Chapter 2
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SS2 - Aqua Rose (1)

Wind Chime Town, Red Thorn Bar:

Wind Chime Town was the most populated town in the Storm Empire's western region. Despite the bar charging 10 Copper Coins even for its cheapest ale, which was a significant expenditure for current players, the bar would still be overcrowded every day.

Currently, many of the bar's patrons had their eyes directed toward one corner of the bar. To be precise, they were looking at an alluring woman dressed in a lavender robe.

With how many eyes focused on this woman, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the bar had to thank this woman for more than half of its customers.

Many of the players who had just entered the bar, both male and female, would also inadvertently have their eyes drawn toward this woman.

At this time, a brawny Level 6 man fully clad in dark-gray Bronze Equipment walked into the bar. When he saw the beautiful woman sitting in the corner and drinking by herself, he couldn't help but be thunderstruck. "Who is that beauty?! Not only has she reached Level 7, but she even has a set of Mysterious-Iron Equipment!"

God's Domain had just launched recently, and the brawny man was one of the top-ranking experts of Wind Chime Town. Even then, he had only recently reached Level 6, while most Wind Chime Town's experts were stuck at Level 5 still.

As for weapons and equipment, the average player would only have Common Equipment that didn't provide any Attributes. If one could have several pieces of Bronze Equipment at this stage of the game, they would become a target for attention when they walked out on the street.

If one owned a piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, they would instantly become the center of attention of any street or establishment they visited.

As for having a complete set of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, that was something simply unimaginable!

"Brother Chen, I don't see a Guild Emblem on her. She might be an independent player. Why don't we invite her into our Ghost Blade adventurer team?" a Level 6 Ranger youth following behind the brawny man suggested.

At the youth's words, the other dozen or so men in the adventurer team nodded in agreement, their eager reactions earning them the contempt of the several female players in the adventurer team.

However, despite their contempt for their team members, when these female players saw the beautiful woman seated at the corner, they similarly felt their hearts moved.

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