Chapter 9 - Leveling Speed Increases
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 9 - Leveling Speed Increases

Lu Yun beckoned the visitor and said, "Patriarch Xia, come and have a seat."

This is Xia Dongyang, the patriarch of Xihai City's Xia Family and Xia Xue's father.

There are vacant seats at the table. Xia Dongyang took a seat without hesitation.

"Hello, principals." He greeted the group after sitting down.

Xia Dongyang has a steadfast and imposing appearance.

Lu Yun poured a cup of tea for Xia Dongyang and asked, "Patriarch Xia, are you here to see Xia Xue?"

Xia Dongyang smiled, "Principal Yun, thank you for taking care of Xue these past few years."

Lu Yun waved his hand, "I haven't done anything. Xia Xue is very bright. In the class awakening, she did very good, as well."

Xia Dongyang said, "Yes, I heard from my family. I only returned to Xihai City today. It's a shame, but I couldn't come in time for Xue's class awakening."

Lu Yun is aware that Xia Dongyang is very busy and doesn't spend much time at home.

"We were just discussing Xia Xue, wondering if she can reach level 5 by the time the 12 hours are up. She wants to enter the Xiajing Academy. This is no easy feat."

Xia Dongyang said, "It shouldn't be a problem. Even if she fails by a hair's breadth, that won't be a problem. I can always ask someone to take care of things."

Lu Yun shook his head, "I suggest that you don't do that. I know Xia Xue's personality. If you were to do that, she would hate you."

Xia Dongyang sighed. This is something he knows as well.

Xia Dongyang changed topics, "I heard that yesterday during the class awakening, your school produced a hidden class. Congratulations. I wonder what class it is."

Lu Yun's face lit up, "The class is called Necromancer. This is a class that has never been seen before. It can summon skeletons. However, it remains to be seen if it is amazing or not."

Not all hidden classes are amazing. In fact, trash hidden classes have appeared before.

Can summon skeletons? That sounds a bit eerie and sinister.

And the name Necromancer doesn't have a pleasant ring to it, either.

To deal with the dead, this will inevitably mak

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