Chapter 27.2
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After appointing the class representative and study committee member, next came the rearrangement of the class seating. However, the form teacher didn't assign seats based on test scores. After all, the elite class she led was a gathering of the best students in Yunying High.

In the class of 40 students, apart from the top 10, the remaining 30 students had scored roughly similar results in the High School Entrance Examination, with the maximum deviation being within 50 points.

As luck would have it, Jun Zishu and Qin Youran remained as deskmates. The two sat in the fourth row of the column located next to the door, with Jun Zishu taking the inner seat and Qin Youran taking the outer seat.

It had already been many years since Jun Zishu had experienced the feeling of attending class. Thus, she picked up her pen, ignored the teacher's lecture, and started flipping through her textbook.

"Why aren't you paying attention to class, bookworm?"

Qin Youran curiously looked at Jun Zishu. While she was taking notes of the teacher's lecture, she noticed Jun Zishu flipping through the pages of her textbook one after another. Even though the teacher was only in the first chapter, Jun Zishu had already flipped to the book's last few chapters.

"Because it isn't necessary."

It was a very cold answer.

Qin Youran's eyes widened in surprise, not expecting such an answer.

This person was even more arrogant than her!

"Don't tell me you know everything already?" Qin Youran asked in a whisper, her voice carrying a hint of disbelief.

However, after thinking it over, Qin Youran found that this wasn't an impossible situation. After all, Jun Zishu was the monster who got a perfect score on the High School Entrance Examination.

Jun Zishu lifted her head and saw that the teacher was looking in their direction. Thus, she didn't respond to Qin Youran's question and resumed flipping through her textbook.

Qin Youran gnashed her teeth when she failed to get an answer, her heart nearly exploding from anger.

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Good! Very good! The girl dares to ignore me! It has been a while since anyone has disrespected me to such an extent!

Qin Youran stomached her anger until the end of class. Then, as soon as the bell rang, she moved back her chair, grabbed Jun Zishu by the collar, and pulled the girl toward her.

"Do you know who I am?"

Qin Youran's tone was harsh, and her gaze was grim. Up close, she created a super scary sight.

"Qin Youran."

"It's good that you know."

Qin Youran snorted, feeling a little delighted that the bookworm knew her place.

However, the next second, when she saw Jun Zishu revealed an expression that said, "are you an idiot," the delight in Qin Youran's heart vanished instantly.

"Do you know what kind of status my family has here? Destroying your future is a piece of cake for me," Qin Youran threatened. With this, the bookworm should know how scary she was.

"Oh." Jun Zishu calmly nodded. Inwardly, though, she couldn't help but chuckle. Sure enough, she's still a child. Her behavior is so childish. Is this the rumored "I'm the local gangster, and I have a hundred ways to make your life here hell" line?

"Oh"?! Again with the "Oh"?!?! Qin Youran was on the brink of losing her mind. However, she quickly reminded herself of her current character setting. She needed to be cool and evil. "Do you not have any other reactions? Are you not afraid of me?"



This bookworm is so annoying! Why isn't she afraid of me?!

Blinking her eyes, Jun Zishu gradually leaned back and said, "Because I know you won't do that. You have no reason to. I haven't offended you, either. I also believe that you are a good person."

"How do you know I won't do that? What if I decide to ruin you on a whim?"

Also, you did offend me! You've been upsetting me since the moment we met!

Qin Youran felt aggrieved upon suddenly receiving the "good guy card."


Qin Youran took a deep breath, doing her best to stay calm.

Ahhhhhh!!!!! To hell with staying calm!!!!! Where's my knife?!?!

Fuck!! Fuck!!!!

"Why do you keep giving me this one-word reply?"

"Because it is clear and concise. It can also be used on numerous occasions," Jun Zishu honestly answered.

"Oh" could be used to express indifference and disdain. It could also be used to express understanding. Moreover, it was only one word. With just one word, a person could effortlessly tackle many situations. Though, the usage of such a reply was indeed a little annoying for the person on the receiving end.

"I detest people who use such a perfunctory answer to brush me off."

"I'm not brushing you off. I just don't know how to better-answer your question," Jun Zishu said as she widened her eyes to convey her sincerity to Qin Youran.

"You're not allowed to answer me using that word from now on."


"Jun Jiayao!"


"You…! You're not likable at all!"

Qin Youran released her grip over Jun Zishu and returned to a proper seating position in a huff. Never had she felt so aggrieved in her life.

Qin Youran's life thus far had remained smooth-sailing. Because of her family background, there were a ton of people trying to butter up to her. She was also treated like a princess in her social circle. Adding on her personality and leadership capability, almost nobody among her peers had ever gone against her. Yet, the bookworm beside her was like a stubborn rock. No matter what she did to Jun Zishu, the other party refused to become enlightened.

In reality, Qin Youran understood that Jun Zishu wasn't behaving in such a way only toward her. The dull girl interacted similarly to everyone around her. Even so, Qin Youran still couldn't help but get upset by it.

Qin Youran found Jun Zishu's disregard of her and the girl's absent-minded appearance truly hateful.

However, Qin Youran absolutely refused to acknowledge that she bore an extraordinary curiosity toward Jun Zishu.

"I know I'm not a likable person. I don't need you to tell me that."

Jun Zishu pursed her lips, tightened her grip over her pen, and lowered her head.

With the original Jun Jiayao's personality, it would indeed be difficult for the girl to make friends. Not only was she taciturn, but her words were also unfiltered and fatal when she spoke.

