guild.

She had been extremely diligent in leveling up, and she had even reached Level 6 already. At this stage of the game, she definitely ranked among the top echelon of players in Red Leaf Town. Meanwhile, according to the research she conducted on the Dark Moon Graveyard, let alone Level 6, even Level 10 players would have difficulty conquering the Dungeon's Hard Mode. Needless to say, the Dungeon's Hell Mode would be even more challenging.

Originally, she had been confident that her team could clear the Dungeon's Normal Mode within the next three days. Afterward, they would challenge the Dungeon's Hard Mode and compete with the various Guilds' teams.

Now, however, her ambitions had become a complete joke...

During the time Fire Dance and Water Buffalo were processing the shock brought by the regional announcement, they quickly met up with Little Seven, who had been hiding in the forest surrounding the Dark Moon Graveyard.

"Little Seven, are you alright?" Fire Dance asked with concern as she looked at the delicate little girl in front of her.

"I'm fine, Big Sis Fire. I've been hiding inside this tree hole all this time, so they never managed to find me," Little Seven explained and nodded. "They were close to finding me originally, but because of the recent system announcement, they suddenly began making their way to the Dungeon. If not for that, I would've died for sure."

"That's good." Water Buffalo sighed in relief. "We don't have to fight with Martial Union now."

Little Seven had only risen to Level 6 recently. She even wielded a Mysterious-Iron Staff and wore several pieces of Level 5 Bronze Equipment. She was their team's main firepower. If she got killed and lost one of her items, their plan of raiding the Dark Moon Graveyard would have to be delayed.

"We won't let this matter slide! Since Martial Union dares target our team members, we'll need to make it pay!" Fire Dance snarled. "We'll head to the Dungeon and see what they're up to!"

After saying so, Fire Dance entered Stealth and dashed toward the Dark Moon Graveyard's entrance.

Seeing this, Water Buffalo couldn't help but sigh in frustration. After having Little Seven return to town, he followed after Fire Dance with haste.

Novel Notes

TL Notes:
A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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