Chapter 26.3
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Quite a few students were already in the class when Jun Zishu arrived, and these people curiously observed every new student that entered the class.

The moment Jun Zishu entered the class, her eyes were instantly attracted to the most eye-catching presence in the room—a girl who wore a black T-shirt and had her hair tied into a ponytail. Even though the girl's action of chewing on a piece of gum gave her the image of a female thug, it did not besmirch her breathtaking beauty in the slightest. When comparing facial appearances, this female thug was leagues above the other girls around her.

When Jun Zishu finally got to meet Qin Youran, the first thought that came to her mind was that the scumbag male lead must be blind. Otherwise, why would he turn his back on such a beautiful girl?

"Name?" the form teacher standing at the lectern asked Jun Zishu. The form teacher was a woman dressed in corporate wear. She also wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on her face, and she gave off the feeling of being a meticulous person.

"Jun Jiayao," Jun Zishu answered.

"Oh, it's you?" When the form teacher heard Jun Zishu's name, her stern expression instantly turned a lot gentler. Fondness also filled her eyes as she looked at Jun Zishu. "Sit wherever you want for now. We will only be fixing seating arrangements once school officially starts tomorrow."

Although Jun Zishu didn't speak loudly, the students seated near the front heard her clearly. And when these students repeated Jun Zishu's name in exclamation, the rest of the class quickly realized Jun Zishu's identity as well.

At this point, even those who didn't pay much attention to the academic performance of others would've heard the name of Jun Jiayao, the top scorer of this year's High School Entrance Examination. Moreover, she had even achieved her position with full marks!

It was an unprecedented achievement!

While the adults might praise Jun Zishu for her academic prowess, other students who took the exam couldn't help but wonder what Jun Zishu's brain looked like. This was especially true for the students belonging to the same class as Jun Zishu. Every member of Yunying High's elite class was a top student in their respective middle schools, so they knew full well how difficult it was to get full marks in the High School Entrance Examination.

Meanwhile, when Qin Youran heard Jun Zishu's name, she, too, lifted her head to look at the person who had won against her.

So this is what she looks like, Qin Youran thought as she scrutinized the short, bespectacled girl with shoulder-length hair standing on the lectern. Based on her first impressions of Jun Zishu, she felt that Jun Zishu was a bookworm who didn't speak much.

Qin Youran didn't expect to have her limelight stolen by such a person.

Although Qin Youran had never thought of becoming the top scorer in the city, she couldn't help but grow interested when she found out that there was a frightening existence that had managed to score full marks on all subjects. However, when Qin Youran saw this frightening existence in person, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

If her opponent was a nerd who only knew how to study, it would be very boring to compete with such a person.

With her interest fading, Qin Youran lowered her head and continued fiddling with her phone.

A moment later, though, Qin Youran lifted her head again when she heard a voice coming from beside her.

The voice sounded faint and dull, just like its owner.

"Excuse me, can you please make way? I wish to sit there," Jun Zishu said as she pointed at the seat next to Qin Youran. The seat was located against the wall, so Jun Zishu would have to get past Qin Youran to reach it.

"Aren't there plenty of empty seats in class still? You can choose any one of them, so why must you sit next to me? Sorry, but I don't want to make way."

Qin Youran put aside her phone and tilted her head slightly as she looked at Jun Zishu.

[Oh… It seems the mission target this time doesn't like you very much, Host.]

Of course she doesn't like me. I bet she's upset with me, even.

[Why is that the case? You've never done anything to offend her.]

Probably because reality didn't meet her expectations.


Qin Youran hoped that I would be an interesting person. However, she now realizes that I'm a very dull person instead.

[Host, Host, going a little OOC is okay, you know?]

Sorry, but I am a dedicated person. I refuse to go out of character.

"But I want to sit beside you," Jun Zishu stated, having no intention to leave.

Qin Youran raised an eyebrow in surprise. Then, her lips curled up slightly as she stood up.

Although Qin Youran was six months younger than Jun Zishu, she was taller than Jun Zishu. Her current height was around 166 centimeters, whereas Jun Zishu was only 160 centimeters.

Thus, when Qin Youran stood up, Jun Zishu had to lift her head to look at the other party.

In terms of presence, Qin Youran was the overwhelming victor.

However, Jun Zishu wasn't a pushover, either. She calmly stared at Qin Youran until the latter stepped aside and made way for her.

The form teacher on the lectern breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw this scene. If the two had started a conflict with each other, she would be clueless about dealing with the situation.

