Chapter 10 - No One Can Level Up Faster Than Me
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 10 - No One Can Level Up Faster Than Me

10 - No One Can Level Up Faster Than Me

[Level: 4 (99.00%)]

Lin Moyu looked at his data. He is about to level up again.

The 13 Skeletal Warriors unleashed a massacre in the surroundings, and his EXP increased steadily.

This time's level up is faster than the previous one, only taking about 50 minutes.

"The number of Skeletal Warriors has increased and the concentration of monsters has risen, so the hunting speed hasn't changed."

"This is the reason why the leveling speed hasn't decreased, but instead has increased."

Lin Moyu analyzed his current situation.

At present, he has reached the depths of the novice dungeon, which are filled with levels 6 and level 7 monsters.

Only the highest level monsters of the novice dungeon, level 8 monsters, have yet to appear.

In here, the density of monsters has increased, which leads to a faster rate of gaining EXP.

As if expert goons, the Skeletal Warriors harvested the lives of monsters with a single blade strike.

The only regrettable thing is that monsters in the novice dungeon won't drop anything.

After all, this is a novice dungeon, a place specifically designed for novice class users to adapt to actual combat. It is very different from the wilderness.

In the novice dungeon, monsters are weakened as a whole.

Only level 8 monster aren't weakened, maintaining combat power comparable to that of monsters in the wilderness.

When one reaches level 8 and faces level 8 monsters, they should already possess considerable combat experience.

After reaching level 8, they will leave the novice dungeon.

As such, level 8 monsters are a perfect link, allowing novice class users to experience the combat power of monsters living in the wilderness in advance.

In this way, when one really goes to the wilderness to fight monsters, they won't panic.

As the level up beam of light appeared once more, Lin Moyu finally reached level 5.

His attributes and skills were both upgraded

At the same, the combat power of the Skeletal Warriors has also increased, all attributes rising by 10

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