Chapter 1
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SS1 - Gentle Snow (1)

March 6th, 2129.

Dragon Demon War, a virtual reality game known for being incredibly realistic, having a realism rate reaching 90%. The game also constantly remained one of the top 30 most popular virtual reality games in the world. However, at this time, the game had also reached a perfect ending because of one final Kingdom War.

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In the battle between four first-rate Guilds and more than 20 second-rate Guilds, the first-rate Guild Ouroboros emerged as the victor and became Dragon Demon War's Kingdom Overlord. With this victory serving as its base, Ouroboros would have a massive advantage for its future endeavors in the game.

Because of this victory, over a hundred thousand Ouroboros members had gathered in the capital city and were currently celebrating. Meanwhile, leading this victory celebration was none other than the person known as the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow.

Gentle Snow had joined Ouroboros for only two years. However, with her exquisite and perfect body combined with her divine appearance, she had long since become a living advertisement for Ouroboros. In fact, any company seeking to invite her to do an ad would have to schedule an appointment for two years later…

Inside a bright and tidy bedroom located on the top floor of Ouroboros's main headquarters… 

Zhao Yueru, who wore a red miniskirt and possessed a sexy and curvaceous figure, watched as Gentle Snow climbed out of her virtual gaming cabin. She then grumbled a complaint, "Qingxue, aren't you working a little too hard? You've fought nonstop for over a week in this war, yet you still choose to continue working instead of relaxing. I ended up having to visit that new restaurant by myself."

Hearing Zhao Yueru's complaint, Gentle Snow, who had just changed into a white T-shirt, smiled wryly.

"Yueru, you know as well as I do about the current situation in Ouroboros. Although I've already made a name for myself, I have only joined the Guild recently, after all. I won't be able to win the Grand Elders' support without sufficient merit."

"But didn't you win in the final battle this time? Those Grand Elders should have nothing to say after this, right?"

Zhao Yueru couldn't help but feel distressed at seeing Gentle Snow working so desperately. After all, Gentle Snow was her best friend. However, it was also because she was Gentle Snow's best friend that she understood Gentle Snow's difficulties and why Gentle Snow couldn't live freely like herself.

For the sake of taking control over the Guild her elder brother left behind, Gentle Snow had to accomplish merits that could convince everyone in the Guild of her abilities. After all, the White Clan Group wasn't the sole owner of Ouroboros. There were still several other companies backing Ouroboros's development.

Meanwhile, these companies definitely wouldn't hand over Ouroboros to Gentle Snow simply because she was the younger sister of Ouroboros's creator. This was because Ouroboros was now a famous first-rate Guild, and many interests were involved with the Guild. Just the sponsorships and advertising fees Ouroboros received annually amounted to more than one billion Credits. Not to mention, the Guild still received various other benefits from the games it took part in.

"These merits are still not enough," Gentle Snow said, shaking her head. "Recently, not only did Cao Chenghua make a fortune from two virtual reality games, but he has even gained the full support of a large company. If I rely only on my achievements in Dragon Demon War, I would be fortunate if I can match him. If I want to have those Grand Elders stand on my side, I will still need to do more."

"Ouroboros really is a troublesome Guild. If you were to go to any other Guild, you would've long since become the Guild Leader there with your merits," Zhao Yueru said, sighing. She then suggested, "Now that you're done with work, I bet you're hungry, right? Let's head to that new restaurant. I heard that the restaurant added a few new dishes to its menu yesterday, and they seem to be quite popular. I've been holding back myself because of you."

"Hah..." Looking at Zhao Yueru's glowing eyes, Gentle Snow sighed helplessly. "If you can direct half your passion for food toward virtual reality games, you would've long since become one of the Guild's top-ranking experts instead of being stuck as just an ordinary core member right now."

Gentle Snow couldn't help but feel a little frustrated over her friend. Despite Zhao Yueru having an excellent talent for virtual reality games, she showed no particular interest in them at all. Zhao Yueru also didn't like working. If she hadn't forcibly dragged Zhao Yueru to help her in Ouroboros, her friend would most likely remain jobless even until now and would be berated continuously by Uncle Zhao for being useless.

"Isn't this because virtual reality games are boring? All we do every day is fight and kill. How can that be better than enjoying delicacies every day?" Zhao Yueru said, chuckling nonchalantly. "It would be great if there's a game that lets you enjoy delicacies. That way, I can work while enjoying gourmet food every day. I also won't have to hear my old man nagging me to attend marriage meetings every day."

"Delicacies?" A smile appeared on Gentle Snow's face when she heard Zhao Yueru's words. "I recently heard that a new virtual reality game is going to launch soon. Although I don't know which company is developing this game, I heard that it has a powerful origin. Moreover, the game's realism rate reaches up to 99%, and the game world feels almost like the real world. You should be able to taste a lot of delicacies there."


Zhao Yueru shot up from her seat upon hearing Gentle Snow's words, her eyes glowing in excitement and anticipation as she looked at her friend.

If she could taste good food in the virtual world, not only could she avoid her father's constant nagging, but she also wouldn't have to worry about growing fat from overeating. She would be killing two birds with one stone.

"It should be true." Seeing Zhao Yueru's sudden interest, Gentle Snow smiled and explained, "Although I don't know the exact details, I heard that many Super Guilds plan to shift their focus to this new game. Ouroboros is no exception as well. So, I believe this game shouldn't be bad."

"Are you going to abandon things in Dragon Demon War?" Zhao Yueru asked in surprise.

Gentle Snow had expended a lot of blood and sweat to develop Ouroboros in Dragon Demon War. It would be a huge waste for her to hand her work to another person.

"Dragon Demon War is only ranked within the top 30 of virtual reality games. Although it is quite popular, it is several leagues below the top 10 games. Moreover, this new game called God's Domain is something even the various Super Guilds have set their sights on. This is a good opportunity for me." In an earnest tone, Gentle Snow said, "So long as I can achieve excellent merits in God's Domain, I believe none of those Grand Elders should have any more opinions of me!"

She hadn't overseen Ouroboros's operations in Dragon Demon War since the very beginning. Instead, she only joined after the Guild had developed in the game for a few years. Hence, even if she achieved any merits in the game, these merits couldn't be linked to her entirely.

However, it was a different story for God's Domain. Everyone would have a new start in the game. This would be the best stage for her to display her current abilities.

"In that case, I've decided! I'll properly improve myself and clean up Cao Chenghua's henchmen!" Zhao Yueru said eagerly. "Once I do that, I'll see if that old man of mine still dares to call me useless!"

Seeing Zhao Yueru's declaration and fighting spirit, Gentle Snow couldn't help but sigh in relief. She had finally accomplished Uncle Zhao's request of her. Otherwise, at this rate, Uncle Zhao would most likely ask her to accompany Zhao Yueru in attending another marriage meeting... 


April 25th, 2129.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Gentle Snow put on a set of white pajamas and laid down in her virtual gaming cabin. She then chose to log into God's Domain.

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