Chapter 64 – War Preparations
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 64 – War Preparations

Lu Ping had a general understanding of the situation after leaving Master Immortal Liu’s cultivation room. At the same time, he also learned how Zhen Ling Sect planned to deal with the situation.

He wasn’t surprised that Master Immortal Liu knew of their plans. After entering the Late Blood Condensation Realm, the elder had quickly been promoted to be a core disciple.

The promotion considered several factors such as his steady and composed manner, his well-established cultivation base, his contribution to the sect, and his status as a student to the sect’s quintessential disciple, Enlightened Master Xuan Wu.

Hence, it was not a surprise that Master Immortal Liu was privy to the decisions and plans of the sect.

Before he left, Lu Ping informed Master Immortal Liu his intentions of setting up a cave-dwelling on Huang Li Island. Although Master Immortal Liu wondered why Lu Ping didn’t settle down on Tian Ling Island, he didn’t ask much.

In fact, the sect actually encouraged the disciples to set up their cave-dwellings outside of Tian Ling Mountain. Firstly, this could alleviate the burden of the spirit vein on Tian Lian Mountain; secondly, it would strengthen the sect’s control over its territory.

Master Immortal Liu only advised Lu Ping to set up his cave-dwelling underwater. This way, he could avoid having his cave-dwelling destroyed during the upcoming clash between the sects.

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One must say, Master Immortal Liu’s advice was just in line with Lu Ping’s intentions. He couldn’t help but think of Sheng Tao’s spirit herb garden and the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s lair.

However, because the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s lair was in Xuan Ling Sect’s territory, it wasn’t suitable for him to set up his cave-dwelling there. On the other hand, the nameless island where Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling was located wasn’t an option either since the consecutive battles almost destroyed it completely. This made it impossible for him to expand his cave-dwelling in the future.

Perhaps he could set up his cave-dwelling on Huang Li Island. He could then find an opportunity to move the spirit vein from the nameless island to Huang Li Island. However, moving the spirit vein would not be easy.

On top of that, the migration of the spirit vein would cause an earthquake. This would catch the attention of other cultivators. This required careful planning, but for now he should focus on setting up his cave-dwelling first.

After entering the Blood Condensation Realm, not only was his divine sense two times stronger than his peers, his sense of perception was also sharper and quicker. He could pick up a few strong auras in the air on Xuan Qi Island. They should be from the Core Forging Realm Enlightened Masters. However, even though he could pick up their auras, he couldn’t tell how many Enlightened Masters were present on the island.

After he left Xuan Qi Island, the auras suddenly disappeared. Lu Ping was amazed by these Masters’ abilities and also quickly realized that t

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