Chapter 62 – Wave Listening Scripture
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 62 – Wave Listening Scripture

Lu Ping pondered deeply over Enlightened Master Xuan Yuan’s words.

His other bloodlines possessed the elements of wood, wind, and ice. He didn’t have to worry about choosing a suitable cultivation method. However, the strange occurrence during his breakthrough had him worried. His foundation bloodline had devoured his Turtle Bloodline, leaving nothing behind. Perhaps this was because the Turtle Bloodline was also of the water element, but this was no guarantee his other bloodlines would be spared.

Furthermore, Lu Ping had always prioritized the consolidation of his foundation and the strength of his arcane energy. This aligned with the principles of pure elemental cultivation methods. Naturally, this would be his best choice.

Although cultivating a pure water cultivation method would greatly slow down his cultivation progress, it was of no concern as long as he could excel in the art of alchemy.

Lu Ping made up his mind and handed in another ten spirit stones. “This disciple would like to choose a pure water cultivation method that can be cultivated to the Avatar Realm.”

Seeing that Lu Ping had made his choice, Enlightened Master Xuan Yuan brought him to the Pavilion of Books. He passed a jade scroll to Lu Ping and said, “Here, this is the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]. It was perfected to the Avatar Realm 4,000 years ago. In Zhen Ling Sect’s history, there have been six cultivators that attained the Avatar Realm with this cultivation method. Among them, two have even reached the Mid Avatar Realm.”

Lu Ping copied the contents of the jade scroll and asked, “Junior Martial Uncle, can I also copy down the other two pure water Core Forging Realm cultivation methods to use as references?”

Enlightened Master Xuan Yuan smiled and Lu Ping automatically passed over the spirit stones. The older man waved his hand and passed two jade scrolls to Lu Ping. “These jade scrolls only record the cultivation method up to the Blood Condensation Realm. You can have the rest of the content after you become a core disciple.”

Lu Ping thanked him and they returned to Enlightened Master Xuan Yuan’s residence. Enlightened Master Xuan Yuan took out an exquisite interspatial pouch and gave it to Lu Ping. “Here, this is the reward for becoming an inner disciple. Every year, you can come to Tian Ling Palace to collect your welfare from the sect. Of course, that comes with your contribution to the sect. As long as you are hardworking, the sect will reward you accordingly.”

Lu Ping thanked him again. He inspected the interspatial pouch with his divine sense and found twenty mid-grade spirit stones and two bottles of Fu Ling Pellets. The Fu Ling Pellets were similar to Qiao Xipeng’s Thousand Ginseng Pellets; they were both used for cultivation in the Blood Condensation Realm.

As he has just ascended into the Blood Condensation Realm, the sect increased his reward. Normally, Early Blood Condensation Realm cultivators would only receive ten mid-grade spirit stones and a bottle of ordinary cultivation medicinal pellets a year from the sect. From this, Lu Ping clearly felt the preciousness of cultivation resources.

After progressing from the Blood Refining Realm to the Blood Condensation Realm, a cultivator’s lifespan would also increase. By contrast, their pool of cultivation resources would gradually shrink.

“From now on, you are the third generation of Zhen Ling Sect disciples and will bear the name of “Zi”. Hence, your name in the sect will be Lu Zi-Ping. You are now qualified to establish your cave-dwelling on Tian Ling Mountain. Of course, you can choose to set it up elsewhere, as long as it is within Zhen Ling Sect’s territory. Should you choose the latter, you will lose your right to own a cave-dwelling here on Tian Ling Mountain, but the sect will compensate you with more welfare.”

Lu Ping gave it some thought. He had many secrets that he didn’t want exposed. Moreover, Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling had a mini spirit vein. Although it was no match to the large spirit vein on Tian Ling Mountain, he would have the mini spirit vein all to himself. It wouldn’t be any inferior to cultivating on Tian Ling Mountain.

