Chapter 81: A Life And Death Battle
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 81: A Life And Death Battle

Inside the monastery, Klaude was clutching tightly to a sword he hadn’t used even once since obtaining it. He huddled up into a ball inside the mini fortress he had built in the room out of furniture and trembled fearfully.

Klaude was already middle-aged, which meant that he had a wealth of life experiences, but ultimately, he was more into books than swords. He spent most of his time inside the monastery teaching the students language, math, and the stories about the Genesis Goddess Church.

Being conscripted to join Princess Victoria’s logistical platoon was probably the most frightening event in his life. He had to march into the battlefield to carry the wounded back to camp so that they could get treated, so it was inevitable that he would be exposed to the cruelty and gruesomeness of war. In just a few short days, he had already seen more bloodshed than he ever wanted to.

He was disappointed when he was left behind by the main army, but in truth, it was also a huge relief to him too. Being able to return to this familiar monastery set his mind at ease, making him feel like everything was normal once more.

Little did he expect that he would actually stumble onto Sia’s envoys in this familiar monastery. As if that wasn’t enough, an evil cultist even knocked on the doors of the monastery shortly after. The evil cultist summoned countless vengeful spirits around, haunting the monastery. A malevolent air drifted in the surroundings, and from time to time, cries of agony could be vaguely heard from the fog. He thought that the demons from legend had resurfaced in the world.

Klaude stared at the sealed door as he gasped for air. Huge droplets of perspiration could be seen dripping from his head. He turned around to look at the sleeping girl behind him, and a complicated and fearful look surfaced on his face.

The Holy Sons must be fighting with all their strength right now.

Klaude’s faith was telling him that he ought to do something, but his trembling body rendered him powerless. In his view, the only ones who could deal with those evil demons were the Holy Sons.

He was convinced that Nora and Roel weren’t ordinary mortals, not just in terms of strength but character too. They were strong yet humble, polite and approachable, brave and unyielding. They would unhesitatingly pick up their weapons and fight against any evil cultist who came their way. Ordinary mortals didn’t possess the inner strength they did.

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