Chapter 27.1
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"You've been drinking juice this entire time, Big Sis Ran! That's not like you at all! Come, have some beer instead!"

Someone opened a bottle of beer and placed it in front of Qin Youran.

"I'll pass. I still need to go to class tomorrow. What would I do if I get a hangover?"

Qin Youran rejected the beer and continued sipping her juice.

"Oh, come on. Today's our last gathering before school starts. Don't be a spoilsport. Just one bottle, Big Sis Ran. With your alcohol tolerance, one bottle should be child's play."

"Okay, I'll drink it."

Qin Youran assented and promptly started emptying the bottle of beer into her stomach. It was indeed true that she had a good alcohol tolerance. Although it wasn't to the point where she could drink liters of beer without getting drunk, drinking one small bottle wasn't a problem for her at all. At most, her stomach would feel a little full.

Meanwhile, seeing Qin Youran decisively emptying the bottle, the people around her cheered happily.

Under the glow of the flickering lights, the dishes served on the table looked exquisite. However, after taking two small bites, Qin Youran felt full, so she stood up and prepared to leave.

"You're going back now, Big Sis Ran?"


Qin Youran picked up her jacket and made her way out of the room.

"I'll see you off," Li Yinglan said.

The restaurant they dined at was a restaurant they frequently visited. Although it wasn't a magnificent hotel or high-class restaurant, the food here was good. The only problem was that the restaurant wasn't located in a busy area, so finding a taxi here was a challenge.

The street lights stretched the shadows of the pedestrians walking under them to great lengths. Qin Youran walked swiftly and steadily in her high heels as she made her way to the nearest intersection.

Feeling a chilly breeze brush past her exposed arms, Qin Youran put on her jacket and continued moving forward.

Qin Youran felt irritated for some inexplicable reason.

After racking her mind for a moment, she felt that the cause of her irritation was probably because classes would be starting tomorrow. Thus, she couldn't sleep to her heart's desire or stay up late anymore.

"Ranran, wait for me.'

Li Yinglan's voice came from behind. At this time, the boy was panting for air, and a layer of red had dyed his face.

However, Qin Youran pretended not to hear Li Yinglan and continued on her way.

There was no need for her to stop. Li Yinglan wasn't someone worthy for her to stop.

"Are you in a bad mood today?" Li Yinglan asked after running and catching up with Qin Youran.


Qin Youran shook her head.

"You can find me if you need any help. We're going to the same school, anyway. My class is also next door to yours. Just message me when you need help; I'll do my best to help," Li Yinglan said in a somewhat flattering manner.

"No need," Qin Youran coldly responded. If she faced a problem, she would deal with it herself.


Li Yinglan stopped, only to see Qin Youran maintaining her pace.

"Qin Youran!" Li Yinglan loudly called out Qin Youran's full name.

Qin Youran finally stopped this time. Then, she turned around with her arms crossed and head lifted slightly.

"If you have something to say, say it."

"Why are you always so indifferent?"

"How passionate do you need me to be?"

Qin Youran raised an eyebrow, her words giving off a sense of alienation.

"Can you not see how much I like you? You have already agreed to be in a relationship with me. So, why is there no change in your attitude?"

When Li Yinglan looked at the beautiful girl before him, a hint of sadness and exhaustion appeared in his heart.

Not only did Qin Youran have an exquisite face, but her temperament was also different from other girls. Instead of being a delicate existence, she gave off a cold and oppressive feeling. Meanwhile, this characteristic deeply attracted Li Yinglan and made him pursue Qin Youran in the first place.

Originally, things went just like he expected. There was no girl capable of withstanding his passionate offensive. In less than a week, Qin Youran had already agreed to be his girlfriend.

However, in the coming days, Li Yinglan later found almost no difference between becoming lovers and becoming friends with Qin Youran. Others might envy him for having a rich and beautiful girlfriend like Qin Youran, but none of them knew the suffering in his heart.

No matter what he tried, Qin Youran only ever allowed him to hold hands with her and nothing more. Moreover, Qin Youran would grow bored and extricate her hands less than two minutes later. She had grown tired of their relationship even faster than he did. It was as if their relationship was nothing but a game to her.

"Like? Plenty of people like me. Also, I have already given you a chance. It's just that you never managed to move me. I have seen your devotion to me, and I thank you for liking me. However, I don't need this kind of liking," Qin Youran mercilessly said.

"So, in your eyes, I am the one who's obliviously sticking to you? Though, it seems that this is the case in reality," Li Yinglan said in a self-mocking tone as he looked at Qin Youran's figure under the street light.

Qin Youran had long flowing hair. Paired with her white T-shirt, black windbreaker, dark blue shorts, and black heels, she looked both cool and beautiful.

Li Yinglan sighed when he failed to see his figure within Qin Youran's eyes.

