Chapter 27.3
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Jun Zishu spread out a drawing paper on her desk and started drawing on it with a pencil and ruler.

A sudden inspiration had appeared in her mind, and she wanted to draw the outline of this inspiration tonight and refine it tomorrow.

The business Jun Zishu ran back in her original world was unrelated to the jewelry industry, so she didn't have much knowledge of the industry before coming to this world. Fortunately, she would automatically inherit all of the original owner's skills once she occupied a new body.

With how strict and earnest a person Jun Zishu was, she would naturally work hard to improve her inherited skills. Though, maybe because of the original owner's influence, Jun Zishu now had a great interest in designing jewelry as well.

When Qin Youran left the bathroom and found that Jun Zishu had started drawing something on the table, she couldn't help but be a little surprised. Unable to resist her curiosity, she started approaching Jun Zishu while drying her hair with a towel.

"So you know how to draw? What are you drawing?"

"My inspiration. I just thought of a jewelry design that I think is excellent, so I wanted to sketch it out first and save it for later."

Jun Zishu lifted her head to look at Qin Youran, a rare smile appearing on her face. After all, she was currently talking about something she liked.

"You can continue drawing. I'm just here to watch."

Qin Youran hastily wiped her hair and threw her towel away, ignoring that there was still water dripping from her hair. Then, she stood behind Jun Zishu and watched the latter draw. In her mind, though, she recalled Jun Zishu's previous smile.

Jun Zishu was never ugly, to begin with. It was just that her glasses and indifferent expression had hidden her beauty. However, when she was earnestly introducing her passion with a smile before, Qin Youran had to admit that she was a little captivated by the bookworm's beauty.

Although Jun Zishu was only drawing a rough sketch, Qin Youran could roughly imagine what the end product would look like already.

"Hey, I'm surprised; it honestly looks pretty good. Do you like designing jewelry?"

"Mhm. I like it very much. I find jewelry designs to be very captivating. I plan to specialize in this field once I enter university."

"I thought you would meddle with science stuff instead."


"Cough, cough… I mean, like researching power, airplanes, rockets, and stuff like that. Or maybe you'll lock yourself inside a laboratory or conduct historical research," Qin Youran said.

In Qin Youran's mind, Jun Zishu didn't seem like the type to design jewelry. Rather than a jewelry designer, Jun Zishu fit the role of a scientist or archaeologist much better. Though, that was her opinion before she saw Jun Zishu drawing.

When Qin Youran saw Jun Zishu's focused and serious appearance just now, she could tell that Jun Zishu was doing something she loved very much.

Qin Youran returned to her desk and started applying some skincare products on her face. Five minutes later, she laid down on her bed and played with her phone for a while. Then, she let out a yawn and got ready for bed.

"You'll have a headache tomorrow if you sleep without drying your hair," Jun Zishu suddenly reminded, causing Qin Youran to sober up a little.

"Mind your own business."

Qin Youran originally wanted to say that she was lazy, but those words came out of her mouth instead.

Qin Youran felt a little annoyed. Her old habit was acting up again for some reason. Jun Zishu was clearly showing concern for her this time, yet she had responded with disdain.

Suddenly, Qin Youran realized that she had taken one step further from turning Jun Zishu into her underling.

"Did you not bring a hairdryer with you?"

Qin Youran was stunned, not expecting such a response from Jun Zishu. She had originally prepared herself to hear another "oh" from the bookworm already.

"Mhm, that's right. Who would bring such a thing?"

Qin Youran took the opportunity given to extricate herself from the awkward situation. Then, she sat up on her bed and ran her fingers through her wet hair.

"I remember seeing one in the bathroom cabinet. I'll go get it for you," Jun Zishu suggested.

"What's with the sudden kindness?"

"My mother said that roommates should care for each other," Jun Zishu repeated Qin Xiaoman's message to her in a somewhat dull and serious manner.

However, as there was some distance between them, Qin Youran couldn't see Jun Zishu's expression. So, she thought that Jun Zishu was feeling embarrassed and was using her mother as a shield.

Tsk, I knew it. How can anyone resist my charms? Just look at this bookworm. Isn't she working hard to befriend me already? If you want to be nice to me, just say it. Why use your mother as an excuse, you little smarty-pants?

Sure enough, Jun Zishu found a hairdryer in the bathroom's cabinet. After taking it out, she waved it in front of Qin Youran and put it beside the girl's bed.

"Tsk, how annoying."

Qin Youran straightened her back and flicked her hair in irritation.

Qin Youran had very long hair. Because of her flick, her hair reached Jun Zishu and swiped across the latter's chest.

Qin Youran's hair was still damp and clumped together. When it swept past Jun Zishu's chest, some of the moisture got on Jun Zishu's shirt, the dampened cloth giving Jun Zishu a slight itch.

Since it was summer, the pajamas Jun Zishu wore were thin and light. The fabric immediately stuck to the skin as soon as it was exposed to water.

Qin Youran suddenly saw two dots appearing on Jun Zishu's shirt. Moreover, because of the moisture, those dots became even clearer.

"Why aren't you wearing that?" Qin Youran thoughtfully asked as she caressed her chin.

"Because it's more comfortable that way."

Jun Zishu answered as if it were a matter of course. After having her breasts constricted the entire day, taking off her bra was a liberating feeling.

Similar to the body she had in the previous world, her current body's development in the chest department was also abnormally quick. Although they couldn't be considered Big Macs yet, they were still a spectacular sight to behold. This was especially true when they were bouncing and swaying.

