Chapter 79: Battle in the Monastery
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 79: Battle in the Monastery

A person should know their limits.

This was a saying that Roel felt was appropriate to be used anywhere regardless of the circumstances, and this was especially so in a world where transcendent powers were possible. Knowing what one was capable of allowed one to make correct choices in the face of trouble.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” muttered Roel.

He had always believed in making careful preparations before doing anything. Before taking action, he had already thought out the possible situations and made countermeasures for them accordingly. It might have been a hot-blooded gamble driven by emotions, but it was definitely not blind recklessness.

Assuming that the ‘trouble’ that was coming for them was really Skin Grafter Peter Kater, it would mean that he had managed to overcome the platoon of soldiers from back then. In that platoon, three of them were at Origin Level 5 and the rest were Origin Level 6s. By this gauge, it should be safe to assume that Peter’s strength was at Origin Level 4.

It was unlikely for his level to be any higher, since that would mean that had to be Origin Level 3. Remember that Origin Level 3 marked a high transcendent, a being who possessed immeasurable power. If he was that powerful, there was no way he would have faced any difficulties dealing with those soldiers.

Also, Nora likely had no confidence in defeating Peter, considering how she reacted back at the art studio. With her Angel Bloodline, she was far stronger than ordinary transcendents of the same level. She even had the possibility of challenging some Origin Level 4s.

Through using such comparisons, Roel concluded that Peter Kater’s strength was at the stronger side amongst Origin Level 4s, probably like a C+ by the System’s standards. This meant that he was two whole levels stronger than Roel.

It was typically impossible for an Origin Level 6 to defeat an Origin Level 4, but after careful consideration, Roel felt that he still stood a chance.

Peter Kater was certainly powerful, but he had one weakness—he was a pure magician. This could be seen from his attitude when he showed-off his art studio, as well as the way he defended himself when dealing with the attacks from the platoon of soldiers earlier. He displayed ordinary physical prowess and even ended up getting stabbed in his thigh.

If one were to just look at his constitution by itself, it was at most on par with an Origin Level 5 close-combat warrior. Perhaps, he might even be physically weaker than Roel too!

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