Calling Jun Jiayao outspoken would be an understatement. A more accurate description would be that she was an inconsiderate person who didn't know how to hold conversations. She didn't know how to read the atmosphere and decide what should and shouldn't be said.

The words that came out of her mouth would often spoil the mood for others, and her thought process was unique, to say the least. It often felt like she wasn't standing on the same page as others.

However, those who truly understood Jun Jiayao and had walked into Jun Jiayao's heart would know that she was a good girl. She was just a little dull when it came to socializing and lacked worldly knowledge. She was also quite easy to trick.

Jun Zishu inwardly sighed as she pretended to be sad and continued reading the textbook before her.

Say, Little Fairy, do you think I should make my shoulders tremble a little or shed a tear or two right now? Or would that be going a little overboard with my performance?

[Um… I think maintaining your current sad appearance is enough. Also, the mission target is looking at you now.]

Qin Youran was pondering whether she had gone too far with her words just now.

However, Qin Youran couldn't figure out what she did wrong. She had clearly said those words in a joking manner. Yet, the bookworm looked quite sad.


Qin Youran poked at Jun Zishu's waist. However, Jun Zishu did not lift her head as she continued with her act.

"I'll work hard to surpass you in the next test," Qin Youran stated.

Jun Zishu lifted her head, confusion coloring her face as she looked at Qin Youran.

However, Qin Youran stopped speaking and began focusing on her textbook.

Jun Zishu couldn't help but be exasperated by Qin Youran's tsundere behavior. Even though Qin Youran clearly felt guilty and wanted to apologize, the girl couldn't bring herself to do so. Even though Qin Youran wanted to praise her for her excellence, what ended up coming out of the girl's mouth was something akin to a declaration of war.

Jeez, how awkwardly cute.

After having dinner at the school cafeteria, Jun Zishu and Qin Youran returned to the dormitory together.

Qin Youran sat on her bed fiddling with her phone while Jun Zishu tidied up her belongings and prepared to take a shower.

Normally, high schools forbid students from bringing electronic devices such as mobile phones, believing that such items would distract students from their studies.

However, Yunying High was different. Students here were allowed to bring electronic devices to school; they were only forbidden during class. Apart from that, students could freely use their electronic devices in between classes or in their dormitories.

After grabbing a pair of panties and a set of pajamas, Jun Zishu made her way to the bathroom. Then, after taking off her glasses, she began washing up.

The steam from the hot water had fogged up Jun Zishu's glasses. So, Jun Zishu didn't bother putting them back on after finishing her shower. Instead, she left the bathroom with her glasses in hand.

"Hey, you look pretty pleasing to the eye without glasses on. Without them, you look more youthful and energetic."

Qin Youran just so happened to lift her head when Jun Zishu left the bathroom, and she couldn't help but utter praise when she saw Jun Zishu's slightly flushed and cute face.

In response, Jun Zishu blankly stared at Qin Youran for a moment before returning to her bed.

Seeing that Jun Zishu was ignoring her, Qin Youran resumed playing with her phone.

At this time, Qin Youran received a message from her friend asking about how she had been doing recently, so she couldn't help but start venting her frustrations.

Qin Youran: You have no idea how much of a blockhead she is! She's the type that doesn't know how to hold a conversation at all! I think she came here just to piss me off!

Bai Lu: Oh? Which ignorant fool offended our young lady this time?

Qin Youran: A bookworm.

Bai Lu: Pfft, what are you clashing heads with a bookworm for, Big Sis? Since when have people like us mingled with bookworms? Since you don't like that bookworm, just play some tricks on her. It's not like it'll be the first time you do something like that.

Qin Youran: Shoo, shoo, shoo. I won't stoop to such low levels.

Bai Lu: Just stay away from her, then.

Qin Youran: But she is my deskmate and my roommate.

Bai Lu: Pfft, are you trying to be funny with me today, young miss? If she's your deskmate, you can just change your seat. If she's your roommate, wouldn't it be fine if you move to a new room or move out?

Qin Youran scratched her head in irritation. She naturally understood her friend's logic. If she found someone to be an eyesore, she could easily deal with them using various means. However, this time, Qin Youran's goal was to make Jun Zishu submit to her and acknowledge her as the superior one among them without having to resort to despicable means. She wanted Jun Zishu to willingly admit defeat.

The only problem now was that Jun Zishu didn't seem interested in anything other than reading books! How was she supposed to defeat an opponent who wasn't even interested in looking at her?!

Bai Lu: How about coming out to play next weekend? Why bother yourself with a bookworm?

Qin Youran: Not going.

Bai Lu: Why?

Qin Youran: Study.

Bai Lu: ??? Are you my Big Sis Ran? Since when has my Big Sis Ran liked studying so much?

Qin Youran: Mortals like you can never understand the joy immortals like myself get out of learning.

When Qin Youran remembered the declaration she made to Jun Zishu today, she decided to work hard and study during this period. Otherwise, wouldn't she be slapping herself in the face?

However, when Qin Youran thought of studying, she couldn't help but grimace.

In the past, she would often play while studying. To be precise, she would play until she got bored before she started studying.

Now, though, Qin Youran had no choice but to set aside her entertainment if she wanted to beat Jun Zishu in the next exam.

Why is working hard to better oneself such an agonizing task? If humans were created to gain happiness through studying, there'd be tons of elites in society already.

Qin Youran sighed as she shook her useless thoughts out of her head. Then, she lifted her head, looked in Jun Zishu's direction, and choked a little when she saw Jun Zishu studying in front of the desk.

Probably only inhuman geniuses like her would find studying enjoyable.