Chapter 92: Crown of Lightning
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 92: Crown of Lightning

One of the reasons why the Twelve Wings were known as holy weapons was because they were believed to possess the power to understand the heart of a human. The abilities they incubate were often in line with the will of their wielders, which, in a sense, could be considered as the fulfillment of wishes.

Roel was a weak child, so Ascendwing responded to him by granting him ‘The Unruly’ ability, allowing him to free himself from dangerous situations. To Ponte, the Twelve Wings chose to grant him greater offensive power instead.

Those in the Hextongue Faction were reputed for their exceptional spellcasting speed, bizarre transference spells, and powerful disturbance spells. However, similar to most Scholar Guilds in Brolne, it had a fatal flaw—its lacking offensive prowess. He lacked supreme power that could determine a fight.

Due to that, Ponte desired greater offensive prowess, and the response given to him by the Twelve Wings was the spell, Angel’s Chorale. This was a powerful spell that focused all of the spellcaster’s mana into a burst of destructive light. There was no questioning its prowess.

From the moment of its appearance, all soldiers on the battlefield could vaguely hear a divine hymn sounding in their ears, as if an angel was conveying his blessings through the light. However, to the target of the attack, Wade, it sounded no different than the voice of death.

“Your Highness!”

Felder was the first one to react in that situation. His loyalty toward his liege compelled him to charge forward fearlessly to shield his liege from this fatal attack despite knowing the consequences that would befall him.

Roel’s eyes widened in astonishment at the sight. He never thought Felder, or to be more exact, Bryan, would be the sort of person to actually give up his life for someone else. In his view, Bryan was a cold-hearted individual who prioritized the Elric House above everything else, including his own family. Yet, here he was, like a knight depicted in legends, unhesitatingly laying down his life to protect his lieg

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