Chapter 65 – War Preparations (2)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 65 – War Preparations (2)

Lu Ping sorted the contents in his interspatial pouch, he still had roughly 4,000 spirit stones left.

The spirit herbs couldn’t be used. He needed them to practice and train his alchemy.

The spirit materials were mostly sold already, most of them were looted from the Qiao brothers’ interspatial pouches.

The charms were also the same. Right now, the Blood Refining Realm charms were useless to Lu Ping already. After gaining the divine sense, the Blood Refining Realm charms Lu Ping could craft were all either high-grade or top-grade charms, with a 60% success rate of the latter.

The remaining few sets of Parent-Children Warning Charms and Parent-Children Landmine Charms were consigned to the auction house, as well as the six bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets and a few unused mid-grade mystic instruments. They were all consigned to the Blood Refining Realm auction.

However, Lu Ping wasn’t willing to auction the three bottles of Blood Vigor Pellets. Although their efficacy was minimal at best , they were still beneficial to his cultivation progress. In a situation where he lacked Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets, Blood Vigor Pellets were better than nothing.

Only now did Lu Ping finally understand the scarcity of Blood Vigor Pellets among Blood Refining Realm cultivators. They were most likely hoarded by Blood Condensation Realm cultivators who couldn’t get their hands on Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets. After all, there was no way a Blood Refining Realm cultivator could compete against a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator.

Lu Ping also had the three Condensed Blood Beads from Qiao Xipeng. They were the biggest reason why Lu Ping was given an invitation card to the Blood Condensation Realm auction. Otherwise, Lu Ping would have to purchase the entrance ticket with more spirit stones.

After settling everything, he attempted to craft Blood Condensation Realm charms. In the Blood Condensation Realm, these charms weren’t classified according to their powers anymore as they were all almost equivalent in power.

Instead, they were classified according to the frequency they could be cast. Superior charms could cast three spells before disintegrating while the lower quality ones could only be used once.

After leaving the Multi-Treasure Pavilion, Lu Ping’s next stop was the medicinal pellet store in the market. The store manager, Master Immortal Li, was an old acquaintance of Lu Ping’s. He exclaimed at seeing the younger man, “Little Brother, it’s only been a few months and you’ve already progressed this much. So young and yet already an inner disciple, you have a bright future ahead of you!”

Lu Ping smiled. “Master Immortal, you’ve overestimated me. I’m just lucky.”

Master Immortal Li waved his words away. “With your level and as an inner disciple, you and I are now of the same rank. If you still regard yourself as a junior, you’d be shaming me.”

Lu Ping knew he wasn’t joking so he didn’t insist anymore. “Brother, I’m here for the medicinal pellets.”

Master Immortal

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