On one side, there was the Qin family's Qin Youran. The girl wasn't someone a measly teacher like herself could afford to offend. On the other side, there was Jun Jiayao, the top scorer of this year's High School Entrance Examination. Although she wasn't sure what kind of family background Jun Jiayao had, she heard that the girl wasn't someone to be trifled with, either. If these two girls started fighting with each other on the first day of school, she would be in for a torturous semester.

Once everyone had arrived and got seated, the form teacher had them come forward to pick up their textbooks one after another. Then, after distributing the books, she had a short class meeting, talked about the class schedule, and dismissed the class for the day.

Jun Zishu and Qin Youran were the last two people to leave the classroom.

However, Jun Zishu didn't remain in class because she didn't want to leave. Instead, it was because her deskmate, Qin Youran, refused to get up. With the wall on her right side, her only option now was to climb across her desk to get out.

Putting on a troubled expression, Jun Zishu pushed against her glasses and said, "...Excuse me, but everyone has already left. Can you stand up now?"

In response, Qin Youran stood up. However, she remained standing in the way, so Jun Zishu still couldn't leave.

"You're called Jun Jiayao, right?"

"Mhm, that's right."

Jun Zishu nodded. Then, she looked aside and found Qin Youran putting a hand on her shoulder. When she looked forward again, she discovered that Qin Youran's face had moved a lot closer to her.

The next moment, Qin Youran smirked and leaned into Jun Zishu's ear. Then, in a low voice, she said, "You must be delicious, then."[1]

After saying so, Qin Youran even blew some air into Jun Zishu's ear.

In response, Jun Zishu calmly pushed Qin Youran away and straightened her shirt.

"I'm not delicious," Jun Zishu stated matter-of-factly before walking past Qin Youran.

Qin Youran clicked her tongue when she saw her response. Jun Zishu's response also further reaffirmed Qin Youran's thought that bookworms were boring.

Qin Youran had long legs. So, it didn't take her long to catch up to and pass Jun Zishu. Then, when she arrived in front of her assigned dormitory room, she discovered that Jun Zishu was still following her.

"Why are you following me?"

"I'm not."

"Are you also heading in this direction?"


"What a coincidence," Qin Youran said as she shook the key hanging by her waist.

Qin Youran currently wore a pair of hot pants, so Jun Zishu also got a look at the girl's lean white legs when she looked at the key. Then, Jun Zishu nodded and indifferently responded, "Oh."

"Say, are you terrible at holding conversations?"

Qin Youran was a little puzzled. One would normally show some form of interest when meeting new classmates. Never had she seen anyone wearing such an indifferent expression when attending the first day of school.

Jun Zishu was not cute at all!

"Do you want to have a conversation with me?"

"Not really."

Qin Youran clicked her tongue. Why would she want to have a conversation with a boring person like Jun Zishu?

The only reason why Qin Youran was even talking to Jun Zishu was that she felt slighted. She had always been the one to disrespect others. Never was she the one being disrespected.

Qin Youran had previously thought that she was the coolest, most indifferent, and most arrogant person among her peers. She never expected to meet someone who was even cooler, more indifferent, and more arrogant than her!

Also, "oh"?! Oh?!?!

"There won't be a problem, then," Jun Zishu calmly said before walking past Qin Youran and opening the door to their room.

Jun Zishu chose the bed closer to the door since the one further away already had several boxes occupying it.

Qin Youran had brought a lot of things with her. By the looks of it, she intended to stay in the school dormitory.

After entering the room, Qin Youran began unpacking her belongings. She took out all sorts of beauty products and set them up on her table, the sound of glass bottles knocking into each other echoing throughout the room.

Jun Zishu did not even glance at Qin Youran the entire time. She only quietly sat on her bed and organized her luggage.

By the time Jun Zishu was done unpacking, Qin Youran had already set her beauty products on her table, taken them down, and set them up on the table again. Then, she quietly glanced at Jun Zishu, feeling a little perplexed.

She had been making so much noise this entire time, yet why didn't the bookworm look at her side even once? Had the bookworm looked at her, she could've naturally introduced her precious babies and made the bookworm understand that studying wasn't the only thing to do in the world.

Yet, the bookworm didn't even spare her a glance!

Instead, Jun Zishu only calmly took out three books from her bag and placed them on the table. After that, she put a few sets of clothes into the provided wardrobe. Then, she sat by the bedside and started reading a book.

Jun Zishu had finished unpacking, just like that! Jun Zishu had started reading a book, just like that!

Young Miss Qin was upset. After taking various clothing out of a box, she haphazardly stuffed them into her wardrobe. It was too much trouble to organize these things, so she felt it'd be better if she got someone else to do it for her afterward.

When Jun Zishu saw Qin Youran's violent actions through the corner of her eyes, she set aside her book, stood up, and approached QIn Youran.

