Chapter 63 – Turmoil
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 63 – Turmoil

The [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] was a cultivation method described as the evolution of a river. In the Blood Condensation Realm, it was like a pool of pure and clear spring water bursting out from underground. In the Core Forging Realm, the spring water would gather into a stream that would wash away anything on its path; and finally, in the Avatar Realm, the river would become a vast and magnificent ocean full of endless energy.

Lu Ping carefully studied the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] until he fully understood its meaning. After that, he began converting his [Blood Condensation Spirit Melting Scripture]’s arcane energy into the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]’s arcane energy.

When his bloodlines started to circulate according to the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]’s cultivation method, Lu Ping immediately felt his blood boiling like hot spring water.

The surrounding spiritual energy swarmed into his body and was absorbed by his bloodlines. Then, streams of arcane energy were extracted out of the spiritual energy in his bloodlines and they flowed into the Condensed Blood Bead in the space in his heart. The Condensed Blood Bead was strengthened, becoming bigger as it shone brightly like a crystal-clear diamond.

After twelve circulations, Lu Ping gradually became suited to the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] and he was satisfied. The [Blood Condensation Spirit Melting Scripture] was certainly incomparable to the sect’s real cultivation methods. He had cultivated the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] for only a day and he could already feel the significant increase in his arcane energy.

There were still two months left until the rental period of his cultivation room expired. Coincidentally, Lu Ping had three bottles of Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets, which would last him for exactly two months.

In the Blood Condensation Realm, due to the improved efficacy of medicinal pellets, an ordinary cultivator would normally take three days to fully absorb the pellet and eradicate the medicinal toxins.

However, Lu Ping’s own experience was different. Perhaps it was due to Lu Ping’s Jiao Bloodline devouring his Turtle Bloodline, causing his arcane energy to be twice as much as ordinary cultivators; or perhaps it was due to his consolidated foundation; or maybe it was due to the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]. Whatever the reason may be, Lu Ping only needed two days to fully absorb and eradicate the medicinal toxins of a medicinal pellet.

This meant that in the same amount of time, Lu Ping would be able to consume more medicinal pellets than the rest of his peers.

This was undoubtedly good news for Lu Ping as he had chosen the path of pure water cultivation. This cultivation path emphasized greatly on the cultivator’s foundation. While this reduced the risk attached to breakthroughs, his cultivation progress would be incredibly slow.

Hence, Lu Ping could at least speed up his cultivation progress a little by increasing his consumption rate of medicinal pellets. However, this also forced Lu Ping to pick up alchemy and be successful in it.

After his foundation bloodline devoured the Turtle Bloodline, it secured an absolute advantage over the remaining bloodlines. This was a scenario only seen in the Second Layer Blood Condensation Realm, yet he experienced it when he was just in the First Layer.

He didn’t know if this was a good thing, but he was reluctant to consult others. Lu Ping always felt a sense of crisis. He didn’t want anyone to know his secrets, especially the fact that he’d transmigrated from another world.

Two months later, Lu Ping, whose cultivation had progressed greatly, checked out from the cultivation room. Lu Ping first went to Enlightened Master Xuan Yong’s residence to thank him, only to learn that the elder had gone to Xuan Qi Island. Accompanying him was his student, Wu Zi-Niu, and a batch of Master Immortals and Grade 3 Blood Refining Realm side hall disciples.

Lu Ping’s intuition told him that more turmoil was brewing on Xuan Qi Island. Especially when he had already killed the Qiao brothers, it would be impossible for the Qiao Clan and Xuan Ling Sect to not make a fuss.

However, half a year had already passed since the death of the Qiao brothers. Wasn’t Xuan Ling Sect a bit too slow if they were only responding now?

Lu Ping couldn’t help feeling a little anxious when he thought of Huang Li Island, the mini spirit vein and spirit herb garden on the nameless island, and the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s lair.

Although Huang Li Island was a barren island, it was still a place he had taken care of and operated for two years. Although it was located in a remote area, it was still on the border between the Zhen Ling Sect and Xuan Ling Sect sea regions. It was hard to say if anyone would make trouble there.

