Chapter 78: Closest to You
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“What nonsense are you spouting?”

Nora’s words left Roel stunned for a short moment before he quickly refuted her. However, Nora remained perfectly calm.

“I’m just speaking the truth. You are also aware of it deep down. Given our current situation, it’s impossible for you to bring me along with you,” she replied with a bitter smile.

Roel saw something in her that was different than her usual demeanor—despondence. It was an emotion he thought that he would never see from her. It felt like she was drowning in despair but was still trying to pull herself together to say farewell to him with a smile.

“Don’t bother with me. You’ll lose your life needlessly if you stay with me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I can’t possibly leave you here alone.”

“What else can you do then? Carry me out of here? In this labyrinth filled with dangers?”

Nora chuckled wryly to herself as she shook her head.

“That’s impossible. You won’t even be able to run when you encounter soldiers. We have no identities in this era, so nothing good will come out of being captured.”

Roel’s mood became heavy. Prince Wade was aiming to use his identity as ‘the only successor’ as leverage against the current Holy Eminence to force him to accede to his demands. Therefore, both Victoria and Nora were impediments to him as their Xeclyde bloodlines granted them a claim to the throne.

Of course, this fact meant that Victoria’s forces would welcome their presence, but could they even reach them? They had no way of getting to Victoria and Ponte given the labyrinth they were in.

“Besides, don’t forget that there’s someone out for our lives right now. Peter won’t let us off for getting him embroiled in this. He’ll surely do everything he can to get to us. An irony, don’t you think? It’s a pity that we don’t know the way out of here either.”

A smile of ridicule surfaced on Nora’s face as she seemed to foresee the ending awaiting that inhuman beast. But soon afterward, she turned back to Roel and emphasized once more calmly.

“If you bring me with you, the two of us will die together.”

Roel stared at Nora’s sapphire eyes as many expressions flickered across his face. Deep down, he knew what Nora said was true. He had enough sense in him to figure that out. However, he couldn’t bring himself to leave behind an utterly powerless Nora here all alone. Not after what she had done for him.

“Don’t give up so easily. It’s at times like this that we should try to think of a way out.”

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