Chapter 69: Poker Is a Man’s Romance
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 69: Poker Is a Man’s Romance

Shutdown of the System? You must be joking with me! Are you planning to go on a strike?

【System will still be operational during the collateral period. However, if the user fails to repay the debt in full within 5 years, System will automatically go into shutdown.】

“Earning 500,000 gold coins within 5 years…” muttered Roel under his breath with a tight frown.

He looked at the collapsed walls and corpses all around him. He could hear a loud commotion echoing from a place where his eyes couldn’t see. It was clear to him that many people had been rallied together here for a purpose. As for what that purpose was, Roel could roughly fathom a guess.


Just by looking at his surroundings, it was obvious that they were navigating a street ravaged by war. The weapons and corpses lying all over the place couldn’t possibly make that any more obvious. Had Roel not been ‘trained’ for this through the gruesome gore movies he had seen in his previous life, he would have vomited right away.

Knowing they were in the middle of a war, though, did nothing to enlighten them to the plight they were in. Roel had a ludicrous deduction in his mind, but he didn’t voice it aloud because he was hoping for it not to be the case.

He shot a look at Nora to check on her current condition. She was currently squatting behind a ruin to observe the surroundings, looking for a safe location where they could rest for the time being.

Even though she was trying her best to conceal it, through her slight gestures and expressions, Roel was still able to tell that she was suffering from some sort of abnormal physical condition too. Ever since they were transported here, her movements felt a little delayed.

It must be an effect from the burst of light Holy Eminence John caused… But, shouldn’t that be a buff rather than a debuff? It can’t be that her bloodline is awakening right now, can it?

Roel wondered as he tightened his fists.

All transcendental powers in this world came at a price, and this included bloodlines too. The Angel Bloodline was much safer

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Translator Notes

Since this will a fairly long arc, I'll put some quest down below for some random releases~ I know I usually call them quests, but you can think of them as random bonuses that'll drop when the conditions are met (it's also sort of bait for me to get some activity and more readers because it's more motivating to translate a novel with more people hanging around to chat with)

Quest List (Ding!):
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Ah and just to clarify, some of the advanced chapters in Patreon haven't been edited yet. I mean, I do run through them carefully before moving them over so honestly, I'll say that they are of very passable quality, but Welmar works magic on them later on, and some of the terms are changed afterward. Like for example, we have changed judgmentors into inquisitors since it's a bit more apt for the context (and honestly sounds cooler too imo).

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Novel Notes

LTBE will be ending on 25th December. There'll be one update a day till then! Thank you for reading this book despite the irregular schedule!
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