Moreover, his loss would be even greater if anyone were to discover the spirit vein and Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s lair.

Hence, Lu Ping couldn’t wait anymore and rushed to Xuan Qi Island through the teleportal.

Right now, Xuan Qi Island was more livelier than ever. Not only were there many side hall Grade 3 disciples and outer disciples, there were also Blood Condensation Realm Master Immortals flying in the sky. A solemn atmosphere hung over the island.

Lu Ping went straight to Master Immortal Liu’s cultivation room. The older man was happy to see him. “Sure enough, you didn’t let me down! You came back at just the right time. The situation is tense right now, and the sects could erupt into a war at any sign of conflict. It is time for you to contribute your strength.”

Lu Ping briefly described his breakthrough to Master Immortal Liu. Naturally, he didn’t talk about the changes in his bloodlines, his abnormally strong divine sense and arcane energy, and him consuming four Blood Condensation Pellets.

He only told Master Immortal Liu that he used two Blood Condensation Pellets and the breakthrough was successful. Even so, Master Immortal Liu was still amazed by Lu Ping’s consolidated foundation.

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After that, Lu Ping asked about the current situation, and the older man carefully explained it to him.

Both Xuan Ling Sect and Zhen Ling Sect were still clueless about Qiao Xipeng’s death by Lu Ping’s hand.

Zhen Ling Sect only thought Qiao Xipeng had killed the sea snake monster and returned to Qiao Clan; while Qiao Clan still thought Qiao Xipeng was hunting down the sea snake monster.

Furthermore, through the wounded bodyguard that returned, Qiao Clan learned that the sea snake monster was the noble Emerald Sea Spirit Snake, and that Qiao Xipeng had followed its tail into Zhen Ling Sect’s territory.

Hence, Qiao Clan couldn’t sit and laid back anymore. It quickly dispatched a team of six Blood Condensation Realm cultivators, led by two Mid Blood Condensation Realm cultivators, to protect Qiao Xipeng.

But unexpectedly, the dispatch team searched the nearby sea for nearly a month and still couldn’t find the missing cultivator.

Then, Qiao Clan panicked. It dispatched more men, increasing the party from six to fifteen, and separated them into three teams. Each team was led by a Late Blood Condensation Realm cultivator as they searched for Qiao Xipeng’s whereabouts in Zhen Ling Sect’s sea territory.

Qiao Clan’s unconcealed operation had naturally upset Zhen Ling Sect.

Hence, Enlightened Master Qu commanded to eradicate the fifteen Qiao Clan cultivators out of Zhen Ling Sect’s territory. He warned them that this sea region was now under Zhen Ling Sect. If they were still thinking of staying, then they could stay here forever, as dead bodies.

Left with no choice, the Qiao Clan was forced to ask for Xuan Ling Sect’s help. After all, the entire show was plotted by the sect. Xuan Ling Sect was also caught by surprise by Qiao Xipeng’s disappearance and they hurriedly accused Zhen Ling Sect for killing Qiao Clan’s heir.

Naturally, Zhen Ling Sect didn’t back down and condemned Xuan Ling Sect for these accusations. At the same time, Zhen Ling Sect questioned why Qiao Xipeng was hunting a sea monster in Zhen Ling Sect’s territory.

Instead of killing the sea monster he was tracking, he even went missing. Perhaps, instead of killing the sea monster, he had been killed by the sea monster.

Xuan Ling Sect flew into a humiliated rage at hearing Zhen Ling Sect’s response, but Xuan Ling Sect couldn’t expose its plan to the public.

Hence, Xuan Ling Sect only gave one final warning: If Zhen Ling Sect still didn’t give an explanation on Qiao Xipeng’s whereabouts, Xuan Ling Sect would reclaim Xuan Qi Island.

At the same time, Xuan Ling Sect believed it had the moral advantage and so they called on their partners in the North Ocean Alliance to jointly condemn Zhen Ling Sect.

Naturally, Zhen Ling Sect also formed their own group within the North Ocean Alliance and a war between the two internal alliances was on the verge of breaking out.

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