Chapter 66 – War Preparations (3)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 66 – War Preparations (3)

After leaving the medicinal pellet store, Lu Ping went to Old Man Chen’s smith shop. The smith shop was still the same as the last time he came. Old Man Chen wasn’t around but Chen Lian was there and recognized Lu Ping.

Chen Lian saw Lu Ping and hurriedly welcomed him. He walked to Lu Ping and exclaimed, “Ho, Junior Martial Brother, you’ve entered the Blood Condensation Realm! Amazing! Have you found the spirit materials to upgrade your Landslide? What is it? Is it the Deep Sea Frosty Iron? Or the Golden Crow Iron? Or the Windblown Dusty Iron?”

When Lu Ping saw Chen Lian’s reaction, he immediately knew that this senior martial brother was a passionate smith. He quickly smiled and answered, “No luck with the Deep Sea Frosty Iron and Golden Crow Iron. But I did find a piece of Windblown Dusty Iron. But it’s only the size of an egg, I’m afraid it won’t be enough.”

The Windblown Dusty Iron was looted from Qiao Xipeng. Lu Ping naturally remembered what he needed for Landslide and so he kept it for himself.

Chen Lian scratched his head. “Haha, I apologize for my impatience. Landslide’s specialty is its forceful attack. In order to upgrade it, we need a large sum of spirit materials. An egg-sized Windblown Dusty Iron is far from enough.”

Lu Ping said, “If we need a lot of them and the material is hard to acquire, why not gather all three metals and use them together? This will definitely simplify the process.”

Chen Lian shook his head rapidly. “No good, no good. That way, the furthest Landslide can become is a high-grade mystic instrument. It will be almost impossible to upgrade it into a mystic treasure in the future.”

Lu Ping was clueless about smithery, and so he quickly asked, “Why is that so?”

Chen Lian answered seriously, “All iron spirit materials are of the gold element in nature. However, the Deep Sea Frosty Iron also has properties of the water element, the Golden Crow Iron has the fire element, and the Windblown Dusty Iron has the wind element. It’s perfectly fine to use any one of the three to upgrade Landslide.

“However, if we use all three together, those extra elements will clash. We can only give up trying to upgrade it into the ranks of a mystic artifact.”

Lu Ping learned something valuable today. “Does it also depend on the cultivator’s cultivation method?”

Chen Lian nodded. “Yes, yes. I almost forgot, what’s the element of your cultivation method?”

“It’s a water cultivation method.”

Chen Lian dipped his head. “Then it’s best to use the Deep Sea Frosty Iron, it’s the most compatible. In fact, the best iron is actually the Golden Iron Diamond, a pure gold element spirit material. But then again, it wouldn’t reach its full potential in the hands of a water element cultivator like you.”

Suddenly, Chen Lian remembered something. “Oh right, what brings you here today?”

Lu Ping laughed. “And I was just thinking you wouldn’t ask. I’m actually here to consult you on the nascent weapon.”

Chen Lian smiled awkwardly. “Ah, the nascent weapon. Your cultivation met

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