When Qin Youran saw Jun Zishu walking toward her, her body stiffened, and she prepared herself to say something. However, before her words left her mouth, she quickly pursed her lips and kept quiet.

She couldn't be the first one to speak. Otherwise, it wouldn't make her look arrogant. She swore that she had to be cooler than the person before her.

Seeing as Qin Youran did not speak, Jun Zishu did not speak either.

The two stared at each other like so, the surrounding atmosphere falling silent.

"What are you standing here for?"

Eventually, Qin Youran was the first one to cave and speak up. Then, she stood up and looked at Jun Zishu.

"I'll help you."

"No need."

It was a ruthless refusal.

Qin Youran felt that the way she responded just now must've looked very cold!

"But it'll look like a mess if you leave it like that."

"It's none of your business."


Jun Zishu turned around and returned to her bed.

Qin Youran glared at Jun Zishu's back. She wasn't done speaking yet!

Originally, Qin Youran had planned to say, "If you're sincerely trying to help, I'll reluctantly let you help me tidy up." However, Jun Zishu had just straight-up turned around and walked away.

Also, again with the "oh"?! Oh?!?!

Qin Youran felt that an angry response from Jun Zishu would be much better than that kind of response.

Anger filling her stomach, Qin Youran left the room in a huff. She felt that if she had to stay in the same space with Jun Zishu, she would probably die from anger sooner or later.

Jun Zishu showed no response in regards to Qin Youran's departure. Instead, she continued calmly reading her book.

Little Fairy found herself having difficulty understanding her host's actions, so she quietly hid in a corner and watched the show.

Just like in the original story, He Bailing did not get accepted into Yunying High, and she settled for Second High instead.

After giving He Bailing a call, Jun Zishu called her parents next. Then, when afternoon arrived, she left to have lunch in the cafeteria before returning to the dormitory. Qin Youran was still absent when Jun Zishu returned, and Jun Zishu guessed that Qin Youran probably wouldn't be returning for today.

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Just like Jun Zishu guessed, Qin Youran did not plan to return to the dormitory. Currently, she was out having a meal with her friends and boyfriend, Li Yinglan.

Of course, to Qin Youran, Li Yinglan was more of a superficial boyfriend than an actual lover. They had gotten together during the third year of middle school, and the most intimate they've gotten with each other thus far was holding hands.

Li Yinglan was the son of the Li family, so he had relatively good social status. He was also good-looking, which was proven by the fact that he had been the school hunk in their middle school.

Qin Youran was a little surprised when Li Yinglan confessed to her. She was also interested in finding out what it felt like to date someone, so she accepted his confession out of curiosity.

However, after a few days, Qin Youran found dating boring, so she simply left Lin Yinglan hanging.

Qin Youran's original intention had been to break up with Lin Yinglan. However, when she suggested they break up, Lin Yinglan said they should remain together first if she hadn't found a new love interest. That way, they could see if they were meant for each other or not. And if she found a new love interest, it wouldn't be too late to break up at that time.

"How is your high school life, Young Miss Qin?" someone asked as he looked at Qin Youran and Li Yinglan.

Qin Youran and Li Yinglan both went to Yunying High. However, Li Yinglan belonged to Class 2, a different class from Qin Youran's.

"So-so," Qin Youran said, feeling that there was nothing worth mentioning. However, as she said so, the sight of Jun Zishu's expressionless face suddenly flashed in her mind.

"Are there any handsome men in your class?" another person asked.

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm still sitting here. Even if there is someone handsome, can he be more handsome than me?" Li Yinglan joked. Then, he placed a hand on the armrest of Qin Youran's chair.

"Yes, yes, yes, you're the most handsome of them all."

"You seem to be in low spirits today, Big Sis Ran."

Hearing this question, Qin Youran took a sip of her drink and said in melancholy, "It's nothing. I just feel annoyed when thinking about having to wake up early tomorrow."

"Who asked you to be a responsible student?"

"My Big Sis Ran is a top student!"

Even as her friends made a fuss, Qin Youran remained the center of attention. In her opinion, this was the right way to make friends.

Gnawing on her straw, Qin Youran decided that she would make that bookworm understand her charms and recognize her as the superior among them!

They were deskmates and roommates, in any case. So, she would have plenty of opportunities to make the bookworm realize how scary she could be. She would make it so that the bookworm wouldn't dare use "oh" as a response to her ever again!

Qin Youran smiled with such thoughts in her mind.

TL Notes:

[1]"You must be delicious, then.": The Jiayao in Jun Jiayao (嘉瑶 - jiā yáo) rhymes with 佳肴(jiā yáo), which means "delicacy."