Chapter 8 - Spirit Attack That Ignores Defense
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 8 - Spirit Attack That Ignores Defense

When compared to level 1 Skeletal Warriors, the attributes of the level 2 Skeletal Warrior have increased by 100 points.

Rising from 150 to 250 points

Lin Moyu is aware that the actual increase is not so exaggerated. This is mainly thanks to his talent being too overpowered.

If it were not for his talent, the attributes of the level 2 Skeletal Warrior would be at 25 points, which constitutes an increase of 10 points from level 1 Skeletal Warriors.

For the four attributes, a rise of 40 points in total is considered normal.

It is neither lacking nor outstanding.

The crux lies in his talent, the unique godly talent.

This talent is a perfect match for the Necromancer class.

Lin Moyu continued to use his skill and summoned Skeletal Warriors, increasing the number of Skeletal Warriors to seven.

As if expert goons, the Seven Skeletal Warriors scattered in the novice dungeon and continuously killed monsters.

Whether level 1, level 2, or even level 3 monsters, faced with the shabby swords of the Skeletal Warriors, they were all killed in an instant.

Their attributes are amazing. Even without any skills, the Skeletal Warriors have extremely high combat power.

"With 250 points of strength, they should be comparable to level 10 Warriors."

With their level 10 combat power, the novice dungeon is a walk in the park for the level 2 Skeletal Warriors.

The most crucial thing is that there are seven Skeletal Warriors.

No, seven is just the starting point.

Lin Moyu will continue to summon Skeletal Warriors after his spirit is restored.

[Killed level 2 Gray Cat, EXP +20]

[Killed level 3 Brown Dog, EXP +30]

[Killed level 4 Blue Eyes Rat King, EXP +40]

Killed in an instant. Along the way, monsters were killed in an instant, one after another.

Faced with level 10 combat power, the level 3 and level 4 monsters died without suspense, without suffering pain.

By following the tracks of the Skeletal Warriors, Lin Moyu slowly advanced forward.

As the Skeletal Warriors ran further and further, a map gradually formed in Lin Moyu's mind. This is a

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