Chapter 63 – Turmoil
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 63 – Turmoil

The [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] was a cultivation method described as the evolution of a river. In the Blood Condensation Realm, it was like a pool of pure and clear spring water bursting out from underground. In the Core Forging Realm, the spring water would gather into a stream that would wash away anything on its path; and finally, in the Avatar Realm, the river would become a vast and magnificent ocean full of endless energy.

Lu Ping carefully studied the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] until he fully understood its meaning. After that, he began converting his [Blood Condensation Spirit Melting Scripture]’s arcane energy into the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]’s arcane energy.

When his bloodlines started to circulate according to the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]’s cultivation method, Lu Ping immediately felt his blood boiling like hot spring water.

The surrounding spiritual energy swarmed into his body and was absorbed by his bloodlines. Then, streams of arcane energy were extracted out of the spiritual energy in his bloodlines and they flowed into the Condensed Blood Bead in the space in his heart. The Condensed Blood Bead was strengthened, becoming bigger as it shone brightly like a crystal-clear diamond.

After twelve circulations, Lu Ping gradually became suited to the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] and he was satisfied. The [Blood Condensation Spirit Melting Scripture] was certainly incomparable to the sect’s real cultivation methods. He had cultivated the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] for only a day and he could already feel the significant increase in his arcane energy.

There were still two months left until the rental period of his cultivation room expired. Coincidentally, Lu Ping had three bottles of Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets, which would last him for exactly two months.

In the Blood Condensation Realm, due to the improved efficacy of medicinal pellets, an ordinary cultivator would normally take three days to fully absorb the pellet and eradicate the medicinal toxins.

However, Lu Ping’s own experience was different. Perhaps it was due to Lu Ping’s Jiao Bloodline devouring his Turtle Bloodline, causing his arcane energy to be twice as much as ordinary cultivators; or perhaps it was due to his consolidated foundation; or maybe it was due to the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]. Whatever the reason may be, Lu Ping only needed two days to fully absorb and eradicate the medicinal toxins of a medicinal pellet.

This meant that in the same amount of time, Lu Ping would be able to consume more medicinal pellets than the rest of his peers.

This was undoubtedly good news for Lu Ping as he had chosen the path of pure water cultivation. This cultivation path emphasized greatly on the cultivator’s foundation. While this reduced the risk attached to breakthroughs, his cultivation progress would be incredibly slow.

Hence, Lu Ping could at least speed up his cultivation progress a little by increasing his consum

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