Chapter 90: The Elder’s Teachings
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 90: The Elder’s Teachings

Roel was feeling rather conflicted inside—or would embarrassed be a more appropriate word? This must be how a child stumbling upon his father playing as a female vtuber would feel.

Alright, the metaphor might be a little too realistic, and the sense of humiliation Roel was feeling at the moment was about the same!

9th March, sunny.

Today’s Victoria wore the attire of a nun while treating the children’s wounds. She was so cute even though her measurements haven’t changed at all over the past three years.

Roel stared at the criminally disposed man writing in his diary with eyes filled with scorn, almost as if he was looking at the vilest scum of society. He wondered if he should spit on the latter to fully express the contempt he held.

“Ah, about this, hahaha… It’s the price of my magic, so you need not pay it any heed.”

Noticing the disdain dripping from Roel’s gaze, the embarrassed Ponte quickly began explaining himself.

Ponte’s Evolution Pathway was Chronicler from Brolne’s Wisdom Origin Attribute. It was an advancement belonging to the Hextongue Faction. On the battlefield, Ponte was capable of calmly toying with his enemies, seemingly in full control of the situation. However, all that dashing performances came at a bitter price—writing this embarrassing, perverted diary.

To make matters worse, he had to complete his journal entries before the eyes of another, and he was disallowed from destroying the diaries he had written.

In the past, he had always written it before his pupil, Victoria, which led to her having a tight grasp over his weaknesses. Fortunately, Victoria was the type of person who looked imposing on the surface but was a softie inside. Not to mention, she was fond of Ponte too, so she could be trusted with this matter.

Listening to Ponte’s woes, Roel couldn’t help but remember the entire shelf of diaries he found in the modern-day Labyrinth Villa, and he suddenly felt a great deal of sympathy for this ancestor of his. Ponte probably would never have imagined that this embarrassing history of

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Translator Notes

We're speeding toward the end of the arc ~~ Things will be progressing fast from now onward!!!

Novel Notes

LTBE will be ending on 25th December. There'll be one update a day till then! Thank you for reading this book despite the irregular schedule!
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