Chapter 93: My Answer
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Roel didn’t stop Nora from charging forward to protect Ponte and Victoria because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop her, and he knew that there was something else he needed to do too.

He had been watching the war for several hours up till now, and that had given him plenty of time to think over everything. The fact that he finally chose to step onto the battlefield meant that he had finally made his choice, and he had the means to turn what he wished to see into reality.

【Spell ‘Grandar’s Promise’ has been activated.】
【Countdown. 30… 29… 28…】

This was the third time he was activating this spell, but unlike the previous two times, there was no explosion of strength and mana. The scenery around him changed, and before he knew it, he was no longer on the battlefield anymore. The stench of blood that had been lingering in his nose slowly scattered as he found himself standing in the middle of a red plain, and the humongous skeleton, Grandar, was standing before him.

“Have you finally thought through your answer?”

Grandar gazed down at Roel with mild interest in his eyes as he spoke gravely.

“Answer me. How do the dead pass down their power?”

Roel was silent for a moment after hearing Grandar’s question once more. He thought of all of the details he had gathered from his interactions with Grandar thus far before finally speaking.

“I have prepared two answers. One of them is for this question; the other one is for you. Which one would you like to hear?”

“Oh? Interesting. Tell me both.”

“For the first answer, in regards to your question, as someone who has been watching this war together with me, you should already know my answer, isn’t that so?”

Roel looked at the faraway setting sun that seemed ready to dip below the horizon, within could be seen the figures of the brave warriors fighting against one another. The faces of Victoria and Wade appeared in front of his eyes before scattering away with the wind.

“Spirit, will, and ideals. These are the ways that the dead pass down their power. Some do it through writing history; some do it through the transference of knowledge. As these legacies accumulate with each passing generation, eventually bringing forth a qualitative change. That’s how the society and civilization we know now came to be.”

Roel thought of the rich culture of the countries that were built in his previous life, as he affirmed his views.

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