Chapter 88: Who Can Stand This?
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 88: Who Can Stand This?

“We meet again… Amongst those whom I have bestowed my power upon, you’re the first one to reunite with me so quickly.”

On a blood-colored plain, a humongous skeleton with a crown atop its skull gazed down on a small child with curiosity gleaming in his eyes.

“Those who attain my power treasure it dearly, not daring to use it recklessly. This is the first time I saw someone using it twice in a single day.”

“Isn’t the purpose of seeking power to put it to good use? To utilize it in an appropriate moment to achieve what would otherwise be impossible—I believe that’s the best way to use power, and that’s what I did.”

Roel raised his head to look up at the towering Grandar as he revealed his thoughts. The skeleton contemplated silently for a moment before nodding his head.

“You’re right. Power exists to be used; it’s meaningless to hold back one’s power just for the sake of it.”

Grandar’s mood seemed to have lifted a little upon hearing Roel’s thoughts. He hunched forward, lying down on the red stones of the plain and minimizing his distance from Roel—a gesture symbolizing his interest in this small lad.

“Since ancient times, warriors would display their courage and strength on the battlefield in order to win respect, and this respect would accord them authority, eventually becoming their base of power. It’s the case for your second battle. The soldiers have witnessed your valiance, and that’ll go a long way in the future.

“What about your first battle though? Why did you choose to fight? Was it for that little angel?”

Roel quietly pondered Grandar’s question. His battle with Peter Kater at the monastery was a discreet one, such that no one witnessed the process. Killing Peter Kater didn’t bring him any honor or rewards, and the process was fraught with dangers too.

“I killed Peter Kater because he deserves to die. He has committed too many vile deeds, and his existence is a blemish to mankind. I protected Nora because I felt that she’s worthy of my protection. She’s upright, kind… While she does have a few weird quirk

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