Chapter 11 - I Killed Them All And Then Came Out
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 11 - I Killed Them All And Then Came Out

11 - I Killed Them All And Then Came Out

The tree branch belongs to a large tree of about three meters in height.

Lin Moyu's fingertip shimmered, releasing the Detection skill.

Detection is a skill that everyone can perform, and it can be used to obtain some basic information.

[Bullwhip Tree]

[Level: 8]

[Introduction: is usually in dormant state; will attack nearby living creatures.]

Why weren't the Skeletal Warriors attacked when they ran past it?

The Skeletal Warriors are not living creatures and thus don't have the breath of life.

Therefore, they won't trigger the Bullwhip Tree to attack.

As for Lin Moyu, the Bullwhip Tree attacked him.

The Bullwhip Tree continued to launch attacks against Lin Moyu.

Although it won't cause him any damage, but Lin Moyu is not a fool. There's no way he will just stand there and let himself be attacked.

He quickly retreated by several dozens of meters, leaving the Bullwhip Tree's range.

The Bullwhip Tree can't change locations. As such, after Lin Moyu retreated, it stopped its attacks.

Its long branches kept flailing, as if it were on guard.

"That's quite ingenious."

Lin Moyu realized that the dungeon's designer put a lot of thought into it.

From significantly weakened low-level monsters to level-8 monsters with the same strength as monsters in the outside world.

And the level 8 monsters that were selected are plant-type monsters that can launch surprise attacks yet cannot move.

The Bullwhip Tree possesses a surprise attack property, allowing novice class users to experience the danger of the wilderness in advance.

The Bullwhip Tree can't move and thus can't chase class users.

If they are in danger, novice class users can calmly retreat and leave its range.

And the range of the Bullwhip Tree is the same as that of some long-range classes.

This also eliminates the possibility of long-range class users taking a shortcut.

This design allows novices to engage in safe combat against true level 8 monsters.

The entire novice dungeon exudes a protective and nurtur

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