"Yours look very big."

Qin Youran smirked. With swift motions, she assaulted Jun Zishu's breasts and gave them a few squeezes. Then, before Jun Zishu could shield herself, Qin Youran quickly retracted her hands.

"Could you be the legendary big-breasted loli?"

"Dry your hair."

"It's a pain to dry it. My hands get sore easily if I keep holding up the hairdryer. How about you dry my hair for me instead?" Qin Youran said as she picked up the hairdryer and handed it to Jun Zishu.

"Why must I help you dry your hair?"

Jun Zishu recalled that their relationship hadn't reached that level of intimacy yet.

[Host! This is the perfect opportunity to deepen your relationship with the mission target!]

"Didn't your mother say that roommates should care for each other? So, what's wrong with helping me dry my hair? Are you not willing to do even something so simple?"

Qin Youran sighed and put on a disappointed expression. Inwardly, though, she was cackling like a maniac.

Qin Youran never intended to have Jun Zishu dry her hair for her. She was only messing with the bookworm.

However, contrary to Qin Youran's expectations, Jun Zishu had accepted the hairdryer and plugged it into the nearby socket. Jun Zishu even got into a stance that expressed that she was ready to do some blow-drying.

There was no way Qin Youran could take back her words now unless she wanted to embarrass herself. So, she sat with her back against Jun Zishu and mumbled some complaints in her mind. She also swore that if the bookworm dared to deliberately pull at her hair afterward, she would…she would… It didn't seem like she could do anything about it?

No! I can use this chance to punish her!

However, Qin Youran had guessed wrong once again. Jun Zishu did not try to take revenge and hurt her at all. On the contrary, Jun Zishu was very gentle with her actions. Jun Zishu even made sure to be extra careful when running her fingers through Qin Youran's scalp.

In no time at all, Qin Youran closed her eyes and started to enjoy Jun Zishu's service. Through this situation, she realized that the bookworm was quite a nice person.

By the time Jun Zishu had finished drying Qin Youran's hair, Qin Youran was already in a drowsy state, unable to even keep her eyes open.

"Are you done?" Qin Youran asked in a sleepy voice.


Then, Qin Youran collapsed onto her bed and fell asleep, just like that.

Seeing this, Jun Zishu covered Qin Youran with the blanket. Although the weather outside was warm because of the summer heat, the room's air conditioner was running, so there was no worry that Qin Youran would get all hot and sweaty.

After tucking Qin Youran in, Jun Zishu unplugged the hairdryer and put it on the coffee table. Then, she turned off the lights in the room and only left her bedside lamp on to do some reading.

Roughly 20 minutes later, Jun Zishu turned off her bedside lamp and went to bed.

Jun Zishu never needed an alarm clock to wake up. This was because Little Fairy was her best alarm clock. Not only did the ringing of this alarm reach all the way to her soul, but it was also an alarm that didn't have an "Off" button.

It was 6.30 AM when Jun Zishu woke up. However, unlike other high schools, which started classes at 7 AM, Yunying High started morning classes at 7.30 AM. So, Jun Zishu had plenty of time to prepare for classes.

After spending around ten minutes showering, Jun Zishu dressed up and made her way to the cafeteria.

Although there was only one cafeteria in the school, it offered a wide selection of foods that one wouldn't normally find in most high schools. After all, Yunying High was a school for the wealthy. Since Yunying High's school fees were much more expensive than what the average school charged, the services it offered naturally had to be of a higher quality as well.

After buying two bowls of congee and two trays of steamed buns, Jun Zishu made her way back to the dormitory.

It was already 6.50 AM when Jun Zishu arrived back in the room. However, Qin Youran was still asleep. Thus, Jun Zishu quietly ate her portion while leaving the other portion on the coffee table.

When it was 7 AM, Jun Zishu saw Qin Youran briefly waking up to turn off her phone's alarm before going back to sleep.

Qin Youran would be late for class if she continued sleeping. Although Young Miss Qin might not mind being late for class, Jun Zishu felt that she should wake her roommate in the spirit of friendship.

"Qin Youran, Qin Youran, it's seven already. You should wake up now. There's only half an hour left until class."

However, Qin Youran remained unfazed and simply turned her body away in annoyance.

"Qin Youran, Qin Youran."

Jun Zishu poked Qin Youran's face with her finger and persistently called out to the girl.

Qin Youran reflexively grabbed the finger that was poking at her face and angrily opened her eyes.

"You best give me a reason not to get angry," Qin Youran threatened in a low and agitated voice as she glared at Jun Zishu.

"It's seven o'clock already. There's only half an hour left until class."

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"I don't give a shit," Qin Youran snapped at Jun Zishu before laying back into bed.

However, half a minute later, Qin Youran's eyes snapped open, a gloomy expression appearing on her face as she remembered her previous declaration.

God fucking dammit! I still need to study!

"You should get up and wash up first. I've already bought breakfast for you; it's right over there," Jun Zishu said as she pointed at the coffee table.

Hearing Jun Zishu's words, warmth returned to Qin Youran's face.

"Thanks," Qin Youran said in gratitude. Then, when she saw Jun Zishu's large breasts just centimeters away from her, she couldn't help herself from reaching for them and squeezing them.

Jun Zishu indifferently pushed her glasses, her eyes giving off a hint of concern for the mentally disabled.

"Why didn't you evade?"

"You have 26 minutes left."