Chapter 91: The Clash of Faiths
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 91: The Clash of Faiths

War broke out as promised the following morning. As soon as the fog dissipated along with the scattering of sunlight at dawn, the quiet streets outside the Labyrinth Villa became filled with deafening war cries.

The battle escalated at an unimaginable rate, as both sides began going all out right away. The intentions of Wade’s allied armies were made blatantly obvious—they were planning to use everything within their means to crush the enemy and capture Victoria.

The ranks of Wade’s allied armies were filled with many heretics. While they were termed as heretics, the truth was that many of them were born in the Theocracy and grew up here, only to be discriminated against on the basis of their lineage and Origin Attributes. They felt that this was extremely unfair.

Why should an otherwise upstanding member of society be discriminated against, just because they are deemed a heretic? Meanwhile, no matter how corrupted, any member of the Genesis Goddess Church can act as they pleased.

This was a question without an answer in the current era; the conflicting moral compasses of the people made it the greatest dilemma of the present age Theocracy.

For these heretics, Wade’s revolution was a ray of hope. It was an opportunity for them to challenge the system and create a new future for the next generation. They wished to build a new society that promoted equality, where people wouldn’t be treated unfairly just on the basis of their lineage and Origin Attributes.

To be honest, for the freethinker Roel from the modern era, he felt that the heretics were justified in their actions. Perhaps it was due to the firm conviction in their mission that the heretics showed unyielding determination, charging ahead without showing any fear of death.

In order to quickly subdue Victoria’s forces, they completely gave up on using arrows and long-ranged weapons for additional support. They used the tower shields in their hands to fend off the spells directing toward them while charging ahead with unstoppable momentum.

Needless to say, such a death charge brought about great casualties, but whenever a soldier died, another one would swiftly rush forward to take his place. They grit their teeth and stood firm in their beliefs.

The greatest strength of humans lay in their ability to overcome their primitive tendencies. It was in the nature of all living beings to avoid dangers, but for their faith and ideals, humans were willing to brave tribulations. While this could go both ways, Roel felt that it was such a spirit that allowed human civilization to develop this far.

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