Chapter 80: To Each Their Faith
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 80: To Each Their Faith

Wade Xeclyde looked out of the window as he waited for the sunlight to bask upon the lands once more.

Everyday, dawn and dusk; these were the fixed resting times for the grand labyrinth that had segmented the streets into dozens of individual pieces. For an hour during these two periods, the lingering fog would recede temporarily, allowing one to navigate through the labyrinth without suffering from impaired visibility.

However, after the hour was up, the fog would creep back in and a new labyrinth would emerge, rendering all of the information collected over the past half a day useless. This was also the reason why Wade’s allied armies were unable to find Victoria and Ponte no matter how they combed the area. 

Unless they were able to gather an army of over a hundred thousand to fill up the entire street, their chances of reaching Victoria and Ponte banked entirely on luck. Furthermore, their armies couldn’t afford to advance too quickly due to the poor visibility, which meant that the efficiency of their search was lower than expected. 

Just last night, however, Wade found a new ray of hope. There was no need for him to search blindly anymore, for he had detected a resonance with the royal bloodline on Locke Street.

Without a doubt, the one who was resonating with the royal bloodline had to be Victoria. While Wade couldn’t understand why she would deactivate the magic tool that was suppressing her royal bloodline, there was no doubt that this was a good opportunity for Wade to strike. 

As soon as the fog dissipated at dawn, he would personally lead his armies toward where the resonance was coming from.

“Your Highness, we have no idea what Victoria and Ponte are up to. The fact that they dare to reveal their location means that it’s likely for there to be a trap waiting for us there. Please remain here and allow me to go instead.” 

Looking at the young man gazing out of the window, Felder Elric placed his fist on his chest and spoke gravely. He felt that it was best for him to move, given the risks involved. 

However, the

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