Chapter 1
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SS1 - Gentle Snow (1)

March 6th, 2129.

Dragon Demon War, a virtual reality game known for being incredibly realistic, having a realism rate reaching 90%. The game also constantly remained one of the top 30 most popular virtual reality games in the world. However, at this time, the game had also reached a perfect ending because of one final Kingdom War.

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In the battle between four first-rate Guilds and more than 20 second-rate Guilds, the first-rate Guild Ouroboros emerged as the victor and became Dragon Demon War's Kingdom Overlord. With this victory serving as its base, Ouroboros would have a massive advantage for its future endeavors in the game.

Because of this victory, over a hundred thousand Ouroboros members had gathered in the capital city and were currently celebrating. Meanwhile, leading this victory celebration was none other than the person known as the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow.

Gentle Snow had joined Ouroboros for only two years. However, with her exquisite and perfect body combined with her divine appearance, she had long since become a living advertisement for Ouroboros. In fact, any company seeking to invite her to do an ad would have to schedule an appointment for two years later…

Inside a bright and tidy bedroom located on the top floor of Ouroboros's main headquarters… 

Zhao Yueru, who wore a red miniskirt and possessed a sexy and curvaceous figure, watched as Gentle Snow climbed out of her virtual gaming cabin. She then grumbled a complaint, "Qingxue, aren't you working a little too hard? You've fought nonstop for over a week in this war, yet you still choose to continue working instead of relaxing. I ended up having to visit that new restaurant by myself."

Hearing Zhao Yueru's complaint, Gentle Snow, who had just changed into a white T-shirt, smiled wryly.

"Yueru, you know as well as I do about the current situation in Ouroboros. Although I've already made a name for myself, I have only joined the Guild recently, after all. I won't be able to win the Grand Elders' support without sufficient merit."

"But didn't you win in the final battle this time? Those Grand Elders should have nothing to say after this, right?"

Zhao Yueru couldn't help but feel distressed at seeing Gentle Snow working so desperately. After all, Gentle Snow was her best friend. However, it was also because she was Gentle Snow's best friend that she understood Gentle Snow's difficulties and why Gentle Snow couldn't live freely like herself.

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