Chapter 61 – Tian Ling Palace
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 61 – Tian Ling Palace

Truth be told, Lu Ping was slightly disappointed. In his imagination, as a big sect in the North Ocean Alliance, Zhen Ling Sect’s base should have been filled with pavilions and palaces like a heavenly kingdom. However, what entered his eyes resembled a large farmland than anything else.

Along the way, he found that the spiritual energy on Tian Ling Mountain was incredibly rich. However, other than the cave-dwellings of the Zhen Ling Sect disciples, the rest of the mountain had been converted into various kinds of herb gardens. Countless spirit herbs and spirit materials grew in these gardens, which in turn were protected by array formations. However, the array formations weren’t strong. Clearly, they were mostly there just to prevent the disciples from entering the gardens by accident.

Wu Zi-Niu looked at Lu Ping’s expression with a smile. “What’s the matter? Feeling disappointed, yes? In all honesty, I was shocked the first time I came here. Who would’ve thought the great Zhen Ling Sect’s base would be so crude and simple?”

Lu Ping replied, “Yeah.”

“But the reason for this is simple too—we lack cultivation resources. Hence, we have to make full use of every acre of spirit-gathering land to grow as many cultivation resources as possible. Because of Tian Ling Mountain’s large spirit vein, there are many spirit-gathering places to be found. Aside from those used by the disciples as their cave-dwellings, the rest are all turned into spirit gardens.”

Lu Ping’s heart fluctuated wildly at this explanation. His view on the cultivation world was clearer now, and he started to understand things he couldn’t before.

The two conversed as they walked. Soon, they reached the mountainside.

Because of the spirit vein on Tian Ling Mountain, the area was divided into three levels according to the intensity of spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy on the mountain base was the weakest. Hence, Blood Condensation Realm cultivators were allowed to set up their cave-dwellings here.

The spiritual energy on the mountainside was richer. Th

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