"Since you've grown tired already, let's break up, then," Qin Youran nonchalantly said.

In reality, she had already suggested they break up a few days after they started dating. Moreover, from the very beginning, she had clearly stated that she wasn't dating him because she liked him. Instead, she had only done so to sate her curiosity and give Li Yinglan a chance to win her heart.

It was Li Yinglan who felt that there was still hope for them and that they could continue with their relationship.

Unfortunately, love wasn't something that could be forced.


"I hope you can find a better partner. We aren't suitable for each other."

"That's right; we're not a good match. But I'm curious; what type of person do you like, Qin Youran?"

"When the day comes when I enter a relationship, and I mean a real relationship, I'll remember to show that person to you. Then, you'll know what kind of person I like."

Complicated feelings filled Li Yinglan's heart as he stood by Qin Youran's side and waited until Qin Youran left in a taxi.

After watching Qin Youran and Li Yinglan's break-up through Little Fairy's live broadcast, Jun Zishu smacked her lips and said, "How gentlemanly of this guy. Even after getting dumped, he still chose to stay there until she got into the car."

[Mhm. The mission target is on her way back home now.]

"I think the mission this time might be easier than the last one."



Jun Zishu started making plans in her mind. Li Yinglan wasn't the male lead of the original story. Instead, the male lead was Qin Youran's childhood friend, who was currently studying abroad.

Jun Zishu was currently 16 years old, and Qin Youran, two months younger than her, was also 16. Only when Qin Youran had reached 18 would her childhood friend-cum-scumbag male lead return.

The scumbag was a top student, and he was the type of person who treated others warmly. He had taken care of Qin Youran a lot when they were children. When he returned from his overseas studies, he found that Qin Youran had grown into a beautiful woman.

Out of his pursuit toward beauty and the importance he placed on Qin Youran's family background, the scumbag male lead decided to pursue after Qin Youran.

Of course, unlike a boy like Li Yinglan, the scumbag male lead was much more experienced and refined when it came to pursuing women. He didn't profess his love for Qin Youran outright. Instead, he bonded with Qin Youran by reminiscing about their childhood and gradually increased their intimacy through carefully calculated actions. Then, only after thinking that the time was right did he confess.

However, after successfully getting Qin Youran to become his girlfriend, the male lead coincidentally bumped into He Bailing on multiple accounts and gradually found himself attracted her personality. Then, the rest was history.

Currently, there were still close to three years before the male lead returned and confessed to Qin Youran. This meant Jun Zishu had nearly three years to ensure Qin Youran didn't get together with the main lead. Thus, Jun Zishu felt that the mission's difficulty this time wasn't particularly high.

Although Jun Zishu had yet to become friends with the mission target, that was only a matter of time.

On the first day of the new semester, the first thing the form teacher did was to rearrange the class seating and appoint a class representative.

Jun Zishu, the undisputed first place in class, had decisively refused the class representative position while pushing her glasses. She stated that she only wished to study and nothing more.

Not to mention, the position of class representative didn't necessarily have to go to the person with the highest scores. It was fine so long as the appointed class representative could lead the class.

However, while Jun Zishu might not want the position, that didn't mean the others in class didn't want it, either. On the contrary, quite a few students wanted the position. Thus, the form teacher decided to hold a democratic election, allowing those who wanted the position to come up to the lectern to speak. The one who could win the hearts of the students would then obtain the position.

Not surprisingly, Jun Zishu saw Qin Youran walking up to the lectern. Not only was Qin Youran beautiful, but she also spoke with generosity and wit. She also gave off a sense of leadership. Thus, she successfully became the class representative.

Unfortunately for Jun Zishu, although she managed to escape becoming the class representative, she couldn't escape the important task of becoming a study committee member.

Under the form teacher's coercion, Jun Zishu dully nodded and accepted the position with a troubled expression.

"Why don't you want to become an official, bookworm? Doesn't everyone want to become an official?"

"It's troublesome, and the position comes with a lot of work. I'd rather study instead."

To Jun Zishu, teaching others how to solve a problem was much more troublesome than solving a problem herself. She wasn't a warm-hearted person, either. It might be fine if others could understand her teachings after listening to her only once, but she would grow tired if she had to repeat herself multiple times.

Not to mention, members of the study committee had to attend meetings regularly and formulate effective learning policies for other students. Jun Zishu already felt annoyed just from thinking about all these responsibilities.

"What a bookworm you are. It's not good to study all the time. You might be fine now, but you'll suffer once you enter society. I bet you'll get tricked without even realizing it," Qin Youran kindly advised Jun Zishu. Not to mention, if studying was the only thing left to do in this world, how boring of a world would that be?

"Thank you for your reminder. Also, my name is Jun Jiayao, not 'bookworm," Jun Zishu said, emphasizing her name in this world. She didn't wish to be called "bookworm" constantly.

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"Got it, bookworm."