Hence, he said, “This disciple has no intentions of having a cave-dwelling on Tian Ling Mountain.”

Enlightened Master Xuan Yuan didn’t ask for his reason. “In that case, you will have twelve more mid-grade spirit stones every year.”

He then threw the additional spirit stones to Lu Ping.

Enlightened Master Xuan Yuan picked up the novel on the table and continued reading. He said casually, “That is all. You can enter the Pavilion of Books and see if there’s anything you might need. But don’t touch anything with seals on them. Oh, and one more thing, after you set up your cave-dwelling, remember to report back to us.”

After that, he dismissed them.

The pair stayed in the Pavilion of Books for a little longer before leaving Tian Ling Palace and moving towards the foot of the mountain.

Along the way, Wu Zi-Niu couldn’t help but ask, “Why didn’t Junior Martial Brother choose a cave-dwelling here on Tian Ling Mountain? It would be beneficial for your cultivation.”

Lu Ping had expected this question earlier and he replied, “Tian Ling Mountain is too crowded. I prefer tranquility and I can’t stand having too many rules. It’s better that I stay alone outside.”

“Then has Junior Martial Brother planned where to go?”

Lu Ping shook his head. “Not yet. But I am following my group’s Master Immortal Liu on a sect mission. Even if I do set up my cave-dwelling, I’ll be stationed on Huang Li Island for another year. Right now, it’s not the time to think about my cave-dwelling yet.”

Seeing that Lu Ping had carefully thought this through, Wu Zi-Niu stopped asking. “Then, Junior Martial Brother, just concentrate on your cultivation for now. After entering the Fourth Blood Condensation Realm—the Mid Blood Condensation Realm—you can learn under a teacher. With your age, your cultivation will surely progress swiftly.”

Lu Ping laughed. “I will heed Senior Martial Brother’s auspicious words.”

Zhen Ling Sect placed great importance on the cultivation of its disciples while simultaneously training them to be independent. The disciples would spend the first ten years in the side hall studying a compulsory education. After becoming Grade 3 disciples, the Master Immortals would lead them to carry out sect missions in the cultivation world.

After entering the Blood Condensation Realm, the disciple still had to cultivate on their own until the Fourth Layer Blood Condensation Realm. Only then could the disciples practice under a teacher and become the sect’s elite disciples.

By doing so, the disciples would learn to be independent and gain a strong mind of their own. After all, no two cultivators shared the same cultivation path. The teachers could only provide guidance to the students, but any critical decisions still had to be made by the students themselves. Otherwise, a student without a mind of their own wouldn’t go far in their cultivation.

Furthermore, it was not too late for the teachers to help correct the students’ mistakes while in the Mid Blood Condensation Realm.

After leaving Tian Ling Mountain, Lu Ping returned to the cultivation room he rented. He now had a new cultivation method and learned more about the Blood Condensation Realm’s cultivation. However, he needed time to sort out the information gained. At the same time, he had to make preparations for his future cultivation.

He sat on the spirit-gathering putuan and carefully studied the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture]. A few other jade scrolls lay in front of him, containing the other pure water cultivation methods. He placed them close at hand so he could refer to them when needed.

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In fact, Lu Ping still had another jade scroll with him. It was Qiao Xipeng’s cultivation method, known as the [Nine Firmaments Skyrocketing Godly Art]. It was a water-wind cultivation method specifically for the Peng Bloodline.

Perhaps Qiao Clan’s prestige in Xuan Ling Sect made it possible for Qiao Xipeng to acquire cultivation methods for the Core Forging Realm. However, it all belonged to Lu Ping now.

Although Lu Ping couldn’t utilize it because of the difference in bloodlines, a water-wind cultivation method had some similarities to those for pure water cultivation.

On top of that, this method for the Core Forging Realm had served as insightful material for Lu Ping. He was able to take a peek at the mysteries of the Core Forging Realm, which would ultimately help in smoothing his future cultivation path.

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