Chapter 89: Should I Pimp or Not?
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 89: Should I Pimp or Not?

Hm? This woman really resembles Nora…

This was Roel’s reaction when he first set eyes on Victoria. She looked so nearly identical to Nora that it was impossible for him not to be surprised. However, he soon snapped out of it.

As someone who had played the game in his previous life, Roel knew very well that the similarity was only temporary. In terms of facial features, there would probably not be many differences, but when it came to their figure…

Let’s just say that Nora will become much more shapely compared to the regrettably childlike Victoria.

Doing a rough estimate, Victoria was likely in her twenties, but her body was a proportionate enlargement of the 10-year-old Nora.

Roel’s attention switched over to the black-haired man standing behind Victoria, and he couldn’t help questioning his knowledge.

Wait a moment, that isn’t right. Based on the diaries left behind by Ponte, isn’t Victoria his type then? Why did he end up rejecting her?

Initially, Roel thought that Ponte was some scum who went around flirting with younger girls, but as they started conversing, he soon realized that their relationship was more complicated than he had imagined. Not only was Victoria a ‘legal loli’, but she seemed to have some sort of leverage over Ponte that allowed her to curb him entirely.

“Teacher, it’s great to see how close they are to one another.”

“Y-yeah, indeed.”

“Now that I think about, there are nobles that have begun opposing conventional political marriages, especially those in the younger generation. Those old-fashioned ideas about having to choose between responsibility to one’s house and happiness are gradually being rejected.”

Naturally, Ponte understood the deeper meaning behind Victoria’s words, and he shook his head helplessly. Nevertheless, Roel could see that, to a certain extent, Ponte did dote on her. The two of them appeared to have each other in their hearts.

Roel didn’t just look at their interactions but the atmosphere around them and the subtle gestures they made too. While Victoria had hidden it wel

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We're coming to the end of this arc~

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LTBE will be ending on 25th December. There'll be one update a day till then! Thank you for reading this book despite the irregular schedule!
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